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Germany June 2020: Weak result (-32.2%) triggers lowest June since 1985 despite continued motorhome bonanza

The Fiat Ducato ranks #3 overall in Germany in June.

17/07 update: Now with Top 285 All Private sales ranking.

Just as France (+1.2%) completely recovers and Italy (-23.3%) drastically reduces its fall in June, Germany (-32.2%) falls to 220.272 units and is among the other European naughty kids such as the the UK (-34.9%) and Spain (-36.7%), which is surprising as the country seemed to have handled the coronavirus crisis better and with less business disruption. A VAT reduction scheduled for July may have triggered a wait-and-see attitude with potential buyers and could partially explain the market’s weakness for the month. Nevertheless, this is the lowest June volume in Germany in 35 years: since 1985 (200.107), at a time when the second generation VW Golf topped the charts, and the first time German sales are lower than French ones in over 30 years: since January 1990.

Lada sales surge 54.4% thanks to the Vesta.

For the third month in a row, brand leader Volkswagen (-37.2%) falls even faster than the market and loses share year-on-year to 17.8% vs. 18.4% YTD. Mercedes (-8.7%) is the only Top 8 brand to manage a single-digit loss, climbing to a round 10% share and distancing BMW (-29.4%) just outpacing the market. Below, Opel (-52.3%), Ford (-35.6%) and Audi (-35.3%) fall behind, Skoda (-32.1%) matches the market and Renault (-27.3%) does a little better. Still lifted by virus-delayed motorhome sales for the summer tourist season, Fiat (+1.5%) secures the only year-on-year gain in the Top 13 at #9. It is joined further down by Morgan (+100%), Lada (+54.4%), Bentley (+19%), Mitsubishi (+11.2%), Ferrari (+9.5%), Lamborghini (+6.7%), Honda (+2.8%), Subaru (+2.6%). Hit full frontal are Smart (-83.6%), Suzuki (-66.6%), Alpine (-56.5%), Dacia (-51.4%), Mazda (-50.8%) and Alfa Romeo (-50.5%).

First month of sales for the Polestar 2 in Germany.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf (-44.2%) implodes as new generation deliveries were interrupted by software issues but still remains by far the most popular nameplate at home with the VW Tiguan (-23.9%) back up to the 2nd place it holds YTD. The Fiat Ducato (+67.3%) completely bucks the negative trend again, boosted by motorhome purchases both delayed later in the year and strengthened due to the coronavirus crisis that imposes road tourism on a majority of European citizens this summer. The Ford Focus (-0.1%) is immobile year-on-year and climbs back up to #4, with the VW T-Roc (-28.8%) rounding out the Top 5, posting its fourth ever Top 5 finish and first since last August. The Seat Leon (-18.2%), Skoda Octavia (-26.4%) and Mercedes C-Class (-28.6%) fare well in the remainder of the Top 10, but the VW Passat (-43.2%) does not. The Mitsubishi Space Star (+100%), Mercedes CLA (+86.2%) and Renault Zoe (+42%) also impress in the Top 50, while the Skoda Kamiq (#42) tops recent launches above the Ford Puma (#56) and Mazda CX-30 (#79). The Land Rover Defender (#170) is already the brand’s best-seller here and we welcome the Polestar 2 (#282) in the German charts. The private sales ranking remains surreal with the Fiat Ducato and Mitsubishi Space Star outselling the VW Golf again.

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Full June 2020 Top 50 All-brands, Top 310 All-models and Top 290 Private sales models below.

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