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USA 2002: Toyota Camry back to passenger car lead

Toyota Camry

Tough year for trucks in the US: the Ford F-Series stays distant leader but drops 11% year-on-year at 813,701 units, while the Chevrolet Silverado is down 9% with 652,646 sales. The Toyota Camry reclaims the title of best-selling passenger car in the country and climbs back onto the podium at 434,145 units, up 2 spots and 11%.

Chevrolet Silverado

Sales up 3% were not enough for the Ford Explorer to stay on the podium, down to 4th this year at 433,847 units ahead of the Honda Accord, #5 with 398,980 sales down 4%. The Dodge Ram is back in shape: up 15% to 396,934 units and #6.

Previous year: see the 2001 US post here.

Full 2002 Top 40 Ranking Table below.

USA 2002:

1Ford F-Series813,701-11%911,5971
2Chevrolet Silverado652,646-9%716,0512
3Toyota Camry434,14511%390,4495
4Ford Explorer433,8474%415,9213
5Honda Accord398,980-4%414,7184
6Dodge Ram P/U396,93415%344,5387
7Ford Taurus332,690-6%353,5606
8Honda Civic313,159-6%331,7808
9Chevrolet TrailBlazer249,568
10Dodge Caravan244,911
11Ford Focus243,199-8%264,41410
12Chevrolet Cavalier238,225
13Ford Ranger226,094-17%272,4609
14Jeep Grand Cherokee224,233
15Chevrolet Tahoe209,767
16Toyota Corolla204,050
17GMC Sierra202,045
18Nissan Altima201,822
19Chevrolet Impala198,919
20Jeep Liberty171,212
21Chevrolet Malibu169,377
22Buick Century163,739
23Ford Expedition163,454
24Honda Odyssey153,467
25Toyota Tacoma151,960
26Chevrolet Suburban151,056
27Chevrolet S10150,922
28Pontiac Grand Am150,818
29Ford Windstar148,875
30VW Jetta145,604
31Ford Escape145,471
32Honda CR-V142,266
33Ford Mustang138,356
34Chrysler PT Cruiser138,260
35Buick LeSabre135,916
36Dodge Dakota130,712
37Pontiac Grand Prix130,141
38Chrysler Town & Country126,118
39Hyundai Elantra120,638
40Saturn S-Series117,533


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