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Colombia 1970-1976: Renault 4, the first “Colombian Car”, brings the car to the masses

The Renault 4 is the most popular vehicle in Colombian automotive history.

According to local outlet El Carro Colombiano, the Renault 4 first arrived in Colombia in 1966, when the “Auto Andes” dealer started importing this vehicle from the Fasa-Renault factory in Spain. Then on 15th July 1970, the Renault 4 became the first car assembled in Colombia in the new Sofasa factory near Medellín. Initially, because this was such a different car from what the Colombian buyers was used to – and so much cheaper – customers initially very skeptical of the new French model: a little bit like the Tata Nano in India, no one would be seen alive in one. So much so that it took six weeks for the first unit to be sold, more precisely on 26th August 1970 (the model pictured above).

However the Renault 4 soon brought the car to the masses and simply became no less than the most popular vehicle in Colombian history. This was made possible by clever advertising positioning the Renault 4 as “The Colombian car for the Colombian people”, later evolving into the ” Faithful Friend “, a slogan that since 1975 has been an icon of national advertising. This and the car’s participation in rallies crossing the country through the most arduous terrain brought the R4 closer to Colombians’ hearts. The first Colombian version was produced at 46.150 units locally between 1970 and 1977.

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