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Iran 2010: Saipa Pride produced at over 600.000 units in market up to 1.56 million

Over 600.000 Saipa Pride were produced in Iran in 2010.

According to the Iran Vehicles Manufacturers Association (IVMA), 1.367.014 cars and 196.752 light commercial vehicles were produced in Iran in 2010 for a total of 1.563.766 units, making it one of the Top 10 car markets in the world. Saipa holds 39.1% of the local production, followed by Peugeot at 32.6% and Iran Khodro at 15%. Below, Zamyad (3.7%) and Renault (3.3%) complete the Top 5 while Chinese manufacturers Chery (#11), Grand Tiger (#12), Lifan (#14) and Yutong (#17) are also present.

The Tondar 90 aka Logan propels Renault to unseen volumes in Iran.

Model-wise, the Saipa Pride is far above the competition with over 600.000 units produced in a single year, distancing the Peugeot 405 Family at just under 350.000. The Peugeot 206 Family rounds out the podium with 157.000 units while the Iran Khodro Samand (127.000) only manages 20.000 units more than Iran Khodro Paykan Pickup, 25 year-old and based on a vehicle that launched in 1967. Below the Zamyad Z24 Pickup and with almost 45.000 units produced over 2010, the Renault Tondar 90 (aka Logan) generates volumes unseen for the brand in Iran. However they are still far from the 100.000 orders famously generated for the model back when it launched in 2007.

Full Year 2010 Top 17 All-brands and Top 30 All-models below.

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