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Season’s Greetings from BestSellingCarsBlog!

BestSellingCarsBlog and I send you all our best wishes in this Holiday season, hoping you are all having a good time around the world in this end of year. I thought it would be appropriate to share with you how Santas celebrate Christmas in Australia where I live… You can watch the Aldi commercial above, created by Carlos and Laura who I would like to thank very much for all their support and encouragement this year.

Since my last Season’s Greetings, you have been more and more numerous to visit BestSellingCarsBlog month after month, with unique visitors increasing 3-fold in the space of a year to reach just under 120,000 in December 2012. Also, today BSCB is celebrating a notable milestone: 5 million page views since the creation of the site in October 2010!

So I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you who have discovered BSCB over the last year and have made it a favourite of yours, to all of you who keep coming back regularly, to all of you who have participated in the improvement of the site by sharing tips and new data and to all of you who have been following BSCB from the start.

Thank you.

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