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USA November 2012 Hybrid and Electric cars: Ford C-Max confirms

Ford C-Max Hybrid

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After looking at overall November and 11 months 2012 US rankings, as is now the tradition on BSCB we now explore in detail the best-selling Hybrid and Electric cars. While this segment saw its sales nearly double year-on-year in October at +95%, this month the growth is a more humble yet still impressive 47% to 41,617 registrations. This brings the year-to-date total to 434,943 sales, up a mammoth 68% on 2011. In other words, if all Hybrid and Electric cars sold in the US were one model it would rank #2 behind only the Ford F-Series… Note 2 in 3 Hybrid and Electric cars sold in the country in 2012 so far is a Toyota or a Lexus, however Ford is catching on…

While the Toyota Prius still leads the ranking by far, its sales are down a worrying 23% year-on-year to 8,925 units. Like last month, the Top 2 most popular vehicles in the category are Toyotas, with the Camry replacing the Prius c in 2nd spot with 3,924 sales, up fivefold on November 2011. For its third month of sales, the Ford C-Max confirms it is a serious contender in the category and potentially the key to Ford establishing themselves as a true player in the Hybrid world. It sells 3,589 units and ranks #3, ahead of its competitor the Toyota Prius V (2,690 sales) for the 2nd month running. Funny/Clever how launching an 18-month old car as a Hybrid only in the US put Ford on the sustainable map…

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Full November 2012 Top 48 All-models ranking below.

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USA Hybrid and Electric cars November 2012:

PosModelNov-12/11Oct11m 2012/11Pos
1Toyota Prius8,925-23%1134,97118%1
2Toyota Camry Hybrid3,924438%441,201453%2
3Ford C-Max Hybrid3,589new37,596new15
4Toyota Prius c3,144new232,582new4
5Toyota Prius V2,690-24%637,677710%3
6Ford Fusion Hybrid1,83484%1510,8564%11
7Toyota Prius Plug-in1,787new711,389new9
8Hyundai Sonata Hybrid1,589-8%1018,8806%6
9Nissan LEAF1,539129%88,330-4%14
10Chevrolet Volt1,52933%520,838239%5
11Lexus ES300h1,424new95,175new20
12Lexus CT200h1,264-28%1216,07533%7
13Ford C-Max Energi Plug-in1,259new261,403new24
14Chevrolet Malibu eAssist1,041new1115,283new8
15Lexus RX400h9715%1310,82914%12
16Buick LaCrosse eAssist72439%1411,1911138%10
17Kia Optima Hybrid681n/a169,333n/a13
18Honda Civic Hybrid5305%206,64461%16
19Toyota Highlander Hybrid51735%185,36535%19
20Lincoln MKZ Hybrid282-41%195,7468%17
21Honda CR-Z244-20%233,949-63%21
22Honda Insight238-68%225,536-63%18
23Buick Regal eAssist211470%212,3836171%22
24Acura ILX Hybrid174new25853new26
25Ford Focus EV172new28518new33
26GMC Sierra Hybrid1702025%32326112%39
27Cadillac Escalade Hybrid147n/an/a618-16%29
28Ford Escape Hybrid138-88%421,476-84%23
29BMW 3 Series ActiveHybrid110new27258new40
30Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid108-23%291,096-26%25
31BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid97new24346new38
32Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid90n/an/a464-3%36
33Audi Q5 Hybrid90new36148new43
34Infiniti M35h7154%3161590%30
35GMC Yukon Hybrid70233%33495-10%35
36Porsche Panamera S Hybrid67158%345241915%32
37Lexus GS450h60173%30555123%31
38VW Touareg Hybrid44110%40232-36%41
39Mitsubishi i-MiEV42950%3751112675%34
40Toyota RAV4 EV32new35140new44
41Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid18-51%38422-48%37
42BMW 7 Series ActiveHybrid7-72%46227-21%42
43Mercedes S400 Hybrid4-79%41111-59%46
44Lexus HS250h3-70%45647-75%28
45Smart Fortwo EV3-97% –139-32%45
46Lexus LS600h2-94%4348-36%50
47BMW X6 ActiveHybrid2n/a –5-87%52
48Nissan Altima Hybrid1-99%44103-97%47


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  1. LEAF:
    All of a sudden the Nissan LEAF sales jumped 80% in October, and 125% in November.

    Will its new marketing approach (and improved batteries) create sales momentum?

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