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Malaysia: 1985-2023 Historical Data available

The Proton Saga topped Malaysian charts from 1986 to 1993, peaking at 52.2% share in 1992.

18/07/2019 update: Now with All-brands and All-models data from 1990 to 2006 (15 additional articles).

Historical data spanning the past three decades is available on BSCB. Witness the oppressing domination of Proton during the first decade of its existence, lifting the Saga to 52.2% share in 1992 and hitting a brand record of 58.5% in 1993. Observe the decade-long domination of the Proton Wira started in 1994 and ended in 2004 by the Perodua Kancil. Then the Perodua Myvi took the lead in 2006, the Axia in 2015 and back to the Myvi in 2018. Lightning strike between the two national manufacturers, Perodua overtook Proton after 21 years in 2006, never looking back and climbing to a personal record of  41.3% share in 2020.

The direct links to all annual articles are below:

Malaysia 1985-1989: Proton Saga sovereign

Malaysia 1990: Proton Saga holds 40% market share

Malaysia 1991: Proton Saga improves to 44.5% share

Malaysia 1992: Proton Saga Iswara up to record 52.2% share in market down -19.5%

Malaysia 1993: Wira joins Saga, lifts Proton share to record 58.5%

Malaysia 1994: Proton Wira takes the lead, new local brand Perodua launches with Kancil (#3)

Malaysia 1995: Proton Wira repeats at #1 but Saga and Perodua Kancil catch up in record market

Malaysia 1996: Proton Wira 3peats above weaker Saga and Kancil in record market up 27.3%

Malaysia 1997: Proton Wira #1, Perodua Kancil up to #2 in record market just under 400.000 units

Malaysia 1998: Proton Saga back to #1 in market imploding down -58.7%

Malaysia 1999: Proton and Perodua hold record 82.5% share in market bouncing back up 75.8%

Malaysia 2000-2001: Proton Wira holds off Perodua Kancil, 9 local nameplates in Top 10 in record market

Malaysia 2002: Proton below 50% share, Perodua hits record 29%, market above 400.000 units for the first time

Malaysia 2003: Proton implodes -26.8%, foreigners up 45.7%

Malaysia 2004-2005: Perodua Kancil ends Proton Wira domination

Malaysia 2006-2007: Perodua topples Proton after 21 years, Myvi #1

Malaysia 2008-2009: Perodua Myvi, Viva and Proton Saga on podium

Malaysia 2010: Perodua Myvi #1 for 5th year in a row

Malaysia 2011: Perodua MyVi and Proton Saga rule

Malaysia 2012 (brands): Record year, now with brands ranking

Malaysia 2013 (brands): Perodua tops, Nissan and Honda jump

Malaysia 2014 (brands): Perodua leads in record year

Malaysia 2014: Now with Top 100 models (BSCB exclusive)

Malaysia 2015: First year of reign for the Perodua Axia

Malaysia 2016 (brands): Perodua hits record share in market down 13%

Malaysia 2016: Models data now available

Malaysia 2017 (brands): Perodua remains above 200.000 sales

Malaysia 2018: Perodua breaks volume and share records in market boosted by tax holiday

Malaysia 2019: Perodua breaks record, Proton up 54.7% to highest share in 5 years

Malaysia 2021: Perodua at 37.5% share, Mitsubishi (+90.9%) shines (includes 2020 figures)

Malaysia 2023: All time record market for 2nd year in a row, Perodua Bezza best-seller (includes 2022 figures)

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