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Iran 1967-1984: Paykan sole volume seller – featuring exclusive Iranian advertising

The Iran National Paykan landed in Iran in 1967.

Based on the 1966 Hillman Hunter, the Paykan started being assembled in Iran in 1967 by Iran National (later renamed Iran Khodro), and full-scale manufacture of the car, less the engine, was effective in the mid-70’s. By 1972, it seemed that all the cars in the streets of the country were Paykans, and the model went on to lead the Iranian sales for over three decades. It is the first mass-produced vehicle in Iran and as such, it gave access to mobility to millions of Iranians starting in the late sixties. A total of 1.4 million were produced by the time the last example came out of the factory in 2005. Discover below the original Iranian advertising for the Paykan:

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