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Germany 2004: VW Golf V leads, Opel Astra back to #2

VW Golf V

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Very stable car market in Germany at 3,266,826 registrations this year. The VW Golf, helped by the 5th generation now in dealerships, keeps the lead for the 24th consecutive year but without a bang: at 222,301 units and 6.8% it is still a very fragile performance by Golf’s standards.

Opel Astra

The big event of 2004 is the come-back of the Opel Astra to its ‘traditional’ #2 position, a place it had not held since 2000, even slipping down to #8 last year. The new generation launched in May boosted sales, overall at +23% and 110,218 units (3.4% share), peaking at 13,674 and 4.9% in Dec.

VW Touran

As a result the BMW 3 Series is down to #3 at 109,367 units (-19%), followed by the Mercedes C Class at 104,028 (-1%) and the Audi A4 at 97,287 (-11%), however peaking at a best-ever 2nd place in March with 12,017 sales. The VW Touran excels for its first full year of sales at #6 with 95,408 units, it even broke into the podium twice this year: in June (best-ever 10,460 sales) and July (best-ever 3.5% share).

Mercedes A Class

On paper the Mercedes A Class is stable year at #11 and +7%, however this hides a tormented year marked by the arrival of the 2nd generation of the model in September, accelerating sales to unheard-of 10,338 units and 3.6% share in 2nd place in November! The BMW 5 Series, also relaunched this year, reaches an impressive 5th spot in October (3.1%) and the Audi A3 breaks into the German Top 10 for the first time in November (#8) then manages a best-ever 6th place in December…

The Peugeot 206 is the best-selling foreign model for the 4th consecutive year at #14, followed by the Skoda Fabia (#18 – best-ever #13 in June), Peugeot 307 (#20) and Toyota Corolla (#22). Notice the Renault Modus up to #23 in November, or #3 import.

Full Year Top 100 and every Monthly Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

You can check out each and every Monthly Top 20 here: Germany 2004 Month by Month

Germany Full Year 2004:

1VW Golf222,3016.8%8%1
2Opel Astra110,2183.4%23%8
3BMW 3er109,3673.3%-19%2
4Mercedes C-Klasse104,0283.2%-1%6
5Audi A497,2873.0%-11%5
6VW Touran95,4082.9%85%16
7VW Passat88,4512.7%-19%4
8Mercedes E-Klasse86,2992.6%-18%7
9VW Polo81,8872.5%-27%3
10Ford Focus78,3062.4%1%9
11Mercedes A-Klasse74,7792.3%7%11
12BMW 5er71,2172.2%33%14
13Audi A360,8911.9%10%13
14Peugeot 20657,8821.8%-9%12
15Opel Corsa57,8041.8%-20%10
16Opel Meriva55,2881.7%55%27
17Audi A654,3051.7%21%20
18Skoda Fabia49,3781.5%7%18
19Ford Fiesta49,2921.5%7%17
20Peugeot 30745,0621.4%11%21
21Skoda Octavia42,5351.3%17%25
22Renault Megane40,2281.2%1%22
23Opel Vectra36,5721.1%5%28
24Opel Zafira36,5631.1%-29%15
25VW Bus35,1721.1%12%30
26Ford Mondeo34,1341.0%-24%19
27Renault Scenic31,8541.0%-12%26
28Ford Focus C-Max28,8740.9%358%92
29Toyota Corolla28,4300.9%5%33
30Toyota Avensis27,1330.8%38%43
31Smart Fortwo26,9590.8%-27%23
33Renault Clio24,8470.8%-32%24
35Toyota Yaris22,5360.7%10%41
36Seat Ibiza22,0320.7%-10%35
37Renault Twingo21,3410.7%-36%29
38Mercedes SLK20,4610.6%150%76
39Fiat Punto20,2030.6%-33%32
40Nissan Micra19,9790.6%-13%39
42Toyota RAV418,3480.6%3%45
43Mercedes CLK18,2910.6%-22%37
44BMW X518,2680.6%15%49
45VW Touareg18,2380.6%111%75
46VW Sharan16,2670.5%-27%40
47Smart Forfour16,0730.5%new284
48BMW X315,7230.5%1304%193
49Honda Jazz15,0170.5%21%58
50BMW 1er14,7490.5%new
51Mercedes M-Klasse14,3010.4%-16%47
52Ford Fusion14,1990.4%-19%46
53Fiat Panda14,1380.4%212%118
54VW New Beetle13,9120.4%-13%48
55Seat Leon13,7460.4%-5%53
56Renault Kangoo13,4270.4%-25%44
57Fiat Stilo13,4220.4%-33%42
58Toyota Corolla Verso13,4180.4%68%79
60Citroen C212,9720.4%360%152
61Ford Galaxy12,7610.4%-9%55
62Hyundai Getz12,5750.4%11%64
63VW Lupo12,4310.4%-49%36
64Citroen Berlingo12,1290.4%-14%54
65Nissan X-Trail11,9690.4%0%59
66Volvo V7011,7960.4%0%62
67Audi A211,6300.4%-26%51
68Citroen C311,4070.3%-24%52
69Renault Laguna10,9520.3%-54%38
70Opel Signum10,8470.3%-31%50
71VW Caddy10,2710.3%1281%217
72Honda Civic9,6430.3%19%77
73Ford Ka9,6170.3%-23%57
74Opel Agila9,1900.3%-23%61
75Renault Espace9,0410.3%-18%65
76Nissan Almera Tino9,0010.3%0%70
77Seat Altea8,9100.3%new
78Mazda Premacy8,9060.3%-13%67
79Kia Picanto8,6700.3%new
80Peugeot 4078,3200.3%new
81Volvo V508,3200.3%new
82BMW Z48,2430.3%-29%63
83Renault Modus8,1600.2%new
84Hyundai Santa Fe7,8700.2%38%99
85Mitsubishi Space Star7,8340.2%-28%66
86BMW 7er7,6720.2%-3%81
87Nissan Almera7,3900.2%-17%74
88Nissan Primera7,3340.2%-38%60
89Kia Sorento7,0760.2%44%112
90Mercedes Vito6,9990.2%32%105
91Mercedes Vaneo6,9920.2%-27%69
92Smart Roadster6,9450.2%4%88
93Porsche 9116,8630.2%12%97
94Hyundai Matrix6,8420.2%22%100
95Seat Arosa6,8130.2%11%95
96Honda Accord6,7030.2%-15%80
97Audi A86,6700.2%-5%87
98Ford StreetKa6,6340.2%32%111
99Mercedes S-Klasse6,5820.2%-26%72
100Mercedes Viano6,3460.2%526%200

Source: KBA, Auto Bild, Manufacturers, many thanks to Florian for sharing the data!

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