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Iran 2004: Peugeot edges past Iran Khodro to #1 brand, Saipa Pride repeats as #1 model

Peugeot is the best-selling brand in Iran in 2004, but just.

The Iranian new car market celebrates a full decade of volume records in 2004 with sales up another fantastic 22.3% to 874.788, to be compared with just 77.560 in 1995. Peugeot (+29.7%) leapfrogs past Iran Khodro (+14.2%) and Saipa (+17.2%) to take control of the brands ranking for the year, however its margin over Iran Khodro is a minuscule 6 sales, both carmakers holding a 30.1% share of Iran sales. Along with Saipa, they represent 88% of the Iranian market in 2004. Zamyad (+66.3%) cements its 4th place above Renault (+9.9%). No other carmaker holds more than 2% share.

The Saipa Pride remains the best-selling vehicle in Iran.

Model-wise, the Saipa Pride (+17.1%) takes off to over 240.000 sales to repeat at #1, now easily distancing the Iran Khodro Paykan (+11%) at 162.000 – which is, quite astoundingly, yet another annual volume record for the 37 year-old vehicle. There is no change among the Top 6 models, with the Peugeot 405, 206, Iran Khodro Samand and Peugeot RD in tow. The Renault Sepand (+9.9%) is up one spot to #9 with a new record volume over 22.000 units.

Full Year 2004 Top 15 All-brands and Top 30 All-models vs. Full Year 2003 figures below.

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