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Czechia & Slovakia: More detailed 1969-2023 Historical Data now available

The Skoda 100/110 topped Czech sales charts in the early seventies.

May 2020 update: Now with 15 years of uninterrupted All-brands and All-models annual data from 2005 onwards (12 updated articles).

Historical Data as far as 1969 is available for Czechoslovakia, split between Czech Republic and Slovakia from 1993 onwards. Witness different Skoda models take the lead along the years: the 100 (1969), 120 (1977), Favorit (1988), Felicia (1995), Fabia (2000) and finally Octavia (2009 in Czech Republic, 2010 in Slovakia), most of them reaching 30%+ market shares early on in history, more like 7-8% these days. In The Skoda Fabia reclaimed the lead in 2015 and 2016 and from 2018 to 2021 in Slovakia, in 2021 in Czech Republic. In 2022, the Hyundai i30 became the first non-Skoda model to top the Slovak charts.

The Skoda 120 was #1 in Czechoslovakia in the eighties.

Czechoslovakia 1969-1993 Historical Data:

Czechoslovakia 1969-1976: Skoda 100/110 reigns

Czechoslovakia 1977-1987: Skoda 105/120/130 dominates sales

Czechoslovakia 1988-1994: Favorit takes Skoda into new era

Czech Republic 1993-2022 Historical Data:

Czech Republic 1993-1994: Skoda Favorit in control

Czech Republic 1995-1997: Skoda Felicia best seller

Czech Republic 1998-1999: Skoda Felicia above 35% share

Czech Republic 2000-2002: Skoda Fabia in command

Czech Republic 2003-2004: Fabia, Octavia and 206 on top (updated)

Czech Republic 2005-2006: Fabia, Octavia and Thalia on podium (updated)

Czech Republic 2007: Fabia/Octavia/Roomster: podium 100% Skoda (updated)

Czech Republic 2008: Fabia #1, Ford Fusion up to #3 (updated)

Czech Republic 2009: Skoda Octavia leader for the first time (updated)

Czech Republic 2010: Skoda Octavia, Fabia and Superb on top (updated)

Czech Republic 2011: Skoda Octavia, Fabia and Superb on podium again (updated)

Czech Republic 2012: Hyundai i30 on the podium for the first time (updated)

Czech Republic 2013: Skoda Octavia leads, Rapid lands on podium (updated)

Czech Republic 2014: Skoda Rapid #2 in record market (updated)

Czech Republic 2015: Skoda Octavia resists Fabia, record market (updated)

Czech Republic 2016: 4 Skodas in Top 4 for the first time, record market (updated)

Czech Republic 2017: Octavia #1, 4 Skodas in Top 4, record market

Czech Republic 2018: Octavia celebrates 10 straight years on top, record 6 Skodas in Top 7 in market hit into negative by WLTP

Czech Republic 2019: 7 Skodas in the Top 8 for the first time, Karoq scores first ever podium

Czech Republic 2020: Skoda monopolises Top 5 for the first time, Scala up to #3 in market down -18.8%

Czech Republic 2021: Skoda Fabia ends 12 years of Octavia reign, market up 1.9%

Czech Republic 2022: Skoda Octavia back to #1 for 13th time in past 14 years, market down -7.1%

Czechia 2023: 6 Skodas in Top 6 for the first time, Octavia at highest since 2018

Slovakia 1993-2022 Historical Data:

Slovakia 1993-1994: Skoda Favorit in control

Slovakia 1995-1999: Skoda Felicia best seller

Slovakia 2000-2002: Skoda Fabia takes the lead

Slovakia 2003-2004: Fabia, Octavia and 206 on podium

Slovakia 2005-2006: Fabia, Octavia and 206 lead, Suzuki up

Slovakia 2007: Fabia and Octavia on top, Suzuki Swift and Kia Cee’d shine

Slovakia 2008: Skoda Fabia, Octavia and Suzuki SX4 on podium

Slovakia 2009: Skoda Fabia under 10%, Renault Thalia up to #2

Slovakia 2010: Skoda Octavia, Fabia and Kia Cee’d in command

Slovakia 2011: Skoda Octavia leads, Kia Sportage #3!

Slovakia 2012: Skoda Fabia leads, Hyundai i30 on podium

Slovakia 2013: Podium 100% Skoda

Slovakia 2014: Skoda Octavia holds off Fabia and Rapid for #1

Slovakia 2015: Skoda Fabia reclaims title off Octavia

Slovakia 2016: Skoda Fabia leads, Suzuki Vitara and Hyundai Tucson shine

Slovakia 2017: Skoda Octavia reclaims crown for the first time since 2014

Slovakia 2018: Skoda Fabia reclaims top spot in market up for 5th year in a row

Slovakia 2019: Skoda Fabia repeats at #1, Scala in Top 10 in record market (+3.6%)

Slovakia 2020: Skoda Fabia 3peats at #1, Scala #5, sales down -24.9%

Slovakia 2021: Skoda Fabia celebrates 4 years at #1, resists Hyundai i30 in stable market (-0.8%)

Slovakia 2022: Hyundai i30 ends 30 years of Skoda domination

Slovakia 2023: Skoda Octavia signs first win in 6 years

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