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Iran May 2011: Saipa Pride rules, Tiba lands, Peugeot 405 still #2

Saipa Tiba

* Many thanks to Max from Italy for sharing the data source for this post! *

The Iran Vehicles Manufacturers Association (IVMA) publishes car production data monthly so I am now able to share with you for the first time some official monthly figures for Iran. In the Iranian calendar, May 2011 corresponds roughly to the 2nd month of year 1390. 124,794 passenger cars were produced last month, up 7% year-on-year.

Saipa 132/new Pride

Two local manufacturers, Iran Khodro (IKCO) and Saipa dominate the market. The Saipa New Pride, a restyled 1986 Kia Pride, leads the way with astounding numbers: 56.645 units produced last month and 86.567 year-to-date.

Peugeot 405/Pars

Produced by Iran Khodro, the 23 year-old Peugeot 405 comes in 2nd place with 24,964 units last month and 343,940 last year (yes that’s nearly 350,000 units produced in one year!!), ahead of the Peugeot 206 at 13,710 and 156,553 units respectively. The Iran Khodro Samand is #4 with 13,231 units and the Tondar 90 (aka Dacia Logan) is up 61% year-on-year at 6,230 units at #5.

Solid start for the Peugeot 207i (aka 206+) seeing 3,597 units coming out of the Iran Khodro factory this month at #6. Another new model makes its appearance in the ranking: 3,210 units of the Saipa Tiba were produced in the last 2 months in Iran.

Iran Khodro Runna

Iran Khodro Dena

Iran Khodro has unveiled two models planned to start production in the next year: the Runna, based on the 206 platform, will kick-off in September 2011 with a production target of 150,000 units/year, and the Dena, using a modified Peugeot 405 platform, will start production in April 2012, targeting 100,000 units/year from 2015 onwards.

Full May 2011 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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