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Brazil December 2010: Gol resists Uno assault, #1 for 23rd year

December car sales in Brazil are up 33% at 361,197 registrations, bringing the Full Year 2010 figure to 3,329,170, up 11%.

The VW Gol is the best selling car in Brazil for the 23rd year, in spite of a 3% drop (293,793 sales and 8.8%) and the arrival of the new Fiat Uno, #2 at 229,323 sales. The Gol managed to hold its #1 position every month of the year, including in December where the 2 models were head-to-head at mid-month.

The Chevrolet Celta (based on a 1993 Opel Corsa) finishes the year in 3rd for the first time since 2006 with 155,180 sales (+11%), its best yearly figure ever.

December and all 2010 months’ Top 40 plus Full Year 2010 Top 60: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Chevrolet Celta

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Czech Republic Full Year 2010: Octavia, Fabia & Superb on top

The Czech car market is up 5% in 2010 at 169,236 registrations, and Skoda delivers a 1-2-3 for the second time since Eastern Europe opened up to competition, the first being 2007. The Octavia reinforces its leadership with 25,819 sales and 15.3%, up 18%, the Fabia is down 9% but still #2 at 15,588 sales and 9.2%, and the Superb had a stunning year, going from #9 to #3 with 4,476 sales (+46%).

Were it not for a very solid December from the Hyundai i30, 4th overall with 4,309 units, another Skoda would be 4th, but the Yeti finishes its first full year in 5th with 4,264 sales. The only Skoda not in such good shape is the Roomster, down 27% in 13th place.

More commentaries, December Top 30 and Full Year 2010 Top 60 below.

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Greece Full Year 2010: Yaris, Fiesta and Corsa on the podium

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The Greek car market was hit hard by the economic crisis this year, down 36% to 141,404 registrations, with December down 62%. #6 in 2009, the Toyota Yaris is the best-selling car in Greece this year for the very first time in the nameplate’s 11 year career, with 5,776 sales and 4.1%, just ahead of the Ford Fiesta, 2009’s best seller, at 5,685 units (4%) and the Opel Corsa with 5,405 sales (3.8%).

Thanks to their new generations, the VW Polo (from #26 to #4) and Opel Astra (#9 to #5) climb up the ranking fast. The Fiat Panda (+21%), Hyundai i10 (+15%) & i20 (+12%) and Toyota Aygo (+38%) are some of the cheaper options Greek consumers preferred in this difficult environment. New entrants in the Top 50 this year include the new Citroen C3 (from #75 to #15), Chevrolet Spark (new at #26), Suzuki Alto (from #52 to #29), Skoda Yeti (new at #30), Renault Clio (from #72 to #38) and Toyota IQ (#59 to #39).

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Full Year 2010 and every Monthly Top 50/290 Ranking Tables below.

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Netherlands Full Year 2010: Polo #1, ‘Kolin sisters’ at +55%

VW Polo

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Car sales in the Netherlands are up 25% in 2010 to 484,432 registrations. This year 2 Volkswagens swapped leadership: the VW Polo is the best selling car in the country for the first time in the nameplate’s history with 18,964 sales (3.9%, +228%), replacing the VW Golf, best-seller in 2009 and #4 this year.

Even though they launched 5 years ago with a mild restyling last year, the ‘Kolin sisters’ (Peugeot 107, Toyota Aygo and Citroen C1 built in Kolin, Czech Rep) improved further on their outstanding performance in the country. The 107 is #2 overall at 17,971 sales (+89%!), the Aygo is #3 at 15,057 (+31%) and the C1 is #6 at 11,565 (+51%): the 3 models sold a total of 44,593 units or 9.2% of the Dutch market and +55% over ’09  (28,733 sales and 7.4%).

Full Year 2010 Top 365 and all monthly Rankings: see ‘Read more’ below the Aygo pic.

 Toyota Aygo

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Norway December 2010: Volvo XC60 #5, Golf leader in full year

Norwegian car sales are up 29% in 2010 at 127,754 registrations, and in December, the Volvo V70 (#1 at 658 sales and 6.5%) and XC60 (#5 at 284 sales and 2.8%) post very strong figures. The VW Golf is the best selling car in Norway over the full year 2010 by a large margin with 8,229 sales and 6.4% of the market, up a massive 52% over 2009.

The Volvo V70 goes from #5 to #2 this year with 4,635 sales (+47%) and the Toyota Avensis drops 1 spot at #3 and 3,921 sales (-3%), just above the Nissan Qashqai (3,870 sales and +40%).

Previous year: Norway 2009: VW Golf #1 again, Toyota Avensis up to #2

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France LCV 2010: Renault Kangoo and Clio dominate

Renault Kangoo

The Light Commercial Vehicle market in France is up a very healthy 12% at 417,674 registrations in 2010. For the 13th consecutive year, the Renault Kangoo is the best selling light commercial vehicle in the country, this year with 36,680 sales and 8.8% market share.

The Renault Clio takes 2nd spot with 30,312 units and 7.3%, and the Citroen Berlingo rounds up the podium with 22,456 sales and 5.4%. The Fiat Ducato is the best selling foreign model in 4th at 21,782 units and 5.2% market share.

The three following models in the ranking all fit within 120 units: the Renault Master in #5 (21,301 sales), the Peugeot Partner at #6 (21,237) and the Peugeot 207/206+ at #7 (21,181).

Full Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Argentina December 2010: Amarok passes Hilux for the first time

Never before had Argentineans bought that many cars in a year: 662,591 registrations in 2010 is the new record for this market, up 29% on 2009.

In December the VW Amarok (#12, 892 sales) is ranked above the Toyota Hilux (#19, 625 sales) in Argentina for the very first time. With the Single Cab still to be launched, the VW pick-up should see its sales progress further in 2011 and the battle between the two models will be intense.

The Chevrolet Corsa Classic is the best selling car in Argentina in 2010 with 36,058 sales (5.4%), finishing the year with an outstanding 7.8% share in December. The Peugeot 207 Compact is #2 (29,613), ahead of the VW Gol Trend (25,756), Renault Sandero (24,302) and Ford Ecosport (21,389).

More commentaries, December Top 40 and Full Year 2010 Top 50 below.

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Sweden December 2010: Volvo V60 #3, V70 #1 overall

Volvo V60

The Swedish market finishes a formidable year on a high: +53% in December, and +36% for the full year at 289,477 sales. The Volvo V70 is at stratospheric heights this month with 15.7%, and 8.8% (25,568 sales) over the full year, exactly double the sales of the VW Golf in #2.

However the performance of the month should go to the Volvo V60: it jumps to the 3rd place for its second month of sales with 926 units and 3.1%, establishing itself as a force to be counted with in 2011. Another solid month for the Saab 9-3 in 4th with 3%, whereas the V50 stays in 5th (2.8%), meaning that Volvo places its 3 station wagons in the Top 5 this month!

December Top 20, Full year 2010 Top 50 and commentaries below.

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Finland Full Year 2010: Golf best seller, Astra at +166%

VW Golf

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The Finnish car market is up 24% in 2010 with 110,475 registrations, and the VW Golf is the best-selling model for the third consecutive year at 6,172 sales and 5.6%, up 36%. The Toyota Avensis is down to #3 (-5%). The Skoda Octavia, #1 in December, is 2nd over the full year with 5,505 sales and 5% (+26%).

The best performer in 2010 is the Opel Astra, going from #22 to #6 with 3,043 sales and +166% over 2009. The Astra is 4th in December at 3.6%, just below the Golf.

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More pictures, Full Year Top 30 and December Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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Malaysia November 2010: Proton Saga ahead, Inspira starts

For its last month before the arrival of the FL restyled version, the Proton Saga reclaims the #1 spot with an impressive 13.6% market share. However it is still #2 year-to-date with 67,779 sales (12.8%) vs. 69,368 (13.1%) for the Perodua Myvi, #2 in November at 12.2%.

The Top 5 is 100% Malaysian again with the Perodua Viva, Proton Persona and Perodua Alza following. The Nissan Grand Livina is solid at #9 with 3.3%, the new Hyundai Sonata gains 9 spots at #24 and the Proton Inspira, a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer, has its very first month of sales at #35 with 143 units, already ahead of the ‘original’ Mitsubishi (#46 with 89 sales).

Proton Inspira

More photos and link to the November Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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