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Colombia: 1970-2023 Historical Data now available

The Renault 4 is the most popular vehicle in Colombian automotive history.

March 2020 update: Historical info spanning 1970 to 1986 added, as well as complete monthly and annual Top 30 brands for 2012.

Historical Data spanning exactly five decades is now available for Colombia on BestSellingCarsBlog. In the 1970s, Renault overwhelms the Colombian market, accounting for roughly 75% of all new cars sold in the country thanks to the tremendous success of the Renault 4, 6 and 12. But the French carmaker’s market share slowly thaws and 1986 marks the last year Renault tops the Colombian brands charts… for 33 years. Chevrolet swiftly took the relay, and a Chevrolet led the models ranking in the country every single year between 2002 and 2015 (Corsa, Aveo then Sail) bar in 2012 when the Renault Sandero topped the sales charts. Renault would then reclaim control of the models ranking with the Sandero from 2016 onwards, then in 2019 – logically – snapped its first annual brands win in Colombia since 1986.

Colombia 1970-1976: Renault 4, the first “Colombian Car”, brings the car to the masses (new)

Colombia 1977: Renault 12 best-seller (new)

Colombia 1978-1986: Renault 4 resumes domination, last annual win for Renault for 33 years (new)

Colombia 1990-1998: Chevrolet, Mazda and Daewoo most popular

Colombia 2002-2005: Chevrolet Corsa comfortable leader

Colombia 2006: Chevrolet Aveo takes the lead, Logan #5

Colombia 2007-2009: Aveo & Spark strong, Logan & Sandero grow

Colombia 2010: Chevrolet Aveo & Spark in command

Colombia 2011: Old gen Chevrolet Aveo keeps the lead

Colombia 2012: Renault Sandero snaps up top spot (updated)

Colombia 2013: Chevrolet Sail takes the lead

Colombia 2014: Chevrolet Sail tops record market

Colombia 2015: Chevrolet Sail #1, Renault gains two points share

Colombia 2016: Renault keeps strong momentum, places Sandero #1

Colombia 2017: Renault Sandero repeats win, market down 6.1%

Colombia 2018: Renault up to just 175 units off Chevrolet, places Sandero #1 for third straight year

Colombia 2019: Renault (+14.7%) soars to first victory since 1986, places 5 nameplates in Top 6

Colombia 2020: Chevrolet Onix signs first win in market down -28.5%

Colombia 2021: Mazda CX-30 surges ahead, sales up 32.8%

Colombia 2022: Suzuki Swift roars to top spot in market up 4.8%

Colombia 2023: Renault Duster secures first win, Toyota Corolla Cross up to #2, in devastated market (-28.9%)

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