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France 1969-1971: Peugeot 204 dominates

Peugeot 204 * See the Top 5 best-selling/most produced models by clicking on the title! * For the first time since the end of the War, a Peugeot leads the year-end sales ranking in France. #2 in 1968, the Peugeot 204 passes the Renault 4 in 1969 to become the…

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Norway 1971: Volvo 140 takes the lead

Volvo 144 * See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene * Norwegian car sales are up 16% year-on-year to 81,472 registrations. Massive event in 1971: after 12 consecutive years of VW Beetle leadership, the Volvo 140 Series becomes the most popular model…

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Brazil 1966-1969: VW Fusca and Kombi dominate

The VW Fusca continues to dominate Brazilian car sales and production, constantly progressing over the period to reach a 48% share of all production in 1967, 53% in 1968 when it passes the 100,000 units for the first time at 123,089 and 47% in 1969. The VW Kombi, in production…

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Sweden 1968-1969: Volvo 140 Series on top

1969 Volvo 142 * Many thanks to Torbjörn for making this update possible! * I only have official sales data for the best-selling model in Sweden over the period: the Volvo 140 Series, taking the relay from the Volvo Amazon. Launched in 1967, the Volvo 140 grabbed the pole position in…

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Italy 1969: Fiat 500, 850 and 124 on podium

Fiat 500 Over the first 5 months of 1969, the Fiat 500 is by far the best-selling car in Italy with over 160.000 sales, followed by the Fiat 850 just under 100.000, the Fiat 124 above 50.000 and the Alfa Romeo Giulia above 25.000. Fiat 124 Italian manufacturer Innocenti sells…

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