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Turkey 1993: Tofas Sahin/Dogan/Kartal and Renault 9 dominate

At 21,189 in 1981, Turkish car sales have been multiplied by 10 in 10 years to reach 238,251 in 1991. They were up 32% in 1992 at 315,505 and are up another 33% over the first 7 months of 1993 at 245,882 units. The bulk of the sales is monopolised by only a couple of models:

The 1st generation Renault 9, still produced in Turkey, takes the lead with 43,029 sales and 17.5% share. However the Tofas Sahin (sedan, #2 with 40,079 sales & 16.3%), Dogan (luxury sedan, #3 with 39,341 sales & 16%) and Kartal (station wagon, #5 with 15,982 sales) are just different versions of the same model, a Turkish production of the Fiat 131. All combined, their sales add up to 95,402 units, or 38.8% of the Turkish market! More info on the Tofas Sahin here.

Tofas Sahin

Tofas Dogan

Tofas Kartal

A restyled version of the 1969 Renault 12 is still in production in Turkey and is met with significant success: the Station Wagon version is #4 with 16,966 sales and 6.9% and the Sedan is #7 with 9,344 sales and 3.8%. More pictures and Full 7 months 1993 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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