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South Africa August 2011: VW Polo Vivo now #1 year-to-date

VW Polo Vivo

* See the Top 75 best-selling models by clicking on ‘Read more’ at end of post! *

South African car sales are up 11% in August at 51,315 registrations and 14% year-to-date at 369,947 units. The VW Polo Vivo leads the models ranking for the third consecutive month with 3,322 sales and 6.5% share, and is now also #1 year-to-date at 22,864 units and 6.2%.

The Toyota Hilux follows at 5.7% in August and 6.1% year-to-date, and the VW Polo new generation is also stable in 3rd position with 4.6% and 4.2% year-to-date. The Ford Figo has its best month since January in 4th place with 1,820 sales and 3.5% share while the Toyota Fortuner is at its best in over a year at #5 with 1,737 units and 3.4%.

Jeep Compass

Further down the ranking, notice the Jeep Compass up to #41 and the Chevrolet Orlando up to #47, both for their 2nd month, the Toyota FJ Cruiser landing directly at #61 with 125 sales for its first month and the Porsche Cayenne above 100 monthly sales for the first time in 2011 at #71 with 107 units.

Previous month: see the July 2011 South African Top 50 best-selling models here.

Full August 2011 Top 75 Ranking Table below.

South Africa August 2011:

1VW Polo Vivo3,3226.5%122,8646.2%1
2Toyota Hilux2,9075.7%222,6056.1%2
3VW Polo2,3434.6%315,6704.2%3
4Ford Figo1,8203.5%810,4632.8%6
5Toyota Fortuner1,7373.4%97,2832.0%12
6Toyota Corolla/Auris1,6313.2%511,9853.2%4
7Mercedes C Class1,4982.9%69,7552.6%7
8Opel Corsa Utility1,4542.8%411,3893.1%5
9Nissan NP2001,2022.3%78,0332.2%9
10Isuzu KB1,0972.1%118,6572.3%8
11Toyota Quantum1,0522.1%176,6341.8%13
12Chevrolet Spark9491.8%154,9141.3%19
13BMW 3 Series9081.8%107,6972.1%11
14Ford Ranger7151.4%195,0691.4%16
15Renault Sandero7101.4%124,4061.2%21
16VW Amarok6751.3%143,9011.1%23
17Ford Fiesta6661.3%214,2731.2%22
18VW Golf6621.3%134,9901.3%17
19Ford Bantam5831.1%185,1081.4%15
20Opel Corsa5321.0%381,7880.5%35
21Nissan Micra4981.0%272,5220.7%27
22Nissan NP3004911.0%164,6551.3%20
23Toyota Yaris4630.9%207,7812.1%10
24Chevrolet Aveo4540.9%234,9291.3%18
25Audi A44000.8%253,7621.0%24
26Chevrolet Cruze3880.8%225,1531.4%14
27Toyota Avanza3700.7%282,5880.7%26
28Nissan Qashqai3530.7%262,8170.8%25
29Chevrolet Captiva3500.7%321,4290.4%45
30Nissan Tiida3280.6%291,7230.5%37
31Honda Jazz3020.6%302,2120.6%28
32Ford Focus2980.6%411,6320.4%40
33Nissan Navara2810.5%342,0280.5%31
34BMW X12680.5%491,3790.4%46
35BMW 5 Series2440.5%501,5980.4%42
36Chevrolet Optra2380.5%241,6080.4%41
37Audi A32370.5%312,1190.6%29
38VW T52270.4%461,2180.3%56
39BMW 1 Series2220.4%351,9450.5%33
40Toyota Land Cruiser PU2200.4%751,5860.4%43
41Jeep Compass2170.4%453950.1%91
43Mercedes B Class2100.4%401,6390.4%39
44Mazda BT-502090.4%361,9860.5%32
45Mercedes E Class2020.4%432,0850.6%30
46Land Rover Discovery 42000.4%331,8410.5%34
47Chevrolet Orlando1850.4%722800.1%n/a
48Fiat Punto1700.3%518650.2%70
49Toyota Aygo1680.3%391,2340.3%53
50VW Caddy1650.3%541,3560.4%47
51BMW X31630.3%441,1530.3%58
52Mercedes A Class1590.3%679720.3%64
53Opel Astra1530.3%481,2170.3%57
54Mercedes M Class1500.3%731,0680.3%61
55Nissan Livina1430.3%421,2190.3%55
56Tata Indica Vista1350.3%636600.2%76
57Audi A11340.3%371,7430.5%36
58Audi Q51320.3%471,2200.3%54
59Suzuki Swift1310.3%539630.3%65
60Nissan X-Trail1250.2%651,3240.4%48
61Toyota FJ Cruiser1250.2% –1250.0%n/a
62BMW X51230.2%551,0800.3%60
64Suzuki SX41190.2%709870.3%62
66VW Tiguan1150.2%696050.2%81
67Land Rover Freelander1140.2%n/a8120.2%74
68Jeep Grand Cherokee1140.2%n/a6800.2%75
69Audi A51100.2%569810.3%63
70Toyota Prado1070.2%601,2610.3%51
71Porsche Cayenne1070.2%n/a5100.1%87
72Honda Civic1020.2%n/a8190.2%73
73Dodge Caliber1010.2%611,0960.3%59
74Renault Megane III1010.2%718350.2%72
75Toyota RAV4980.2%n/a8640.2%71

Source: NAAMSA,

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  1. @Miguel
    These are high number… maybe more of Italy market! South Africa is now one of the five most important area for growth sale: the BRICS area, Brasil Russia India China and South Africa. it’s important for every company to invest in all of these 5 market, for the luxury brand and also for the others

  2. @Fabio83

    That´s correct Fabio. You can´t imagine how many luxury cars runs in South Africa. Many people have a high standard of life and are quite well off. I can tell, for instance, that Porsche sold about 140 cars in August, Jaguar 50, Lexus 80, Maserati 7 Ferrari 4 and Aston Martin 4 also.

  3. @Miguel Figueira
    i totally agree with you, i’ve never been in South Africa, but i can watch how many luxury or large cars are sold in that country. I think that it’s the same for Peugeot in Europe where there are the new 207 and the old 206+, just to offer a cheaper compact car than the last model. Here in Italy some months ago there were in the car showroom also the Fiat Punto Classic when from some years there is the new Punto. they are just marketing choice to meet also the guest who don’t want to spend so much and are not interested about the style or the modernity of the car.

  4. Fabio, I´ve been in South Africa several times, I have family living there in Durban and the car market is not so restricted as it seems. There´s a lot of Toyotas mainly corollas and Hilux on the road and and a significant number of large cars such as Lexus, Bmws, Mercedes and Jaguars. cars produced in the country and much more cheaper than the imported regarded as a status position such as some Italian exotcs. The problem is some old models still in production there such as the very old and ugly VW polo produced in Europe between 2001 and 2008, the Ford figo, the previous fiesta, the bantam, a MKIV fiesta pick up and the Chevrolet corsa utility, and old opel corsa MKII. These cars are the cheapest of the market but old in style and mainly conception.

  5. @Miguel Figueira
    it’s only for money: the VW Polo Vivo cost 104,065R while the new Polo starts from 149,400R.
    the same if you compare the Ford Figo and the Ford Fiesta, the dimension are so similar.
    This question you can do also for the market of the South America, look the cars that Chevrolet sell there: they are all old Opel, from Corsa to Meriva, from Astra (there Vectra GT) to Zafira.
    There are companys who design models for those market like Renault with Sandero or Logan, others use just the old models that don’t sell in Europe or U.S.A.

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