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BestSellingCarsBlog celebrates its 4th anniversary!

Matt Savannah 2

Today marks the 4th anniversary of BestSellingCarsBlog!

On October 30th 2010, I wrote the very first article in this blog, and at the time I had absolutely no idea whether this venture would interest a dozen or a million people around the world. It was more a way for me to avoid physically writing all the monthly updates I had been painstakingly recording for the previous 20 years and a support to do it quicker and in a more thorough way. Never in my wildest dreams would I have hoped for such a success, and it’s all thanks to you readers: since creation, you have been 2.8 million unique visitors to check out the blog including just under 1 million in the past 12 months alone, overall you visited the site nearly 5 million times, viewing over 13 million pages in the process!

For the first time, I can now say that BSCB has been accessed from every single country in the world since its creation! The missing link was North Korea, but on January 12 BSCB had one visit from there, making the world map complete. On a typical day, BSCB gets accessed from around 140 countries and territories on the planet – today for example this figure is 139.

BSCB countries 2BSCB has received visitors from every country in the world since its creation.

This blog would never be what it is today without you my dear readers, so I want to thank you all very, very much for your readership, your feedback and support day after day, month after month, year after year. The list of people to thank is very long, so please be certain that whether this is your very first visit on this website or you come here every morning while drinking your coffee in the bus (I know a lot of you do), I thank you.

BSCB countries

BSCB cities

Google Analytics 1 May 2011-30 October 2014

Exploring the stats a little further, we find that the country delivering the most visits to BSCB over the period is the USA with almost 520,000 visits, followed by France (313,000), Italy (243,000), the UK (222,000) and India (just under 200,000). City-wise, the winner is Paris with 61,000 visits, ahead of London, Kuala Lumpur, Milan and Sydney.

BSCB Article #1This is the very first article I wrote on BSCB

In these 4 years I have published 5,231 articles – that’s an average of 3.6 a day (up from 3.5 last year). And if you are a regular reader, you will know that rare are the days when I don’t publish any new articles. In fact, the longest period without activity on BSCB over these 4 years was 5 days – in October 2013 – but I had a good excuse: I was exploring the Gobi desert in Mongolia. I can honestly say that running this blog has strengthened even further my passion for car sales statistics, as it enabled me to get in touch with so many of you helping make the site more thorough every day.

Kashgari man Jonway UFO A380Kashgar animal market, Western China – May 2014

Over the past year, we have added a range of new monthly updates like Belgium, Cyprus, Germany private sales, missing parts of Eastern Europe (Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova and the Republic of Macedonia) and we have welcomed China LCV, Latvia and Slovakia back into the monthly reports. All-in-all, roughly 100 countries and territories are updated each month on BSCB, with multiple updates for some – China, USA, Europe, Italy and France for example. I have also put in place a Membership program, and I want to particularly thank all of you new Premium Members of the site for supporting this venture. Without your support, updating this site every day would potentially not be possible anymore.

I have endeavoured to write more and more professional content on BSCB, and this has translated into the following:

There is more, much more to come. More strategy, more in-depth interviews, and a relentless endeavour to better understand each car market market in the world. I cannot wait for the next year to start, and welcome any feedback you have to make this site better, more useful and enjoyable for you. Once again, thank you. And happy birthday BSCB!

Matt Route 66Full size squeegee required for full size pickup – with Albert on Route 66.

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  1. Yes, congratulations. You have done something I always wanted to see, as you know. I hope you enjoy cruising through what I sent you and pick up a lot of new information. You know I’m here if any questions arise.

  2. Happy birthday BSCB!
    Just like the good wine’s getting better and better year after year!
    And I have been one of your readers since two years. And still there! 😉

  3. Well played Matt … and here’s to the next four years! You do us proud mate!
    Great site, great news and updates, great writing!
    May the coming year bring your 3rd and 4th millionth unique visitor!

    1. Thank you Frank! Glad you are enjoying the site – I’m thoroughly enjoying the praise you’re writing.

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