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Bulgaria: 1980-2023 Historical info available

Lada 2101 Bulgaria 1980Lada 2101

Historical info covering the past 45 years including official data for the past 15 years is now available for Bulgaria on BestSellingCarsBlog. If you have any official data before 2005 for this country and for 2006 and 2009 please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post.

In addition to this, thanks to Alek I can also share with you information on the most popular models in the country in the eighties. The predominant cars there in the early eighties were clearly Ladas, with the 2101 most popular followed by the 2102, -03, -04, -05 and -06. At the time Ladas were considered a luxury while locally produced Moskvitches were lower end. A notch below were the Skoda 105 and 120 L and only just a few West European cars like the BMW 2000, Opel Rekord, Fiat 131 and Ford Taunus. After 1989 everything changed as the market was deregulated and allowed many more imports.

You can find the links to all the Bulgarian annual articles below.

Bulgaria 2005: Skoda Fabia edges out Clio & 307

Bulgaria 2007: Dacia Logan ahead

Bulgaria 2008: Dacia Logan strong leader

Bulgaria 2010/2011: Ford Fiesta best-seller

Bulgaria 2012: Last year at #1 for the Dacia Logan MCV?

Bulgaria 2013: Dacia Dokker surprise leader

Bulgaria 2013: Now onto real sales data… (EXCLUSIVE)

Bulgaria 2014: Dacia Dokker tops again, Skoda Octavia #2

Bulgaria 2015: Dacia Dokker distances Nissan Qashqai & Renault Captur

Bulgaria 2016: Dacia Dokker and Nissan Qashqai dominate again

Bulgaria 2017: Dacia and Renault lead, Kia up 123% to #4

Bulgaria 2018: Dacia and Renault top market up 11.2%

Bulgaria 2019: Dacia (+16.4%) tightens grip on market up 7.8%

Bulgaria 2020: Renault Clio and Dacia Dokker top freefalling market (-37.2%)

Bulgaria 2021: Last year of reign for the Dacia Dokker in market up 14.9%

Bulgaria 2022: Toyota and Corolla take control in strong market (+8%)

Bulgaria 2023: Dacia Sandero takes charge in surging market

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