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USA 8 months 2012 Hybrid and Electric cars: Toyota sovereign

US sales of Toyota Camry Hybrid have gone up 5-fold

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After looking at the overall market, for the first time on BSCB we have a very close look at sales of Hybrid and Electric cars in the USA, and this over the first 8 months of the year. So many new models have been launched in the last 12 months in this category that this is a fast moving and indeed fascinating ranking. Sales of the 45 models listed in the table below the jump add up to 322,960, a 79% increase over the same period in 2011. No surprises on top: the Toyota Prius is in pole position, with sales up 62% year-on-year to 135,596 units, including the MPV version but excluding the Plug-in variant appearing at #13 with 6,068 sales.

Toyota Prius Plug-in

In fact Toyota monopolises the podium, with the Toyota Camry hybrid lodging a very impressive performance: at 30,587 units year-to-date it multiplies its sales by five compared to last year, meaning 1 in 10 Camrys sold in the country are now hybrids… The Camry hybrid therefore becomes the best-selling hybrid version of any passenger car, a title that was held by the Hyundai Sonata hybrid last year (now #4). In third place we welcome the Toyota Prius c with an excellent 22,744 sales.

Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt improves vastly, up 8 spots and 326% year-on-year to #5 with 13,497 sales and is followed by the Lexus CT200h up 68% but stable at #6 and 12,417 units and the Chevrolet Malibu hybrid at a robust 11,320 sales, a new entrant in the Top 10 at #7. That’s 7 hybrid/electric cars selling more than 10,000 units compared to just 3 last year!

Buick LaCrosse

Even though the eAssist technology is not as radical, it still qualifies as hybrid and the Buick LaCrosse eAssist lands directly at #8 with 8,649 sales or an impressive 21% of total LaCrosse sales. At #9, the Lexus RX450h accounts for a high 13% of all Lexus RX sales. Notice also the Kia Optima Hybrid at #11, up a massive 1638%, the Lincoln MKZ at a shiny 20% HR ratio and the Porsche Cayenne at a very respectable 9% HR.

Nearly 1 in 10 Porsche Cayenne sold in the US is a hybrid

There are not just good news in the Hybrid/Electric world, with the Honda Insight down from #2 to #14, the Nissan LEAF down from #9 to #15 and the Honda CR-Z down from #4 to #18. Finally, looking at this ranking it is no surprise that General Motors has decided to cancel its next generation hybrid truck/SUV program: the Chevrolet Silverado hybrid is down 43%, the Tahoe down 17% and both the GMC Yukon and Sierra are down 32%.

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Full 8 months 2012 Top 45 Ranking Table below.

USA August 2012 Hybrid/Electric cars:

PosModel8m 2012/11HR8m 2011Pos
1Toyota Prius135,59662%100%83,9181
2Toyota Camry Hybrid30,587397%11%6,15210
3Toyota Prius c22,744new100%0 –
4Hyundai Sonata Hybrid14,22118%9%12,0423
5Chevrolet Volt13,497326%100%3,17213
6Lexus CT200h12,41768%100%7,4086
7Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid11,320n/a7%2432
8Buick LaCrosse eAssist8,649new21%0 –
9Lexus RX450h7,91712%13%7,0517
10Ford Fusion Hybrid7,168-10%4%7,9965
11Kia Optima Hybrid7,0051638%7%40320
12Toyota Prius Plug-in6,068new100%0 –
13Honda Civic Hybrid5,16881%2%2,85014
14Honda Insight4,801-63%100%13,1062
15Nissan LEAF4,228-31%100%6,1689
16Lincoln MKZ Hybrid4,2188%20%3,89811
17Toyota Highlander Hybrid3,96924%5%3,20712
18Honda CR-Z3,126-68%100%9,6354
19Buick Regal eAssist1,422new8%0 –
20Ford Escape Hybrid1,248-81%1%6,7398
21Lexus ES300h817new3%0 –
22Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid798-29%9%1,12316
23Lexus HS250h633-67%100%1,94715
24Infiniti M Hybrid433117%7%20025
25Mitsubishi i-MiEV403new100%0 –
26Acura ILX Hybrid395new9%0 –
27Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid367-43%0%64517
28Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid346-17%1%41519
29Lexus GS450h33878%2%19026
30GMC Yukon Hybrid333-32%2%48918
31Porsche Panamera S Hybrid323new6%0 –
32BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid218-8%3%23723
33VW Touareg Hybrid172-44%3%30822
34Ford Focus Electric169new0%0 –
35Smart Fortwo EV13655%2%8829
36GMC Sierra Hybrid92-32%0%13527
37Mazda Tribute Hybrid90-74%18%34221
38Nissan Altima Hybrid89-7%0%9628
39Mercedes S400 Hybrid88-60%1%22224
40Lexus LS600h40-26%1%5430
41BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid37new0%0 –
42Mercedes ML450 Hybrid201900%0%133
43Honda Fit EV16new0%0 –
44BMW X6 ActiveHybrid4-89%0%3531
45Honda FCX Clarity3new100%0 –

Source: Manufacturers,

HR: Hybrid/Electric ratio eg sales of the Hybrid/Electric version divided by overall sales of the model.

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  1. I think there might be a typo with the Altima hybrid. For one, it is no longer produced. Second it’s YTD sales are exactly the same as the Malibu? Too weird to be coincidence I think.

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