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Iran February 2015: Peugeot 405 family #1, IKCO Dena up

Iran Khodro Dena. Picture courtesy bijar.irIran Khodro Dena

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As it has been the case since BSCB started following the Iranian market a decade ago, only production figures are available, however giving a very good idea of the market situation in the country as imports are still limited. February is roughly equivalent to Bahman, the 11th month of the year 1393 in the Persian calendar. The Saipa Pride is #1 once again but with 19,670 units produced, it is largely distanced by the Peugeot 405 family composed of the Pars (14,979) and the 405 itself (13,104) despite their old age – they were launched in 1987. The Peugeot 206, Iran Khodro Samand and Saipa Tiba follow, while it’s at the bottom of the ranking that we witness the most significant event of the month: the Iran Khodro Runna is only up 3% on last month whereas the larger Iran Khodro Dena is up 151% to 1,691 units, accounting for over half of all Dena units produced since the production kicked off a few months ago (3,055).

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