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Brazil April 2020: Chevrolet improves to 19.5% share in market down -76.8%

The new generation lifts the Chevrolet Tracker to its very first Top 10 finish.

Brazil is in the midst of a worsening COVID-19 crisis, and its new car market is down -76.8% year-on-year in April to 51.362 units, estimated to be the lowest monthly volume in 27 years and pulling the year-to-date tally down -27.1% to 583.905. Local outlet Auto Informe however estimates that the real registration figure for April is 30 to 40% higher, as a new resolution passed in late March temporarily allows new vehicles new circulate without registration. Online sales have ramped up quite significantly in Brazil with all manufacturers aggressively coming to the party (see below) and this could definitely help with much needed sales over the coming months.

Brazilian brands have gone 100% online in April.

At the time of writing, Brazil ranked 9th in the world for COVID-19 infections (108.620) but 7th for deaths (7.367). More worryingly, it came 3rd globally for new infections in the past week (41.174) below the US (192.183) and Russia (58.121), and also 3rd worldwide for new deaths (400 per day average) below only the US (1.812) and the UK (510). This, combined with poor testing capabilities and President Bolsonaro’s strong anti-quarantine sentiment does not bode well for the near-future of the Brazilian market. We at BSCB now anticipate a Full Year 2020 volume down -25% to slip just below the 2 million mark for only the third time in the past 15 years after 2006 and 2016.

The Toyota Hilux smashes its Brazilian ranking record from #14 to #5.

Chevrolet (-73.7%) easily holds onto the brands top spot, improving to 19.5% share which is its 2nd highest score in the past 8 years below November 2018 (20.5%). Fiat (-75.1%) reclaims the 2nd place off Volkswagen (-78.1%) for the first time since February 2018 with Toyota (-75.6%), Ford (-77.2%) and Hyundai (-76.8%) in tow. Nissan (-73.9%) is the only additional Top 10 brand outpacing the market, with Honda (-86.5%) hit particularly hard. Just outside the Top 10, Mitsubishi (-66.6%) is back above Chery (-70.9%), with Volvo (-63.4%), BMW (-73.7%) and Land Rover (-74.2%) also posting slimmer drops than the market rate.

The new generation lifts the Renault Duster back into the Top 20.

In the models ranking, the Chevrolet Onix (-81.6%) is undisturbed and enjoys a 57th consecutive monthly win (no interruption since August 2015) ahead of the Hyundai HB20 (-72.7%) and its sedan variant the new Chevrolet Onix Plus. The Ford Ka (-79%) follows while the Toyota Hilux (-54.2%) shoots up 15 spots on March to land at a record 5th place overall, smashing its previous best of #14 hit in September 2016 and December 2018. The Fiat Toro (-68.7%) is up 8 to #6 (highest since #5 in July 2018) and the new model pushes the Chevrolet Tracker (-25.2%) up 15 ranks to #10, scoring a second consecutive ranking record and a very first Top 10 finish. Finally the Renault Duster  (-49.6%) is up 25 ranks on last month to return inside the Brazilian Top 20 (#19) for the first time since November 2016 now that the 2nd generation is available.

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Full April 2020 Top 30 brands and Top 120 models below.

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