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  1. Fabricio
    May 21, 2012


    This new Fiat Uno is really a very tight car!! My wife’s cousing rented it and it can’t bring three adults in the back seats decently – my wife was the 3rd adult and arrived in home with pain the legs (and she is a little woman with little more than 1,5m of height). It never happened before in any car (including an 1st generation Uno) we got a ride (at least in the last 7 years).

  2. Daniel
    April 14, 2012

    Fiat Uno is also still available in its 1st generation, what likely boosts its sale figures due to the low cost, good fuel-economy and reasonable internal space.

  3. Carsitaly
    April 10, 2012

    Fiat registrations in Brazil are up in March 2012 with the Brazilian market in decline. Fiat remains in first place in sales in Brazil, ahead of Volkswagen and General Motors. Was launched in 2010 the new version of the Fiat Uno, best-selling car in March in Brazil and started sales of the Fiat Bravo and Fiat 500. The new Fiat Palio debuted in early 2012. In March 2,381 Fiat 500 sold in Brazil.

    Source: http://www.carsitaly.net/fiat-car-sales_brazil.htm

  4. gary52
    April 6, 2012

    ohh, very good Fiat… very strong market Brazil!

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