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New Caledonia (France) Full Year 2013: Ford Ranger & Toyota Hilux dominate

Toyota Hilux New Caledonia 2013Toyota Hilux sales in New Caledonia are up 33% in 2013.

* See the Top 110 best-selling models and Top 38 All-brands by clicking on the title! Thanks Stephane *

New car sales in New Caledonia, a French overseas territory located North-East of Australia, are down 10% year-on-year in 2013 to 9,923 registrations. The Ford Ranger lodges a 5th consecutive year atop the sales charts thanks to sales up a formidable 31% on 2012 to 832 units, bringing its market share from 5.7% in 2012 to 8.4% this year… But wait there’s better: the Toyota Hilux improves by a fantastic 33% this year to get up one spot in 2nd place with 601 sales and 6.1% share, two percentage points above its 2012 result. The Dacia Duster, even though it declines less than the market (-5%) and improves its market share to 5%, drops one spot to #3. The Nissan Navara (-9%) follows, making it 3 pick-up trucks in the Top 4, while the Renault Clio is down a catastrophic 38% to #6.

Isuzu D-Max New Caledonia 2013. Picture courtesy of D-Max

Further down the ranking, the Isuzu D-Max is up a whopping 181% and 31 ranks on 2012 to land in 7th place with 228 sales and 2.3%, the Citroen Berlingo is  up 6 spots to #8, the Mitsubishi Sportero up 9 to #10, the Toyota Yaris up 272% and a huge 69 ranks to #13, the Dacia Sandero up 19 to #25 and the Peugeot 208 up 51 to #30. There are 7 all-new models inside the New Caledonian Top 100 this year, led by the Peugeot 301 at #31 with 81 sales, the Great Wall Voleex C20R at #47, Chevrolet Aveo sedan at #48, Renault Captur at #58 and the Citroen C-Elysee at #65. Notice also the Peugeot 2008 landing at #102.

Great Wall Voleex C20R New Caledonia 2013The Great Wall Voleex C20R is the third best-selling Chinese car in New Caledonia in 2013.

One of the most interesting characteristics of the New Caledonian new car market is the presence of Chinese models, ‘forbidden’ in metropolitan France but allowed here by more lenient security and environmental laws. Sales of Chinese models here are down harshly in 2013 though: the Dongfeng Utah is down 50% to #27, the Great Wall Wingle down 60% to #40, Great Wall Hover H5 down 48% to #67, Great Wall Florid down 50% to #71 and BYD F0 down 47% to #104. Brand-wise, the striking element in the ranking is how relatively weak French manufacturers are here: below Ford (12.3% share) and Toyota (8.3%) we find Peugeot at 6.9% but Renault is down 28% to #6 and Citroen ranks 9th.

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Full Year 2013 Top 110 models and Top 38 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

New Caledonia (France) Full Year 2013 – brands:

14Great Wall2302.1%-39%3773.4%11
24Land Rover860.8%-9%950.9%24
35Alfa Romeo80.1%100%40.0%37
38Foton10.0%new00.0% –

New Caledonia (France) Full Year 2013 – models:

1Ford Ranger8328.4%31%6335.7%1
2Toyota Hilux6016.1%33%4534.1%3
3Dacia Duster4975.0%-5%5244.7%2
4Nissan Navara3243.3%-9%3583.2%5
5Ford Fiesta2452.5%-13%2822.5%7
6Renault Clio2322.3%-38%3763.4%4
7Isuzu D-Max2282.3%181%810.7%38
8Citroen Berlingo1972.0%11%1781.6%14
9Hyundai ix351631.6%-36%2562.3%8
10Mitsubishi Sportero1561.6%16%1351.2%19
11Chevrolet Cruze1411.4%-27%1931.7%12
12Kia K27001391.4%-33%2071.9%10
13Toyota Yaris1341.4%272%360.3%82
14Kia Sportage1341.4%-46%2472.2%9
15Peugeot 206+1271.3%-57%2942.7%6
16Suzuki Swift1271.3%-6%1351.2%20
17Peugeot Partner1251.3%17%1071.0%27
18Kia Sorento1191.2%-42%2041.8%11
19Kia Rio1171.2%-10%1301.2%22
20Hyundai H11131.1%-35%1751.6%16
21Nissan Juke991.0%-20%1231.1%23
22Citroen C3961.0%-15%1131.0%26
23Dacia Sandero940.9%25%750.7%44
24Chevrolet Aveo930.9%-35%1431.3%17
25Ford Focus920.9%-34%1401.3%18
26VW Golf920.9%-24%1211.1%24
27Dongfeng Utah880.9%-50%1761.6%15
28VW Polo830.8%-10%920.8%30
29Dodge RAM1500830.8%-28%1161.0%25
30Peugeot 208820.8%122%370.3%81
31Peugeot 301810.8%new00.0% –
32Hyundai i10800.8%-20%1000.9%28
33Peugeot 207790.8%61%490.4%62
34Subaru Forester790.8%49%530.5%57
35Hyundai Santa Fe770.8%-13%890.8%32
36Mazda BT-50760.8%-3%780.7%41
37Renault Kangoo750.8%-42%1301.2%21
38Renault Twingo750.8%-1%760.7%42
39Toyota Land Cruiser740.7%-10%820.7%36
40Great Wall Wingle740.7%-60%1841.7%13
41Renault Trafic710.7%-28%980.9%29
42Kia Picanto690.7%-4%720.7%47
43Nissan Qashqai690.7%-22%890.8%31
44Chevrolet Spark660.7%-26%890.8%33
45Chevrolet Colorado650.7%-23%840.8%35
46Nissan Micra620.6%77%350.3%85
47Great Wall Voleex C20R610.6%new00.0% –
48Hyundai i20600.6%-27%820.7%37
49Chevrolet Aveo Sedan580.6%new00.0% –
50Ford Kuga570.6%16%490.4%63
51Dacia Lodgy560.6%195%190.2%n/a
52Citroen DS3540.5%-19%670.6%48
53Citroen C1540.5%50%360.3%83
54Peugeot 308530.5%-38%850.8%34
55Chevrolet Captiva510.5%-29%720.7%46
56Ford F150510.5%0%510.5%61
57Suzuki Grand Vitara500.5%61%310.3%89
58Renault Captur500.5%new00.0% –
59Citroen Jumper490.5%-8%530.5%59
60Peugeot Expert490.5%23%400.4%77
61Citroen C4470.5%-38%760.7%43
62Suzuki SX4460.5%-6%490.4%64
63Range Rover Evoque460.5%-19%570.5%53
64Subaru XV450.5%-4%470.4%71
65Citroen C-Elysee440.4%new00.0% –
66Renault Master440.4%-24%580.5%51
67Great Wall Hover H5420.4%-48%810.7%39
68Peugeot 107410.4%64%250.2%100
69Audi A1410.4%-7%440.4%74
70Audi Q5400.4%11%360.3%84
71Great Wall Florid400.4%-50%800.7%40
72Toyota Tacoma390.4%-37%620.6%50
73Nissan Patrol380.4%-31%550.5%55
74Fiat Ducato380.4%-17%460.4%72
75Fiat 500380.4%15%330.3%86
76Peugeot Boxer370.4%-30%530.5%58
77Mini Countryman370.4%-14%430.4%75
78Nissan Pathfinder360.4%-18%440.4%73
79Suzuki Splash350.4%new00.0%n/a
80Citroen Jumpy350.4%-31%510.5%60
81Nissan X-Trail340.3%100%170.2%n/a
82VW Amarok340.3%-41%580.5%52
83Renault Maxity330.3%-30%470.4%70
84VW Tiguan330.3%-15%390.4%78
85Hyundai Veloster330.3%-51%670.6%49
86Renault Megane310.3%-35%480.4%65
87BMW X3300.3%-27%410.4%76
88Hyundai Accent300.3%new00.0% –
89Opel Vivaro280.3%8%260.2%99
90Kia Soul280.3%-49%550.5%54
91Mazda CX-5280.3%300%70.1%n/a
92Mitsubishi ASX280.3%-24%370.3%80
93Hyundai ix20270.3%23%220.2%n/a
94Mercedes A-Class270.3%800%30.0%n/a
95Audi Q3250.3%-19%310.3%90
96Toyota RAV4250.3%257%70.1%n/a
97Hyundai i30240.2%-11%270.2%95
98Ford Transit240.2%-25%320.3%88
99Peugeot 3008230.2%-15%270.2%97
100Ssangyong Korando220.2%-59%540.5%56
101Mitsubishi Pajero Sport210.2%-28%290.3%92
102Peugeot 2008210.2%new00.0% –
103Jeep Wrangler200.2%-26%270.2%96
104BYD F0200.2%-47%380.3%79
105JMC Pick-up190.2%-60%470.4%67
106Ford F150 Raptor190.2%-42%330.3%93
107Jeep Grand Cherokee190.2%0%190.2%n/a
108Toyota Auris180.2%-44%320.3%87
109BMW X1180.2%-40%300.3%91
110VW Crafter180.2%20%150.1%n/a

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Stephane for sharing the data!

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