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Iran Full Year 2021: Saipa Pride out, Saipa Shahin and Iran Khodro Tara in

The Iran Khodro Tara, a facelifted Peugeot 301, has landed in the Iranian charts…

Iran is back on BSCB with Full Year production figures for 2021. The big recent event is the end of production of the Saipa Pride which dominated the Iranian charts since 2003. Peugeot, not giving any detail by model, produced over 300,000 vehicles in 2021 while the Saipa Tiba alone is at over 290,000 units and is therefore the most popular model in Iran. The Saipa Quick comes in third place with just below 100,000 units with the Iran Khodro Dena and Samand rounding out the Top 5. The 50 year-old Zamyad Z24 is up to 6th place overall this year, as what should have been its main competitor, the Iran Khodro Arisun, falters to less than 500 units for the year.

…and so has the Saipa Shahin.

There are two additional big events this year in Iran: the arrival of the two most modern Iranian cars produced so far. The Saipa Shahin, which we’ve been waiting since April 2020, is based on a modified platform of the 2000 Toyota Yaris and makes its appearance at #10 with over 18,000 units produced for 2021. Finally the Iran Khodro Tara, which is in fact a facelifted Peugeot 301 after plans to produce that vehicle in Iran (which would have made a lot of sense) were abandoned when sanctions by the United States returned. The Tara comes at #11 with just under 6,000 units produced for the year.

Full Year 2021 Iran production for selected 20 models below.

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