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Jordan: 2010-2022 Historical Data now available

The Hyundai Accent was the best-selling car in Jordan in 2015.

Historical Data covering over a decade is now available for Jordan. Direct links below.

Jordan January 2010 – December 2022: All-Brands and All-Models monthly/annual data available. Contact us here for more details.

Jordan 2014: Hyundai Elantra best-seller

Jordan 2015: Hyundai Accent edges past Elantra

Jordan 2016: Toyota Land Cruiser takes control, market down 27%

Jordan 2017: Kia Frontier takes control at 14.5% share

Jordan 2018: Toyota Land Cruiser reclaims pole position in market imploding down 34.5%

Jordan 2019: Hyundai Tucson leads, hits 13.1% share in market up 4.5%

Jordan 2020: Toyota Land Cruiser clear best-seller in solid market (-5.7%)

Jordan 2022: Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup at 15% share

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