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Turkey December 2011: Fiat Linea leads, Symbol #1 in Full Year

Fiat Linea

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Traditionally we are getting Turkish results with one month delay. Like in 2010, December is the strongest month of the year with 88,957 registrations, down 11% year-on-year. The 2011 total stands at 593,519 units, up a very healthy 16% on 2010. In December, the Fiat Linea impresses anew and takes the lead of the models ranking for the third time this year with 6,057 sales, its strongest monthly volume ever, and an excellent 6.8% share, just short of the best-ever 6.9% reached in June. The Renault Symbol stays #2 with 5,454 units and 6.1%, ahead of the Opel Astra Hatchback at 4,891 units and 5.5%.

Other great performers this month include the Opel Corsa up to #7, the Opel Astra sedan (the previous generation in runout mode before the arrival of the 2012 model) up to #11, the Hyundai Accent Blue at #13, Nissan Juke at #22 and Chevrolet Aveo Hatchback at #29.

Renault Symbol

Over the Full Year 2011, the Renault Symbol is the best-selling passenger car in Turkey for the second consecutive year and the fourth overall after 2007, 2008 and 2010. It sells 37,478 units, up 31% on 2010 for a 6.3% market share. The Fiat Linea is the star of the year, up 6 spots and a whopping 111% year-on-year to land #2 with 33,762 sales and 5.7%, ahead of the Renault Fluence at 30,287 sales and 5.1%, up 22%.

The Opel Astra Hatchback is up 54% to #4, the Ford Fiesta stays #5, up 11% while the Toyota Corolla is down 16% to #6 and the Hyundai Accent Era down 36% to #7. Other great performers in 2011 include the VW Polo up 11 spots and 91% to #9, the VW Jetta up 5 ranks and 50% to #10, the Hyundai i20 up 26 spots and 305% to #12, VW Golf up 9 ranks and 40% to #14 and Dacia Duster up 17 spots and 168% to #21.

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Full Year and December 2011 Top 35 Ranking Tables below.

Turkey December 2011:

1Fiat Linea6,0576.8%433,7625.7%28
2Renault Symbol5,4546.1%237,4786.3%11
3Opel Astra HB4,8915.5%525,1394.2%47
4Renault Fluence4,5005.1%330,2875.1%33
5Ford Fiesta4,0314.5%124,0764.1%55
6Toyota Corolla3,2173.6%718,5053.1%64
7Opel Corsa2,4012.7%1513,5942.3%1110
8Ford Focus Sedan2,1692.4%1216,3732.8%86
9VW Jetta2,1512.4%1114,3832.4%1015
10VW Polo2,1032.4%614,9642.5%920
11Opel Astra Sedan1,6891.9%n/a6,8351.2%2525
12Renault Megane1,5571.8%209,4451.6%1718
13Hyundai Accent Blue1,5211.7%105,5720.9%28 –
14Toyota Auris1,4721.7%238,5001.4%1917
15Hyundai i201,4701.7%911,5842.0%1239
16Dacia Duster1,4391.6%187,9851.3%2138
17Mercedes C Class1,3501.5%246,9211.2%2422
18Fiat Grande Punto1,3441.5%n/a9,5211.6%1616
19Hyundai Accent Era1,3261.5%817,4992.9%72
20VW Golf1,2671.4%139,9081.7%1423
21Ford Focus HB1,2391.4%n/a9,7331.6%1513
22Nissan Juke1,1461.3%215,2760.9%30 –
23BMW 3 Series9831.1%175,2310.9%3128
24VW Passat9591.1%1410,0981.7%1314
25Chevrolet Captiva9591.1%227,8581.3%2227
26Nissan Qashqai9141.0%258,4651.4%2021
27Renault Clio8571.0%n/a6,1731.0%2724
28Fiat Albea8501.0%168,9461.5%189
29Chevrolet Aveo HB8461.0%n/a2,9650.5%n/a –
30VW Tiguan7810.9%n/a3,8120.6%n/a35
31Opel Insignia7640.9%n/a5,2010.9%3231
32Peugeot 5087580.9%n/a3,5320.6%n/a –
33BMW 5 Series7450.8%n/a4,6950.8%3432
34Chevrolet Cruze7320.8%n/a6,6611.1%2619
35Hyundai ix357290.8%n/a2,2840.4%n/a –

Turkey Full Year 2011:

1Renault Symbol37,4786.3%31%28,6675.6%1
2Fiat Linea33,7625.7%111%15,9773.1%8
3Renault Fluence30,2875.1%22%24,8384.9%3
4Opel Astra HB25,1394.2%54%16,2863.2%7
5Ford Fiesta24,0764.1%11%21,7004.3%5
6Toyota Corolla18,5053.1%-16%22,1114.3%4
7Hyundai Accent Era17,4992.9%-36%27,3865.4%2
8Ford Focus Sedan16,3732.8%-3%16,9643.3%6
9VW Polo14,9642.5%91%7,8151.5%20
10VW Jetta14,3832.4%50%9,5591.9%15
11Opel Corsa13,5942.3%7%12,6502.5%10
12Hyundai i2011,5842.0%305%2,8580.6%39
13VW Passat10,0981.7%1%9,9972.0%14
14VW Golf9,9081.7%40%7,0571.4%23
15Ford Focus HB9,7331.6%-6%10,3012.0%13
16Fiat Grande Punto9,5211.6%0%9,4841.9%16
17Renault Megane9,4451.6%20%7,8421.5%18
18Fiat Albea8,9461.5%-39%14,5792.9%9
19Toyota Auris8,5001.4%8%7,8651.5%17
20Nissan Qashqai8,4651.4%20%7,0521.4%21
21Dacia Duster7,9851.3%168%2,9820.6%38
22Chevrolet Captiva7,8581.3%50%5,2251.0%27
23Honda Civic Sedan7,4181.2%-31%10,7622.1%11
24Mercedes C Class6,9211.2%-6%7,3241.4%22
25Opel Astra Sedan6,8351.2%10%6,1861.2%25
26Chevrolet Cruze6,6611.1%-15%7,8381.5%19
27Renault Clio6,1731.0%-3%6,3951.3%24
28Hyundai Accent Blue5,5720.9%new00.0% –
29Citroen C45,3740.9%n/an/an/an/a
30Nissan Juke5,2760.9%374%1,1130.2% –
31BMW 3 Series5,2310.9%2%5,1251.0%28
32Opel Insignia5,2010.9%35%3,8510.8%31
33Dacia Sandero4,9570.8%-8%5,3691.1%26
34BMW 5 Series4,6950.8%34%3,5000.7%32
35Toyota Yaris4,2270.7%n/an/an/an/a


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