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South Africa: 1973-2022 Historical Data now available

The Chevrolet 2500/3800/4100 Series was #1 in South Africa in 1975.

The direct links to 21 Historical Data articles are below.

BSCB is now able to shed some light on the South African car market between 1973 and 2012 with selected years’ Top 10 best-selling models now available. After the Chrysler Valiant in 1973 and the Chevrolet 2500/3800/4100 in 1975, Japanese cars took ownership with the Toyota Corolla in 1984.

The Toyota Corolla may have been South Africa’s best-seller from 1984 to 2005

The Corolla may have kept the pole position for a full 20 years, however I don’t have data for each year over the period so cannot confirm this (if you do please get in touch by commenting on this post). Other successful models in South Africa over the period include the Toyota Cressida, Chevrolet Chevair, BMW 3 Series, Mazda 323, Honda Ballade, VW Golf, Toyota Conquest, Ford Tracer, VW Polo, Polo Vivo, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

South Africa Historical Data:

South Africa 1973: Chrysler Valiant and Ford Cortina on top

South Africa 1975: Chevrolet 2500/3800/4100 briefly takes the lead

South Africa 1980: Datsun Stanza and Chevrolet Chevair shine

South Africa 1984: Toyota Corolla starts its reign

South Africa 1986: Toyota Corolla, Mazda 323 and Honda Ballade on top

South Africa 1988: Toyota Corolla and VW Golf dominate

South Africa 1992-1996: Toyota Corolla/Conquest in command

South Africa 1997-2000: Toyota Corolla and Conquest lead the way

South Africa 2003: Toyota Corolla and Hilux on top

South Africa 2004-2005: Toyota Corolla #1, VW Citi Golf and Toyota Tazz in Top 5

South Africa 2006-2007: VW Polo takes the lead

South Africa 2008: VW Polo and Toyota Hilux fight it out

South Africa 2009: Toyota Hilux likely leader

South Africa 2010: Toyota Hilux potentially in the lead

South Africa 2011: Toyota Hilux edges VW Polo Vivo out

South Africa 2012: VW Polo Vivo snaps up top spot

South Africa 2013: Toyota Hilux takes the lead, Etios up to #4

South Africa 2014: Toyota Hilux #1, Ford Ranger and Toyota Corolla shine

South Africa 2015: Toyota Hilux holds off Ford Ranger threat

South Africa 2016: Toyota Hilux sovereign in market down 11%

South Africa 2017: Toyota Hilux snaps 8th win in past 9 years

South Africa 2018: Toyota Hilux records 9th win in past 10 years, VW Polo up 30% to #3

South Africa 2019: Toyota Hilux and VW Polo Vivo most popular, Renault Kwid shines in weakest market in 9 years (-2.8%)

South Africa 2020: Market down -29.1% to lowest in 20 years

South Africa 2021: Toyota Hilux #1 for 9th straight year, Starlet up to #7 in market up 22.1%

South Africa 2022: Toyota Hilux celebrates 10 straight years at #1, solid market (+13.9%)

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  1. The Datsun Stanza was never a top seller in South Africa.
    The Chevrolet 2500/3800/4100 were rebadged Opel Rekords and Commodores,and were very popular in early to mid 1970s.
    Then Ford Cortina MK4 and 5 dominated late 1970s- early 80s.
    Then VW Jettas from mid 1980s,and Toyota Corolla sedans from late 1980s for over 20 years,being the most successful South African car,with over a million produced.
    Current top seller is the VW Polo,and its been top seller for a few years now.

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