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USA 2004: Best year ever for the Ford F-Series!

Ford F-Series

2004 will be remembered as the year the Ford F-Series reached its best-ever volume. At 939,511 units, Ford’s best-selling truck is up 11% on 2003 and lodges a record year for the nameplate, on sale since 1948 in the country. So a benchmark year for the automobile industry in the US! This is however not an all-time record, with the Chevrolet Impala still holding the title of biggest yearly volume in the US with over 1 million units in 1965. The F-Series reached 99,720 sales in September and 95,392 in December, its 2nd and 3rd best months ever.

Chevrolet Silverado

The Chevrolet Silverado stays #2 with sales down 1% at 680,768 units. The Toyota Camry is the best-selling passenger car in the country for the 3rd year in a row and back on the podium at #3 with 426,990 sales (+3%). The Dodge Ram is down 1 spot to #4 (-5%) while the Honda Accord (#5), Ford Explorer (#6) and Toyota Corolla (#7) all hold onto their 2003 ranking.

Notice the Ford Taurus kicked out of the Top 10 for the first time in…actually probably ever! Newcomers in the Top 30 include the Chevrolet Malibu up 13 spots to #20, the Toyota Sienna up 21 spots to #25 and the Dodge Durango up 12 spots to #30.

Previous year: see the 2003 USA post here.

Full Year 2004 Top 55 Ranking Table below.

USA Full Year 2004:

1Ford F-Series939,51111%845,5861
2Chevrolet Silverado680,768-1%684,3022
3Toyota Camry426,9903%413,2964
4Dodge Ram P/U426,289-5%449,3713
5Honda Accord386,770-3%397,7505
6Ford Explorer339,333-9%373,1186
7Toyota Corolla333,1612%325,4777
8Honda Civic309,1963%299,6729
9Chevrolet Impala290,2598%267,88210
10Chevrolet TrailBlazer283,4348%261,33411
11Ford Taurus248,148-17%300,4968
12Dodge Caravan242,3074%233,39413
13Nissan Altima235,88917%201,24017
14GMC Sierra213,7569%196,68919
15Ford Focus208,339-9%229,35314
16Chevrolet Cavalier195,275-24%256,55012
17Chevrolet Tahoe186,161-6%199,06518
18Ford Escape183,4309%167,67821
19Jeep Grand Cherokee182,313-12%207,47916
20Chevrolet Malibu179,80646%122,77133
21Ford Econoline171,0176%161,72123
22Jeep Liberty167,3763%162,96722
23Ford Expedition159,846-12%181,54720
24Toyota Sienna159,11951%105,49945
25Ford Ranger156,322-25%209,11715
26Honda Odyssey154,2380%154,06326
27Toyota Tacoma152,933-1%154,15425
28Honda CR-V149,2814%143,90927
29Chrysler Town & Country144,3572%141,10028
30Dodge Durango137,14827%108,01042
31GMC Envoy134,8976%127,78231
32Pontiac Grand-Am133,707-14%156,26624
33Toyota Highlander133,07711%120,17435
34Pontiac Grand Prix131,5515%125,44132
35Ford Mustang129,858-7%140,35029
36Honda Pilot128,15820%106,91744
37Chevrolet Suburban119,545-12%135,22230
38Chevrolet Colorado117,474n/a3,535n/a
39Chrysler PT-Cruiser115,9558%107,75943
40Toyota 4Runner114,2124%109,30741
41Buick LeSabre114,1570%114,57238
42Dodge Neon113,476-6%120,10136
43Chrysler 300112,930353%24,910n/a
44Hyundai Elantra112,892-7%120,85834
45Toyota Tundra112,48411%101,31646
46Hyundai Santa Fe111,44710%101,27847
47Hyundai Sonata107,18930%82,330n/a
48Nissan Sentra106,93413%94,50050
49BMW 3-Series106,549-5%111,94439
50Lexus RX330106,53115%92,36651
51Dodge Dakota105,614-5%111,27340
52Chrysler Sebring104,0944%100,10948
53Saturn ION104,044-11%117,23037
54Ford Freestar100,622538%15,771n/a
55Dodge Stratus98,769-1%99,92449

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