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USA 8 months 2012: Discover the Top 273 All-models ranking!

Toyota Prius MPV

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After exploring US August sales, let’s now go in more detail through the year-to-date ranking. Over the first 8 months of 2012, the US new car market is up an extremely robust 15% to 9,711,044 units, en route to hit 14 million by the end of the year for the first time since 2007. Among the Top 20 best-selling models, the 6 biggest year-on-year gains are all delivered by Japanese cars! The Toyota Prius is the most impressive at +69% and #17, however this include the MPV version as splits were not available. The other performing models are the Honda Civic at +38% and #5, the Toyota Camry at +37% and #2, the Toyota RAV4 at +36% and #20, the Honda Accord at +35% and #4 and the Honda CR-V at +35% and #8.

Kia Optima

Outside the Top 20, the Kia Optima stands out with sales up 103% year-on-year, going from #55 to #22 and helping Kia deliver another record year. The Jeep Grand Cherokee is up 32% to #24, the Chrysler 200 up 73% to #30, the VW Passat up a huge 4219% to #44 thanks to the new model, the Dodge Avenger up 63% to #45, the Subaru Impreza up 108% to #56, the Chevrolet Sonic up 20336% to #57 as August 2011 was its very first month of sales, the Chrysler 300 up 158% to #63, the Kia Rio up 118% to #89 and the Fiat 500 up 158% to #92.

The Hyundai Veloster is the best-selling all-new model in the US over the period

As far as newcomers are concerned, now that the Sonic has left this category, the Hyundai Veloster becomes the best-performing all-new model over the period and the only one in the Top 100 at #99 with 25,318 sales, followed by the Buick Verano at #101 and 25,104 units, the Mazda CX-5 at #102 with 24,904 sales, the Chevrolet Captiva Sport at #107 and 24,299 units and the Toyota Prius c at #110 with 22,744 sales.

Sales of Audi A6 are up 112% year-on-year

Further down, notice the VW Beetle up 1718% to #120, the Acura RDX up 81% to #126, the Lexus GS up 421% to #136, the Chevrolet Volt up 326% to #139, the Infiniti JX35 landing at #148, the Audi A6 up 112% to #152, the Scion FR-S directly #176, the Nissan NV up 160% to #177, the Scion IQ at #182, the Hyundai Azera up 284% to #195, and the Cadillac XTS (#205), Acura ILX (#207), Chevrolet Spark (#210), Dodge Dart (#211), Subaru BRZ (#231) and BMW X1 (#251) all making their first appearance in the ranking this year.

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Full 8 months 2012 Top 273 Ranking Table below.

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