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Canada 2001-2002: Dodge Caravan #1 again, Mazda Protege up to #5 in record market

The Mazda Protege is inside the Canadian Top 5 both in 2001 and 2002.

New light vehicle sales in Canada edge up 0.8% in 2001 to 1.562.460 units, believed to be a new record. Ford (-10.1%) struggles but remains the most popular brand at 15.5% share, distancing Chevrolet (-2.7%) which resists a lot better at 12.9%. Dodge (-11.4%) slides below the symbolic 10% share mark at 9.7%. Honda (+8.5%) overtakes Toyota (+3.2%) to rank #4 for the first time with Pontiac (+3.5%) remaining at #6. Mazda (+32.5%) shoots up two spots to #7 but the largest gain in the Top 10 is delivered by Hyundai (+51.5%) up to #10 while Kia (+95%) is up 5 to #14.

Model-wise, the Dodge Caravan (-4.2%) repeats at #1, the Honda Civic (+9.8%) is back to #2 above the Ford F-Series (-12.8%) and Chevrolet Cavalier (+6.8%) up two spots on 2000 to #4. The Mazda Protege (+50.9%) is the hero of the year, up 7 spots to brilliantly break into the Canadian Top 5 for the year, becoming the first Mazda nameplate to sport an annual Top 10 finish. The Chevrolet Silverado (+11.8%) also shines, up 3 ranks to #6 but the Ford Windstar (-19.2%) drops 5 to #9.

In 2002, the market continues to grow at a whopping +8.6% to 1.696.803 units which is estimated to be a third straight all-time record volume. Ford (+3.1%) underperforms again and sees its share drop to 14.6% just as Chevrolet (+7.2%) almost matches the market to 12.8%. In fact the entire Top 10 is in positive with Mazda (+26.1%), Toyota (+19.7%) up to #4, Hyundai (+13.1%), Honda (+11.5%) and Pontiac (+11.3%) the most dynamic. Buick (+30.1%) and Jeep (+22.9%) impress just outside the Top 10.

The Dodge Caravan (-0.6%) is the most popular vehicle in the country for the third straight year in 2002, also managing a third consecutive year above 80.000 annual sales, a milestone no other nameplate has ever crossed in Canada. The Top 5 is unchanged on 2001 with the Honda Civic (+3.7%) and Ford F-Series (+3.7%) completing the podium and the Chevrolet Cavalier (+9.2%) and Mazda Protege (+5.5%) in tow. The Pontiac Sunfire (+11.2%) and Toyota Corolla (+14.4%) leapfrog past the Chevrolet Silverado (+1.6%) and Ford Focus (-3.7%) while the GMC Sierra (+5%) is back inside the Top 10.

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Full Year 2001 and 2002 Top 38 All-brands and Top 235 All-models vs. previous year figures below.

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