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Germany 1984-1987: New gen takes Golf sales to record levels

VW Golf

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title! – Thanks to Florian for the data *

Launched in 1983, the second generation VW Golf takes the nameplate’s sales to record levels in Germany: it goes up to 260,229 sales in 84, 298,175 in 85, 371,382 in 86 and 378,856 units in 1987, the highest annual volume ever achieved by a single model in Germany, beating the 348,929 sales of the VW Beetle in 1961.

Opel Kadett

The same happens to the Opel Kadett, #2 all through the period but getting a real boost in 86 thanks to the new generation: the nameplate passes the 200,000 sales mark for the first time that year at 236,120 units and improves again in 87 at 239,929 sales. The Opel Kadett is therefore only the fourth model in the German automobile history to sell over 200,000 units in a single year after the VW Beetle, VW Golf and Mercedes W123…

Mercedes 190

Launched in 1982, the Mercedes 190 is an instant hit and climbs onto the German podium at #3 in 84 with 106,121 sales, improving to 122,751 in 85, then slowing down to #5 in 86 and 87, replaced on the podium by its big brother the Mercedes 200/300 at 145,568 units in 86 and 147,493 in 87. The BMW 3 Series is the first BMW model to sell over 100,000 units in a single year in Germany at 101,692 sales in 84 (#4), improving to 109,511 in 86 (#6) and maintaining itself at 104,978 in 87 (#7).

BMW 3 Series

Other successful models over the period are the VW Passat, #4 in 85 and 86, the Audi 80, #4 in 87, the Opel Ascona, #5 in 84, the Ford Sierra, #7 in 84 and 85 and the Ford Escort, #7 in 87. Foreign models reach rankings not seen since the early seventies and the Renault 4: the Fiat Uno and Peugeot 205 alternate as best-sellers, with the Uno leading in 84 (#18) and 87 (#14 with 53,049 sales) and the 205 best-seller in 85 (#17) and 86 (#13 at 55,714 units). Mazda is very strong again, with the 626 staying in the Top 20 all through the period and the 323 peaking at #18 in 87.

Full Year 1984 to 1987 Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

West Germany 1984:

1VW Golf260,22916%1
2Opel Kadett171,718-10%2
3Mercedes 190106,12162%14
4BMW 3er101,69211%7
5Opel Ascona97,954-17%4
6VW Passat93,282-14%5
7Ford Sierra88,713-9%6
8Mercedes W12387,582-35%3
9Ford Escort84,1648%9
10Ford Fiesta72,9519%13
11Audi 8069,001-11%10
12Audi 10058,244-24%11
13VW Polo57,041-21%12
14Opel Rekord56,192-30%8
15VW Jetta53,04468%16
16BMW 5er43,625-12%15
17Opel Corsa41,88533%17
18Fiat Uno36,719101%27
19Mazda 62633,64515%19
20Renault 1127,86255%29
21Peugeot 20525,995316%58
22Mercedes S-Klasse24,516-17%18
23Ford Granada21,431-11%22
24Toyota Corolla21,37452%32
25Mazda 32321,077-7%23
26Fiat Panda20,859-1%24
27VW Bus20,308-22%21
28Fiat Regata18,969653%91
29Renault 518,3427%31
30Honda Civic15,35353%45
31Fiat Ritmo14,295-47%20
32Ford Orion13,08883%52
33Nissan Sunny12,67721%44
34Mitsubishi Colt12,592-6%35
35Renault 912,270-39%25
36Toyota Tercel12,196-35%26
37Citroen BX11,61850%51
38VW Santana11,286-38%28
39Nissan Micra11,277109%65
40VW Scirocco11,276-17%34
41Citroen 2CV11,197-15%36
42VW Beetle10,711-15%37
43BMW 7er10,664-4%42
44Honda Accord10,621-12%39
45Nissan Cherry10,363-25%33
46Renault 49,653-45%30
47Peugeot 3059,53059%61
48Opel Manta9,509-23%38
49Suzuki SJ9,1367%48
50Peugeot 5058,78946%60
51Opel Senator8,426-27%41
52Audi Coupe7,814-34%40
53Mazda 9296,91518%62
54Renault 256,789new
55Honda Prelude6,577-1%54
56Mercedes T1 Transporter6,3941%56
57Talbot Horizon6,289-35%46
58Citroen Visa6,121-27%50
59Mitsubishi Pajero6,064191%100
60Volvo 340/3606,031-4%57
61Alfa Romeo 336,002114%85
62Audi 2005,890136%93
63Renault 185,584-34%49
64Toyota Carina5,573225%105
65Citroen CX5,564-9%59
66Nissan Bluebird5,56040%75
67Ford Transit5,4084%66
68Mitsubishi Galant5,049797%130
69VW Derby5,044-46%47
70Lancia Prisma5,01557%79
71Volvo 2405,009-25%53
72Nissan Patrol4,66677%89
73Mitsubishi Lancer4,402n/a
74Porsche 9114,182-9%70
75Subaru 18004,176-25%64
76Porsche 9444,156-6%72
77Honda Jazz3,969new
78Mercedes SL3,9221%76
79Nissan Stanza3,730-18%71
80Ford Capri3,381-12%77
81Daihatsu Charade3,22321%88
82Talbot Samba3,141-51%55
83Opel Monza3,104-23%74
84Nissan Laurel3,03969%104
85Isuzu Trooper3,029104%108
86Saab 9002,9914%83
87Mercedes SEC2,950-7%81
88BMW 6er2,8303%87
89Austin Mini2,809145%
90Toyota Starlet2,669-54%63
91Lada Nova2,626-27%78
92Fiat Argenta2,571-41%73
93Mitsubishi Space Wagon2,492new
94Subaru Libero2,490new
95Volvo 7402,465new
96Lada 12002,44919%101
97Suzuki Swift2,417new
98Nissan Prairie2,331334%133
99Mitsubishi Tredia2,250-10%92
100Citroen GS2,228-57%68
Talbot Solara2,184-24%82
Audi 902,105new
Mercedes G-Klasse1,969-12%95
Skoda Limousine/Rapid1,92322%
Lada 21071,897new
Toyota Camry1,893-64%67
Autobianchi A1121,884-25%90
Volvo 7601,817-16%97
VW LT1,815n/a
Jaguar XJ1,72652%
Porsche 9241,699-27%94
Toyota Celica1,670-47%80
Lada Niva1,648-23%99
Alfa Romeo Alfetta1,574-16%
Lancia Delta1,52421%
Austin Metro1,50434%
Nissan Silvia1,444new
Alfa Romeo Giulietta1,424-36%96
Renault Fuego1,419-50%84
Daihatsu Cuore1,412-5%
Fiat 1261,359-37%98
Mitsubishi Cordia1,35563%
Alfa Romeo Spider1,29550%
Austin Maestro1,290239%
Porsche 9281,09331%
Nissan 300 ZX1,054new
Daihatsu Charmant1,038-17%
Renault Trafic996n/a
Toyota Supra976-26%
Subaru Justy966new
Fiat 131806-84%69
Honda Quintet786-57%
Rover SD-Series753-5%
Fiat Spidereuropa73719%
Saab 99/90668-21%
Talbot Matra Rancho602-35%
Alfa Romeo GTV584-26%
Citroen LN555-41%
Mazda RX-754410%
Alfa Romeo Sprint528-22%
Alfa Romeo Arna500new
Mitsubishi Starion464-44%
Lancia HPE455-20%
Audi Quattro453-5%
Fiat 127426-96%43
Renault 20391-67%
Lancia Coupe341-37%
Lancia Trevi315-43%
Matra Murena299-61%
Renault Alpine287-19%
Alfa Romeo Alfasud282-90%86
Fiat X 1/927533%
Toyota Cressida222-73%
Jaguar XJS21267%
Renault Espace207new
Peugeot 604168-34%
Austin Montego151new
Toyota MR 2134new
Alfa Romeo 90129new
Triumph Acclaim62-78%
Innocenti Mini53-33%
Citroen Dyane50-46%
Alfa Romeo 650n/a
Lancia Gamma26-69%
Renault 3021-96%
Renault 1411-98%
Toyota Crown9-90%
Opel Commodore7-98%
Vauxhall Chevette3-96%
Volvo 2602-94%
Renault Rodeo2-33%
Lancia Spider1-91%

West Germany 1985:

1VW Golf298,17515%1
2Opel Kadett190,12411%2
3Mercedes 190122,75116%3
4VW Passat105,62213%6
5Mercedes 200/300 (W124)98,462new
6BMW 3er96,929-5%4
7Ford Sierra76,441-14%7
8Opel Ascona73,100-25%5
9Ford Escort67,891-19%9
10Ford Fiesta64,775-11%10
11VW Polo63,51511%13
12Audi 8059,301-14%11
13Opel Corsa45,2998%17
14Audi 10044,959-23%12
15Opel Rekord44,693-20%14
16VW Jetta42,695-20%15
17Peugeot 20541,98362%21
18Fiat Uno37,0761%18
19BMW 5er36,612-16%16
20Mazda 62632,993-2%19
21Renault 525,96642%29
22Ford Scorpio24,294new
23Toyota Corolla24,22713%24
24VW Bus23,36115%27
25Mazda 32323,0739%25
26Renault 1122,146-21%20
27Fiat Panda21,8535%26
28Honda Civic/CRX21,42240%30
29Mercedes S-Klasse21,033-14%22
30Nissan Micra15,36936%39
31Mercedes W12315,132-83%8
32Fiat Regata15,070-21%28
33Toyota Starlet15,038463%90
34Citroen BX13,18814%37
35Nissan Sunny12,8802%33
36Mitsubishi Colt12,501-1%34
37Suzuki SJ12,43136%49
38Fiat Ritmo12,311-14%31
39Citroen 2CV11,9086%41
40Nissan Cherry10,6353%45
41Audi 9010,572402%102
42VW Scirocco9,779-13%40
43Audi Coupe9,27519%52
44Mitsubishi Pajero8,81645%59
45Ford Granada8,737-59%23
46Peugeot 3058,274-13%47
47Mitsubishi Galant7,84955%68
48Mitsubishi Lancer7,60273%73
49Nissan Bluebird7,57136%66
50Renault 257,46510%54
51BMW 7er7,343-31%43
52Renault 97,280-41%35
53Peugeot 5056,562-25%50
54Subaru 18006,48855%75
55Honda Accord6,416-40%44
56Opel Senator6,406-24%51
57Citroen Visa6,1741%58
58Honda Prelude5,932-10%55
59Toyota Tercel5,925-51%36
60Renault 45,919-39%46
61Nissan Patrol5,91927%72
62Volvo 340/3605,741-5%60
63Opel Manta5,626-41%48
64Mazda 9295,510-20%53
65Ford Orion5,479-58%32
66VW Beetle5,087-53%42
67Citroen CX4,891-12%65
68Porsche 9444,64212%76
69Audi 2004,474-24%62
70Daihatsu Charade4,43638%81
71Porsche 9114,3324%74
72Ford Transit4,308-20%67
73Isuzu Trooper4,21939%85
74Toyota Carina4,184-25%64
75Lancia Prisma4,077-19%70
76Mercedes SL4,0353%78
77Alfa Romeo 334,004-33%61
78Volvo 7403,96961%95
79Suzuki Swift3,58648%97
80Renault 183,090-45%63
81Subaru Justy3,034214%130
82Honda Jazz3,017-24%77
83BMW 6er2,8511%88
84Volvo 2402,840-43%71
85Nissan Stanza2,753-26%79
86Mercedes SEC2,720-8%87
87Renault Espace2,6151163%155
88Austin Mini2,566-9%89
89Skoda Limousine/Rapid2,48429%104
90Lada 21072,42428%105
91Mitsubishi Space Wagon2,358-5%93
92Toyota Camry2,28521%106
93Lada 12002,246-8%96
94Saab 9002,144-28%86
95Jaguar XJ1,97414%110
96Lada Nova1,946-26%91
97Daihatsu Cuore1,85531%120
98Talbot Horizon1,731-72%57
99Autobianchi A1121,706-9%107
100Lada Niva1,6862%113
Volvo 7601,669-8%
Opel Monza1,657-47%83
Subaru Libero1,626-35%94
Nissan Laurel1,575-48%84
Austin Metro1,5191%
Lancia Y101,430new
Nissan Prairie1,413-39%98
Porsche 9241,396-18%
Fiat 1261,3902%
Lancia Thema1,325new
Renault Trafic1,20121%
Nissan Silvia1,186-18%
Nissan 300 ZX1,1196%
Lancia Delta1,098-28%
Fiat Argenta1,045-59%92
Suzuki Carry1,045new
Daihatsu Charmant1,0420%
Alfa Romeo Spider1,029-21%
Toyota MR 2983634%
Toyota Celica966-42%
Fiat Spidereuropa93727%
Porsche 928910-17%
Ford Capri853-75%80
Austin Maestro820-36%
Renault Fuego784-45%
Citroen GS765-66%100
Range Rover747new
Saab 9000717new
Suzuki Alto705new
Talbot Samba702-78%82
Austin Montego691358%
Alfa Romeo Giulietta683-52%
Mitsubishi Cordia672-50%
Alfa Romeo 90591358%
Talbot Solara550-75%
Toyota Supra452-54%
Mazda RX-7439-19%
Alfa Romeo Arna400-20%
Alfa Romeo 75386new
Mitsubishi Tredia379-83%99
Saab 90379-43%
Jaguar XJS37677%
Rover SD-Series374-50%
Alfa Romeo GTV358-39%
Mitsubishi Starion344-26%
Audi Quattro295-35%
Alfa Romeo Sprint279-47%
Rover 200247new
Renault Alpine225-22%
Jeep Cherokee192new
Fiat X 1/9190-31%
Lancia HPE179-61%
Alfa Romeo Alfetta178-89%
Fiat 131172-79%
Subaru XT130new
Land Rover 90/110100new
Lancia Coupe80-77%
Peugeot 60477-54%
Lancia Trevi71-77%
Innocenti Mini542%
Citroen LN40-93%
Toyota Crown25178%
Toyota Cressida15-93%
Fiat 12714-97%
Alfa Romeo 611-78%
Renault 2010-97%
Renault 304-81%
Lancia Gamma3-88%
Renault 142-82%

West Germany 1986:

1VW Golf371,38225%1
2Opel Kadett236,12024%2
3Mercedes 200/300 (W124)145,56848%5
4VW Passat118,80012%4
5Mercedes 190118,504-3%3
6BMW 3er109,51113%6
7Ford Escort89,24531%9
8Opel Ascona82,03412%8
9Audi 8081,14737%12
10Ford Sierra78,6083%7
11VW Polo78,27523%11
12Ford Fiesta76,49118%10
13Peugeot 20555,71433%17
14Audi 10053,71819%14
15Fiat Uno47,94929%18
16VW Jetta47,69412%16
17Opel Corsa45,9741%13
18Mazda 62638,82818%20
19Toyota Corolla35,27846%23
20Ford Scorpio34,43942%22
21Opel Rekord34,148-24%15
22Renault 531,26820%21
23Mazda 32329,62428%25
24BMW 5er29,337-20%19
25VW Bus27,44217%24
26Toyota Starlet25,53370%33
27Mercedes S-Klasse23,05610%29
28Honda Civic/CRX21,8222%28
29Fiat Panda21,615-1%27
30Nissan Micra21,08237%30
31Renault 1119,793-11%26
32Citroen BX18,25438%34
33Mitsubishi Colt17,89243%36
34Peugeot 30916,317new
35Nissan Sunny16,29727%35
36Nissan Bluebird16,273115%49
37Citroen 2CV15,80633%39
38Honda Accord15,599143%55
39Mitsubishi Lancer14,89896%48
40Renault 2114,431new
41Fiat Regata14,094-6%32
42Mitsubishi Pajero12,32440%44
43Fiat Ritmo12,048-2%38
44Suzuki SJ11,895-4%37
45VW Scirocco11,86421%42
46Opel Omega11,698new
47Nissan Cherry10,9183%40
48BMW 7er10,10138%51
49Ford Orion9,49073%65
50Mitsubishi Galant9,32019%47
51Subaru 18008,35429%54
52Volvo 7407,26083%78
53Peugeot 5057,1509%53
54Toyota Carina7,04368%74
55Citroen Visa6,86311%57
56Volvo 340/3606,72117%62
57Ford Transit6,67855%72
58Renault 96,535-10%52
59Audi Coupe6,183-33%43
60Nissan Patrol5,9701%61
61Honda Prelude5,9490%58
62Suzuki Swift5,76161%79
63Isuzu Trooper5,69235%73
64Peugeot 3055,517-33%46
65Toyota Tercel5,482-7%59
66Lancia Y105,356275%106
67Citroen CX5,3499%67
68Renault Rapid5,334new
69Subaru Justy5,30175%81
70Audi 905,240-50%41
71Daihatsu Charade5,22418%70
72Renault 255,022-33%50
73Opel Senator4,687-27%56
74Opel Manta4,677-17%63
75Daihatsu Cuore4,578147%97
76Austin Mini4,57678%88
77Porsche 9114,4212%71
78Mercedes SL4,0891%76
79Lada Nova4,070109%96
80Austin Metro3,946160%105
81Toyota Celica3,772290%120
82Lancia Thema3,704180%110
83Nissan Laurel3,701135%104
84Suzuki Alto3,431387%129
85Skoda Limousine/Rapid3,38036%89
86Audi 2003,318-26%69
87Mazda 9293,282-40%64
88Porsche 9443,232-30%68
89Lancia Prisma3,209-21%75
90Mitsubishi Space Wagon3,13833%91
91Renault 43,126-47%60
92Alfa Romeo 333,051-24%77
93Mercedes SEC2,7240%86
94Saab 90002,698276%
95Renault Espace2,6331%87
96Toyota Camry2,070-9%92
97Honda Jazz1,990-34%82
98Fiat 1261,97742%109
99Lada Samara1,790new
100Saab 9001,774-17%94
Subaru Libero1,7477%
Volvo 2401,713-40%84
Alfa Romeo 751,696339%
Jaguar XJ1,651-16%95
Lada Niva1,638-3%100
Volvo 7601,627-3%
Austin Montego1,621135%
Nissan Prairie1,57211%
Suzuki Carry1,56450%
Porsche 9241,4504%
VW Beetle1,343-74%66
BMW 6er1,291-55%83
Lada 21071,248-49%90
Renault Trafic1,2141%
Range Rover1,11049%
Toyota MR 21,0477%
Alfa Romeo Spider994-3%
Rover 200964290%
Daihatsu Rocky955new
Lada 1200938-58%93
Daihatsu Charmant871-16%
Renault 18858-72%80
Nissan Silvia856-28%
Opel Monza833-50%
Porsche 928816-10%
Mitsubishi Cordia78917%
Nissan 300 ZX697-38%
Lancia Delta678-38%
Jeep Cherokee599212%
Austin Maestro570-30%
Toyota Supra55222%
Autobianchi A112550-68%99
Ford Granada535-94%45
Subaru XT430231%
Alfa Romeo 90423-28%
Jaguar XJS341-9%
Daihatsu Hijet341new
Mitsubishi Tredia338-11%
Renault Alpine31841%
Citroen C15312new
Mazda RX-7287-35%
Renault Fuego274-65%
Mitsubishi Starion267-22%
Saab 90226-40%
Audi Quattro216-27%
Talbot Horizon204-88%98
Nissan Stanza181-93%85
Rover SD-Series163-56%
Fiat Spidereuropa162-83%
Alfa Romeo GTV158-56%
Fiat X 1/9152-20%
Alfa Romeo Sprint141-49%
Talbot Samba140-80%
Alfa Romeo Arna123-69%
Fiat Argenta121-88%
Land Rover 90/11088-12%
Talbot Solara77-86%
Alfa Romeo Giulietta73-89%
Citroen GS60-92%
Mercedes W12348-100%31
Ford Capri28-97%
Alfa Romeo Alfetta23-87%
Innocenti Mini14-74%
Peugeot 60412-84%
Fiat 13111-94%
Rover 80010new
Alfa Romeo 66-45%
Citroen LN4-90%

West Germany 1987:

1VW Golf378,8562%1
2Opel Kadett239,9292%2
3Mercedes 200/300 (W124)147,4931%3
4Audi 80145,63079%9
5Mercedes 190111,329-6%5
6VW Passat107,034-10%4
7BMW 3er104,978-4%6
8Ford Escort90,9762%7
9Opel Omega88,422656%46
10Ford Sierra86,70610%10
11VW Polo83,9817%11
12Ford Fiesta77,4011%12
13Opel Ascona66,330-19%8
14Fiat Uno53,04911%15
15Opel Corsa48,4005%17
16Audi 10046,893-13%14
17Peugeot 20546,713-16%13
18Mazda 32344,77951%23
19VW Jetta41,348-13%16
20Mazda 62639,6502%18
21Toyota Corolla35,4881%19
22Renault 532,2953%22
23Nissan Sunny31,58294%35
24VW Bus28,9836%25
25Fiat Panda28,42732%29
26Ford Scorpio27,768-19%20
27BMW 5er22,263-24%24
28Nissan Micra21,3121%30
29Peugeot 30920,78127%34
30BMW 7er20,283101%48
31Renault 1118,943-4%31
32Honda Civic/CRX18,908-13%28
33Honda Accord16,8738%38
34Mitsubishi Colt16,833-6%33
35Mercedes S-Klasse16,830-27%27
36Toyota Starlet16,621-35%26
37Citroen BX16,223-11%32
38Mitsubishi Lancer16,1348%39
39Renault 2116,13412%40
40Nissan Bluebird16,063-1%36
41Mitsubishi Pajero14,17815%42
42Suzuki SJ13,21411%44
43Citroen 2CV12,562-21%37
44Audi 9011,104112%70
45Toyota Carina10,26746%54
46VW Scirocco10,001-16%45
47Fiat Croma9,357new
48Mitsubishi Galant9,113-2%50
49Subaru 18008,6884%51
50Fiat Regata8,683-38%41
51Ford Transit8,11021%57
52Ford Orion8,006-16%49
53Toyota Land Cruiser7,869new
54Toyota Camry7,826278%96
55Volvo 7407,4563%52
56Suzuki Swift7,40729%62
57Mitsubishi L3006,961new
58Citroen AX6,341new
59Lancia Y106,14315%66
60Mercedes T1 Transporter6,043n/a
61Subaru Justy6,00813%69
62Daihatsu Charade5,92113%71
63Volvo 340/3605,888-12%56
64Isuzu Trooper5,656-1%63
65Fiat Ritmo5,437-55%43
66Nissan Patrol5,150-14%60
67Seat Ibiza5,071new
68Renault Rapid5,002-6%68
69Honda Prelude4,996-16%61
70Renault 94,845-26%58
71Daihatsu Cuore4,7103%75
72Suzuki Alto4,68036%84
73Opel Senator4,546-3%73
74Seat Marbella4,407new
75Peugeot 4054,365new
76Renault 254,322-14%72
77Mitsubishi Space Wagon4,29437%90
78Citroen CX4,249-21%67
79Lada Samara4,243137%99
80Audi Coupe4,196-32%59
81Lada Nova4,022-1%79
82Porsche 9113,822-14%77
83Austin Mini3,811-17%76
84Peugeot 5053,755-47%53
85Citroen Visa3,700-46%55
86Saab 90003,56332%94
87Toyota Tercel3,510-36%65
88Opel Manta3,476-26%74
89Austin Metro3,190-19%80
90Toyota Celica3,167-16%81
91Alfa Romeo 333,1072%92
92Mazda 9292,942-10%87
93Renault Espace2,93111%95
94Peugeot 3052,892-48%64
95Lancia Thema2,832-24%82
96Mercedes SL2,721-33%78
97Skoda Limousine/Rapid2,622-22%85
98Porsche 9442,458-24%88
99Mercedes SEC2,423-11%93
100Fiat 1262,31917%98
Audi 2002,253-32%86
Lancia Prisma2,169-32%89
Ford Econovan2,163new
Volvo 2402,13425%
Jaguar XJ1,94018%
Nissan Laurel1,913-48%83
Saab 9001,8072%100
Fiat Fiorino1,805new
Renault 41,804-42%91
Subaru Libero1,7923%
Opel Rekord1,639-95%21
Suzuki Carry1,5821%
Lancia Delta1,527125%
Mercedes G-Klasse1,506n/a
Alfa Romeo 751,369-19%
Toyota Model F1,247new
Jeep Cherokee1,246108%
Lada Niva1,176-28%
Nissan Prairie1,151-27%
Renault Trafic1,089-10%
Porsche 9281,08333%
Toyota LiteAce1,075n/a
Toyota HiAce1,057n/a
Volvo 7601,030-37%
Rover 2001,0054%
Porsche 924943-35%
Daihatsu Rocky942-1%
Toyota Supra86056%
Seat Malaga850new
Alfa Romeo Spider826-17%
Volvo 480793new
Toyota MR 2770-26%
Nissan Vanette752new
Rover Montego745-54%
Mazda RX-7725153%
Peugeot J5707new
BMW 6er651-50%
Nissan Silvia596-30%
Mitsubishi Sapporo590new
Rover 8005445340%
Alfa Romeo 9052524%
Lada 2107518-58%
Nissan Cherry494-95%47
Nissan Terrano486new
Daihatsu Charmant415-52%
Ford Granada342-36%
Austin Maestro332-42%
Nissan 300 ZX297-57%
Renault Alpine243-24%
Jaguar XJS235-31%
Subaru XT226-47%
Mitsubishi Starion218-18%
Fiat X 1/921139%
VW Beetle171-87%
Mitsubishi Cordia151-81%
Honda Jazz126-94%97
Audi Quattro120-44%
Saab 90106-53%
Seat Terra99new
Lada 120080-91%
Alfa Romeo GTV71-55%
Opel Monza63-92%
Fiat Spidereuropa12-93%
Ford Capri3-89%
Innocenti Mini3-79%

Source: Manufacturers, many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

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