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Brazil Full Year 2012: VW Gol reaches 25 years at #1, Fiat Palio #3

VW Gol

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The Brazilian new car market is up 6% year-on-year in 2012 to reach a record 3,634,421 registrations, consolidating its #4 spot worldwide below Japan and ahead of Germany. August 2012 was the biggest sales month in the history of automobile in Brazil with 405,511 registrations, the first time above 400,000 monthly units. The VW Gol lodges a third stable year of sales in a row: from 293,783 units in 2010 (8.8% share) to 293,454 in 2011 (8.6%) and 293,293 in 2012 (8.1%)… The Gol has now been the best-selling car in Brazil for 18 consecutive years, and 25 of the last 26 years with the only other model ranking #1 over the period being the Fiat Uno in 1994.

Fiat Uno

The fight for the pole position was tight at the start of the year, with the Fiat Uno reaching #1 in March and delivering its highest ever monthly volume in August at 30,373 units, the first time it broke the 30,000 monthly sales barrier in the nameplate’s 28 year-career. The Uno finished 2012 at 255,838 units, down 6% on 2011. Note the VW Gol was at a 12-year high in August with 32,632 sales, its record remaining 34,964 in August 1997.

Fiat Palio

Helped by the new generation launched in late 2011, the Fiat Palio is up 76% and 4 spots on 2011 to land on the podium for the first time since 2009 at #3 with 186,384 units and 5.1%. It peaked at 21,572 sales in August, its highest since July 2008. The Fiat Uno and Palio remain the only 2 models to have dethroned the VW Gol in the Brazilian monthly rankings in the last 10 years: the Fiat Palio did it in September 2006, October 2006 and August 2007 and Fiat Uno in February 2011December 2011 and March 2012

VW Fox

Another excellent performer this year is the VW Fox/CrossFox up 38% to #4 with 167,685 units and 4.6%, its best-ever year in the country. The Fox managed to beat its volume record over 3 consecutive months, bringing it to 23,318 sales in August, its first time above 20,000 and its market share record at 5.8%. Notice also the Fiat Strada hitting a record 12,981 sales in August but down 1% over the Full Year to #6, the Ford Fiesta Hatch up 32% to #7, the Fiat Siena up 15% at #8 and the Renault Sandero breaking into the year-end Brazilian Top 10 for the first time, up 20% to #10 and delivering a record 11,743 units in August.

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More commentary, Full Year 2012 Top 200 models and Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

You can check out monthly sales for the Top 50 models here.

Further down, the Chevrolet Cobalt is up to #12 with 66,654 sales for its first full year in market, peaking at #10 in January, the Honda Civic is up 120% to #17, Renault Duster up 399% to #20, Chevrolet Cruze up 320% to #22, Nissan March up 378% to #30, VW Amarok up 94% to #42, Nissan Versa up 510% to #43 and Fiat 500 up 215% to #52. There are 6 all-new models in the Top 100 this year, led by the Hyundai HB20 at #37 but peaking at a promising #7 in December. The Chevrolet Spin lands at #45, Chevrolet Onix at #47 (but #8 in December), Chevrolet Cruze Hatch at #60, Peugeot 308 at #61 and Chevrolet Sonic Sedan at #91. Both the HB20 and the Onix should be in the year-end Top 10 or even Top 5 in 2013…

Brand-wise, both Fiat and Volkswagen perform better than the market at +11% to 23.1% share and +10% to 21.1% share respectively, Renault is at a solid +24% while Honda at +45% to #6 and Nissan at +56% to #9 are the most impressive. The calm before the storm, Hyundai is down 6% to #8 this year but its astounding target now that it produces the HB range locally is to reach 10% share by the end of 2013… Note all 3 Chinese carmakers in the Top 20 lose significant ground year-on-year: JAC is at -24%, Chery at -34% and Hafei at -47%…

Brazil Full Year 2012 – brands:

3General Motors642,53617.7%2%632,10218.5%3
19Land Rover8,1800.2%0%8,1850.2%19

Brazil Full Year 2012 – models:

1VW Gol293,2938.1%0%293,4548.6%1
2Fiat Uno255,8387.0%-6%273,5378.0%2
3Fiat Palio186,3845.1%76%105,7943.1%7
4VW Fox/CrossFox167,6854.6%38%121,5883.5%5
5Chevrolet Celta137,6173.8%-8%149,0444.4%3
6Fiat Strada117,4553.2%-1%118,6083.5%6
7Ford Fiesta Hatch113,5463.1%32%86,2042.5%10
8Fiat Siena103,5472.8%15%90,1672.6%8
9Chevrolet Corsa Sedan98,5512.7%-22%125,7773.7%4
10Renault Sandero98,4422.7%20%81,7802.4%11
11VW Voyage96,3942.7%11%87,2102.5%9
12Chevrolet Cobalt66,6541.8%2730%2,3550.1%134
13VW Saveiro66,4431.8%-7%71,2152.1%13
14Ford Ka56,9321.6%-11%63,7641.9%14
15Toyota Corolla56,3651.6%6%53,1471.6%15
16Chevrolet Agile54,0451.5%-26%73,2552.1%12
17Honda Civic50,4901.4%120%22,9620.7%34
18Chevrolet Montana48,4741.3%6%45,8301.3%17
19Chevrolet S1047,7171.3%11%42,8181.2%18
20Renault Duster46,8931.3%399%9,3880.3%77
21Fiat Punto42,3621.2%16%36,5471.1%24
22Chevrolet Cruze39,5301.1%320%9,4180.3%76
23Toyota Hilux38,8821.1%17%33,2591.0%27
24Honda Fit38,6231.1%34%28,7610.8%28
25Ford Ecosport38,2841.1%-1%38,5301.1%21
26Ford Fiesta Sedan37,2091.0%6%35,0161.0%26
27Chevrolet Prisma34,9321.0%-32%51,0631.5%16
28Citroen C334,9231.0%-7%37,5731.1%22
29Renault Logan33,9100.9%-13%39,0861.1%20
30Nissan March33,1490.9%378%6,9390.2%91
31Honda City30,9080.9%25%24,6370.7%33
32Peugeot 207 Hatch28,3930.8%-23%36,8691.1%23
33Chevrolet Corsa Hatch26,2460.7%-37%41,9541.2%19
34Fiat Idea26,2430.7%1%26,0530.8%31
35VW Kombi26,0890.7%5%24,8020.7%32
36Ford Focus24,0230.7%-13%27,6110.8%29
37Hyundai HB2022,0530.6%new00.0% –
38Mitsubishi L20021,5270.6%-3%22,1400.6%37
39VW Space Fox21,1340.6%3%20,5020.6%40
40Hyundai Tucson20,9630.6%16%18,0230.5%42
41VW Jetta20,6370.6%47%14,0850.4%52
42VW Amarok19,8250.5%94%10,2270.3%68
43Nissan Versa19,6700.5%510%3,2240.1%118
44Hyundai i3019,2620.5%-46%35,7171.0%25
45Chevrolet Spin18,9300.5%new00.0% –
46Fiat Palio Weekend18,6290.5%-18%22,8530.7%35
47Chevrolet Onix18,1490.5%new00.0% –
48Nissan Frontier17,5610.5%28%13,6800.4%53
49Mitsubishi Pajero17,5070.5%3%17,0220.5%46
50Fiat Doblo17,1790.5%-2%17,4870.5%45
51Renault Clio16,5440.5%-39%27,0570.8%30
52Fiat 50015,9220.4%215%5,0600.1%103
53Renault Fluence15,3360.4%48%10,3860.3%66
54Nissan Livina15,2780.4%-8%16,6840.5%48
55Ford Ranger15,2220.4%2%14,9880.4%51
56VW Golf15,1100.4%-3%15,5150.5%50
57Honda CR-V14,8900.4%-9%16,2820.5%49
58Fiat Fiorino14,3180.4%-21%18,0210.5%43
59VW Polo Sedan14,2400.4%10%12,9390.4%57
60Chevrolet Cruze Hatch13,1840.4%new00.0% –
61Peugeot 30812,0270.3%new00.0% –
62Citroen C3 Aircross11,9300.3%-29%16,7170.5%47
63Chevrolet Meriva11,5290.3%-48%22,2520.6%36
64Fiat Freemont11,3300.3%404%2,2470.1%136
65Peugeot 207 Sedan11,2770.3%-41%19,0450.6%41
66Hyundai ix3511,0270.3%-19%13,6200.4%54
67Mitsubishi ASX10,7810.3%-2%11,0100.3%64
68Fiat Bravo10,4380.3%-12%11,8270.3%61
69Toyota Hilux SW410,3970.3%27%8,1960.2%82
70Ford New Fiesta Sedan10,3040.3%-21%13,0740.4%56
71Fiat Ducato10,1600.3%-25%13,4890.4%55
72Chevrolet Captiva9,9070.3%-22%12,7280.4%59
73Renault Megane GT9,8480.3%0%9,8100.3%73
74VW Polo9,7600.3%3%9,4510.3%75
75Nissan Tiida9,1920.3%-9%10,1030.3%70
76Kia Sportage9,1370.3%9%8,3790.2%79
77Citroen C3 Picasso9,1100.3%93%4,7090.1%107
78Renault Master8,5400.2%15%7,3950.2%88
79Nissan Sentra8,3430.2%-20%10,4890.3%65
80Fiat Linea8,3310.2%-32%12,2580.4%60
81JAC J38,1160.2%-37%12,8050.4%58
82Hyundai HR8,0640.2%-22%10,3310.3%67
83Hyundai Elantra7,9730.2%224%2,4590.1%132
84Peugeot 4087,7120.2%18%6,5630.2%93
85Kia Cerato7,7030.2%-63%20,6880.6%39
86Ford Focus Sedan7,5280.2%-10%8,3570.2%80
87Chery QQ7,4440.2%-25%9,9230.3%72
88Ford Courier7,2630.2%-6%7,7060.2%86
89Citroen C47,1820.2%-35%11,0160.3%63
90Mitsubishi Lancer6,6640.2%1071%5690.0%183
91Chevrolet Sonic Sedan6,6400.2%new00.0% –
92Renault Symbol6,5950.2%7%6,1550.2%96
93Kia Sorento6,1920.2%-39%10,1160.3%69
94Kia Picanto5,9940.2%-19%7,3640.2%89
95Kia K25005,8660.2%-42%10,0290.3%71
96VW SpaceCross5,7480.2%249%1,6460.0%146
97Ford Fusion5,6000.2%-42%9,5860.3%74
98Renault Kangoo5,2990.1%71%3,1000.1%120
99Hyundai Veloster5,0990.1%29%3,9560.1%114
100JAC J3 Turin5,0040.1%-40%8,3540.2%81
101Iveco Daily 35144,5070.1%-7%4,8390.1%105
102VW Tiguan4,4790.1%-20%5,5980.2%100
103Hyundai Santa Fe4,4400.1%-45%8,0370.2%83
104Suzuki Grand Vitara4,4390.1%1%4,3940.1%110
105Toyota Etios Hatch4,3550.1%new00.0% –
106Mercedes C Class4,3450.1%-31%6,3030.2%94
107Hyundai Azera4,2350.1%-50%8,4120.2%78
108Chevrolet Zafira4,1940.1%-46%7,7440.2%85
109Range Rover Evoque4,1490.1%381%8630.0%168
110Mitsubishi Outlander4,0190.1%-14%4,6770.1%108
111Citroen C4 Pallas3,9190.1%-46%7,2520.2%90
112Kia Soul3,8330.1%-79%17,9260.5%44
113Ford Edge3,8280.1%92%1,9890.1%141
114VW Parati3,4650.1%-28%4,8350.1%106
115Hyundai Sonata3,3910.1%-56%7,7570.2%84
116Chevrolet Sonic Hatch3,3230.1%new00.0% –
117Ford Transit3,3080.1%-20%4,1320.1%112
118Hafei Towner3,1320.1%-42%5,4340.2%101
119Peugeot Boxer2,9200.1%-17%3,5070.1%116
120JAC J62,6910.1%8%2,5030.1%129
121Hafei Ruiyi2,6770.1%-64%7,4320.2%87
122BMW X12,6450.1%-47%4,9740.1%104
123Toyota Etios Sedan2,6180.1%new00.0% –
124Citroen Xsara Picasso2,4740.1%-44%4,4310.1%109
125Land Rover Freelander2,4030.1%-21%3,0230.1%122
126Volvo XC602,3960.1%-31%3,4640.1%117
127Chery Face2,3610.1%-59%5,7800.2%98
128Peugeot Hoggar2,1550.1%-62%5,6550.2%99
129Chana SC2,1200.1%-24%2,8030.1%124
130Citroen Jumper2,1150.1%-16%2,5200.1%127
131JAC J52,0680.1%894%2080.0%n/a
132Chery Tiggo2,0520.1%-47%3,8950.1%115
133Peugeot 207 SW1,9270.1%-39%3,1350.1%119
134Jeep Cherokee1,8670.1%-19%2,3110.1%135
135Citroen C4 Picasso1,8610.1%-64%5,2300.2%102
136Mercedes Sprinter 3111,6640.0%24%1,3410.0%154
137Dodge Journey1,6350.0%-27%2,2410.1%137
138Peugeot 3071,6140.0%-76%6,6450.2%92
139VW Passat1,5610.0%-28%2,1610.1%138
140BMW 118i1,5560.0%20%1,2930.0%155
141Suzuki SX41,5460.0%-26%2,0810.1%139
142Chery S181,5200.0%new00.0% –
143Nissan Tiida Sedan1,5090.0%-75%5,9660.2%97
144Mercedes Sprinter 3131,4520.0%-41%2,4620.1%131
145Audi A11,4280.0%-1%1,4410.0%151
146Peugeot 30081,3810.0%-43%2,4100.1%133
147Dodge RAM1,3430.0%n/an/an/an/a
148BMW 3201,3420.0%-11%1,5130.0%148
149BMW 3281,2590.0%new00.0% –
150Jeep Compass1,2270.0%new00.0% –
151Peugeot Partner1,2250.0%-12%1,3960.0%152
152Hafei Start Pick-up1,2150.0%272%3270.0%200
153VW Jetta Variant1,1970.0%-37%1,9080.1%142
154Land Rover Discovery1,1660.0%-62%3,0670.1%121
155Suzuki Jimny1,1290.0%25%9050.0%165
156Mini Cooper1,0600.0%-57%2,4920.1%130
157Troller T41,0560.0%-17%1,2740.0%156
158Audi A41,0510.0%-30%1,5070.0%149
159Peugeot 307 Sedan1,0480.0%133%4490.0%192
160Kia Optima1,0280.0%new00.0% –
161Ssangyong Korando9960.0%117%4600.0%190
162Chevrolet Camaro9290.0%-48%1,7790.1%143
163VW Fusca9010.0%new00.0% –
164Hafei Mini8950.0%-22%1,1540.0%159
165Hyundai Veracruz8900.0%-66%2,5810.1%126
166Hyundai i30 SW8620.0%-78%3,9570.1%113
167Hafei Minivan8450.0%-50%1,6830.0%144
168Toyota RAV48220.0%-81%4,2240.1%111
169Jinbei Topic7630.0%23%6200.0%180
170Subaru Forester7560.0%-27%1,0380.0%163
171Lifan 3207560.0%-62%2,0030.1%140
172Citroen DS37170.0%new00.0% –
173Audi Q36780.0%new00.0% –
174Smart Fortwo6310.0%-40%1,0580.0%162
175Ssangyong Kyron6250.0%-76%2,6470.1%125
176Mercedes Sprinter 4136090.0%-33%9120.0%164
177Mercedes Sprinter5710.0%1%5660.0%185
178Chery Cielo Hatch5630.0%-61%1,4440.0%150
179Chevrolet Blazer4820.0%-68%1,5220.0%147
180Kia Cadenza4710.0%-38%7650.0%171
181Audi A34680.0%-48%9000.0%166
182Lifan 6204630.0%-43%8190.0%169
183Mini One4570.0%12%4090.0%193
184Mercedes SLK4570.0%-33%6820.0%175
185Range Rover4550.0%-61%1,1740.0%158
186Audi A54330.0%18%3680.0%195
187Mini Countryman4320.0%n/an/an/an/a
188BMW 3184230.0%-65%1,2140.0%157
189Porsche Cayenne4220.0%-43%7380.0%172
190Volvo S604210.0%-61%1,0740.0%160
191Kia Carens4080.0%-50%8100.0%170
192Chrysler Town & Country3860.0%35%2850.0%201
193BMW X63610.0%-23%4690.0%189
194Chevrolet Omega3600.0%-44%6440.0%178
195Mercedes E Class3370.0%-43%5870.0%182
196Jeep Wrangler3220.0%n/an/an/an/a
197Chrysler 300C3130.0%n/an/an/an/a
198Kia Mohave3110.0%-52%6460.0%177
199Shineray Trucks2960.0%new00.0% –
200Chevrolet Trailblazer2920.0%new00.0% –


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  1. Great article Matt. I think Hyundai could face some problems as demand slackens as people recognize that HB 20 (unfortunately) is just another car. The backlash is coming. The Onix on the other hand seems to be screaming that the General is back. For some reason, people seem to be happy about that.

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