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New ‘Advertise on BSCB’ page on Best Selling Cars Blog

Vintage advertising for the 1958 Edsel Citation

You will notice today a new page and tab called ‘Advertise on BSCB’. As you may know with my ‘Site traffic’ updates, nearly two years after its creation, Best Selling Cars Blog now has an audience of over 80,000 unique visitors per month or 4,000 each day, composed mainly of car enthusiasts and professionals spanning the entire planet.

If you are interested in getting your brand or message across on BSCB, there are now many options available, from simple banner advertising to sponsored posts that can be tailored to any section of the site. This is why I have created a specific page for advertisers. You will see it contains a ‘Contact’ form exactly like the ‘Contact us’ tab. Please also use this page to let me know if you think anything could be done better advertising-wise on BSCB!

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