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Jordan Full Year 2023: Land Cruiser Pickup stays #1, Kia (+44.7%), MG (+99.6%) impress

The MG ZS is inside the Jordanian Top 10 in 2023.

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37,587 new light vehicles found a buyer in Jordan in 2023, a 8.8% year-on-year lift. Toyota (+9.9%) just outpaces the market to improve its share from 40% to 40.5% but Kia (+44.7%) at 18.8% and MG (+99.6%) to 9.9% share do even better. Hyundai (-28.5%) and Isuzu (-19.3%) skid one spot on 2022 to #4 and #5 respectively. In fact only Lexus (+67.9%) and Chevrolet (+30.1%) post solid gains in the remainder of the Top 10 with Mitsubishi (-56.7%) imploding and Nissan (-4%) edging down. Ram (+242.9%), Opel (+212.5%) and Peugeot (+134.8%) stand out below. 

Over in the models lane, the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup remains head and shoulders above the competition at 15.2% share, distancing the Toyota Hilux at 7.6% and the Toyota Land Cruiser at 6.3%. The Kia Frontier stays at #4 and improves its share to 5.4%. Fantastic lift for the MG 5 up 108% and five spots to #5. The MG ZS (+100.4%) also doubles its sales year-on-year and gains 9 spots to #7. 

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