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Best Selling Cars Blog celebrates its 2nd Year Anniversary!

The BSCB crew at the Sydney Motor Show. Dave, Shane, Matt E and good old me.

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Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of Best Selling Cars Blog! I wrote the very first post on here on 30th October 2010 and since then it has been an incredible journey, made even more fascinating by all of you readers. I want to thank in particular everyone who has participated in the building up of this blog by sharing some data, and everyone who keeps coming back for more!

Over the last few months, I have tried to make BSCB’s content richer by adding interviews (Great Wall Australia for example), detailed reports of the Sydney Motor Show, and being interviewed myself. I will continue to create more and better content for you, but please do let me know if there is a particular area of BSCB you would like to see explored further.

Cairo is the city in the world with the most visits to BSCB over the last 12 months

Since BSCB’s last anniversary (see the First Anniversary post here), you have been more and more numerous to come and check out the blog, and I want to thank you very much for it! In fact, for the first time in the history of BSCB, you will be more than 100,000 unique visitors in October alone! That’s a 208% year-on-year increase on October 2011 when you were 32,450 to visit the site.

Over the last year, you were over 750,000 unique visitors coming from 218 countries and territories – literally from everywhere around the globe! – mainly from the USA (130,099 visits), Italy (62,254), France (55,635), India (55,048) and the UK (52,280) but also from Seychelles (59), Burkina Faso (38), Guinea-Bissau and Micronesia (1 visit each)… Cities with most visits to BSCB were Cairo Egypt (15,254 visits), Paris France (15,205), Kuala Lumpur Indonesia (13,370), London UK (12,741) and Milan Italy (11,761).

Matt E proudly displaying the BSCB colours at the Sydney Motor Show

Since its creation, BSCB was mentioned and linked to by over 300 car websites around the world, and I want to thank all these sites for recognising BSCB as one of the most exhaustive free sources of car sales data around the planet. In particular, thanks to The Truth About Cars, L’Automobile Magazine, Autoblog.itAutoWeek, motor-talk.deForum-Auto, Planete,,,, Auto,, and

Do you want to be part of BSCB’s adventure?

The future is looking great, with my objective over the next 12 months being to start travelling more for BSCB to report to you from places where data is hard to obtain, get in touch with manufacturers there and make the car sales world a little more transparent, through initiatives like The Africa Project. I’m particularly interested in countries like Mongolia, Senegal or Cote d’Ivoire for example.

But for this I need to increase revenue, which brings me to my Call to you readers:
I am looking for a Sales Representative that would be able to get in touch with the main actors of the automotive industry worldwide to increase the advertising spent on BSCB. If you are interested please get in touch by filling your details in the ‘Contact Us’ tab.

So once again, a huge Thank You to all of you – looking forward to the next adventures together!

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