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Colombia 1978-1986: Renault 4 resumes domination, last annual win for Renault for 33 years

After a brief interruption by the Renault in 1979, the Renault 4 resumes its domination of the Colombian sales charts in 1980, reaching its record annual volume in the country that year at 7.952 units. At the time, Renault had a 75% share of the Colombian market and the Renault 4 accounted for roughly 50% of the brand’s sales. This was made possible by the launch of the Renault 4 “Plus 25” in 1976, the first evolution of the model in Colombia since the launch of the nameplate in 1970.

This is the last Renault 4 produced in Colombia in 1992.

However over the next few years, Renault’s market share significantly dropped to the benefit of Chevrolet notably, and 1986 marked the last year the French carmaker topped the annual brands charts in the country, until it snapped that title again 33 years later in 2019. In January 1992, after 97.050 units were assembled locally in the Sofasa factory, the Renault 4 was discontinued. It is credited as the architect of the generalisation of car ownership in Colombia and the most popular vehicle in this country’s history. It will remain forever the people’s “faithful friend” (“el amigo fiel”). 

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