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Italy November 2015: Fiat Tipo nameplate reappears after 20 years

Fiat Tipo Italy November 2015. Picture courtesy quattroruote.itFiat Tipo. Picture

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With detailed models data now available for Italy, we witness the reappearance of the Fiat Tipo nameplate at home for the first time since it was discontinued back in 1995. Under the 2016 Tipo nameplate hides in fact the Fiat Egea that is already a hit in Turkey where it’s manufactured (within the Top 20 in November). Pre-sales to dealerships before the official launch on December 5 lift the Tipo to #150 with 105 units, a ranking that will no doubt improve very significantly over the next few months, and then with the addition of the hatchback variant, a much more popular format in Italy, and most importantly the station wagon which should account for over half of the nameplate’s sales here.

The Tipo nameplate launched back in January 1988 in Italy and was an instant huge sales success with 22.150 units reached in March 1988 alone, 112.243 over the first six months of 1988, 217.410 over the Full Year 1988 and 262.520 in FY 1989. In December 1988 the Tipo stood at 13.8% market share at home, just below the Uno (16%). It then quickly lost steam at -29% in 1990, -33% in 1991, -7% in 1992, -30% in 1993 and -44% in 1994 to fall outside the Top 10. The Tipo was replaced in 1995 by the Bravo/Brava duo. While the 2016 Tipo has no chance of reaching the early career figures of its ancestor, this is a very significant launch for the Italian brand at home as it will test its capacity to (re)build a range aside from the Fiat 500 family.

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  1. Interesting fact: In January 1995 the Fiat Tipo was the best selling car in Brazil, with 13,298 units sold – it outsold the mighty (in sales) VW Gol, Fiat Uno and Chevrolet Corsa. The feat is even more incredible considering the Tipo was imported and a mid-size (for our standards), slotting a size and price class above the aforementioned compacts. It was a huge success in Brazil, with 169,819 units imported from 1993 to 1995 and a mere 12,570 built locally. A big hit as an import and a huge flop as a domestic. The figures are from the carplace website.

    It was my first car. My Mom had bought it new in 1995 and handed it to me in 2000, after I got my license.


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