Canada: 1984-2016 Historical Data now available

1984 Chevrolet C/K Pickup

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Thanks to one of our readers Pedro I am pleased to announce we have been able to add no less than 20 years worth of Historical Data to Canada, now getting back to 1984. Who knew the Chevrolet C/K pickup sold better than the Ford F-Series for a decade before 1995?

The Hyundai Pony was the best-selling passenger car in Canada in 1985

That the Hyundai Pony managed the outstanding feat of becoming the best-selling passenger car in the country as early as 1985, a time when South Korean models were nowhere to be seen in most parts of the world? Or that the Chevrolet Cavalier was the last Passenger Car to top the overall Canadian ranking, doing so in 1993?

Ford Aerostar

Rediscover forgotten nameplates like the Plymouth Reliant, best-selling Passenger Car in 1984, the Dodge Aries, Oldsmobile Toronado, Pontiac 6000, Mercury Topaz, Ford Aerostar, #3 Truck in 1990, Pontiac Sunbird and Dodge Neon…

Canada Historical Data:

Canada 1984: Chevrolet C/K Pickup and Plymouth Reliant shine

Canada 1985: Hyundai Pony best-selling car!

Canada 1990: Chevrolet C/K Pickup and Cavalier dominate

Canada 1993: Chevrolet Cavalier last Passenger Car to top the overall ranking

Canada 1994: Dodge Caravan and Chevrolet C/K Pickup on top

Canada 1995: Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Cavalier dominate

Canada 2004-2006: Ford F-Series, Honda Civic and Dodge Caravan on podium

Canada 2007: Ford F-Series and Honda Civic dominate, Pontiac still strong

Canada 9 months 2008: Honda Civic takes the lead

Canada 2009: Ford F-Series dominates

Canada 2010: Ford F-Series breaks record

Canada 2011: Ford F-Series and Dodge RAM on top

Canada 2012: Ford F-Series first vehicle at over 100,000 annual sales

Canada 2013: Ford F-Series breaks all-time record in strongest market in 10 years

Canada 2014: Ford F-Series and Ram Pickup break records

Canada 2015: First FCA win in third consecutive record year

Canada 2016: Ford F-Series at peak in 4th straight record year

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