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USA 2003: New Ford F Series leads, pick-ups monopolise podium

Ford F Series

Trucks are back in fashion this year in the US: for the first time in over decade they monopolise the podium. The Ford F-Series is in the lead again, up 4% at 845,586 units thanks to the new generation arriving in dealerships this year. The Chevrolet Silverado stays #2 with 684,302 sales, up 5% and the Dodge Ram is up 3 spots to #3 at 449,371 units, up an impressive 13%.

Dodge Ram

The Toyota Camry keeps its best-selling passenger car title albeit losing one spot and 5% to 413,296 sales. The Honda Accord is stable in 5th place at 397,750 units while the Ford Explorer is down 2 spots to #6 with 373,118 sales. Below the Toyota Corolla breaking into the Top 10 at #7, the Ford Taurus, still the best-selling US passenger car, continues to slow down slowly but surely to #8 at 300,496 units, down 10%.

Previous year: see the 2002 US post here.

Full 2003 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

USA 2003:

1Ford F-Series845,5864%813,7011
2Chevrolet Silverado684,3025%652,6462
3Dodge Ram P/U449,37113%396,9346
4Toyota Camry413,296-5%434,1453
5Honda Accord397,7500%398,9805
6Ford Explorer373,118-14%433,8474
7Toyota Corolla325,477n/an/an/a
8Ford Taurus300,496-10%332,6907
9Honda Civic299,672-4%313,1598
10Chevrolet Impala267,882n/an/an/a
11Chevrolet TrailBlazer261,3345%249,5689
12Chevrolet Cavalier256,550n/an/an/a
13Dodge Caravan233,394-5%244,91110
14Ford Focus229,353-6%243,19911
15Ford Ranger209,117
16Jeep Grand Cherokee207,479
17Nissan Altima201,240
18Chevrolet Tahoe199,065
19GMC Sierra196,689
20Ford Expedition181,547
21Ford Escape167,678
22Jeep Liberty162,967
23Ford Econoline161,721
24Pontiac Grand-Am156,266
25Toyota Tacoma154,154
26Honda Odyssey154,063
27Honda CR-V143,909
28Chrysler Town & Country141,100
29Ford Mustang140,350
30Chevrolet Suburban135,222
31GMC Envoy127,782
32Pontiac Grand Prix125,441
33Chevrolet Malibu122,771
34Hyundai Elantra120,858
35Toyota Highlander120,174
36Dodge Neon120,101
37Saturn ION117,230
38Buick LeSabre114,572
39BMW 3-Series111,944
40Dodge Dakota111,273
41Toyota 4Runner109,307
42Dodge Durango108,010
43Chrysler PT-Cruiser107,759
44Honda Pilot106,917
45Toyota Sienna105,499
46Toyota Tundra101,316
47Hyundai Santa Fe101,278
48Chrysler Sebring100,109
49Dodge Stratus99,924
50Nissan Sentra94,500

Source:, manufacturers

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