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Chile: 2004-2023 Historical Data now available

The Hyundai Accent was #1 in Chile in 2010

Historical Data spanning the past two decades is now available for Chile on BestSellingCarsBlog. You will find below the links to the annual articles:

Chile 2004-2005: Chevrolet Corsa on top

Chile 2006-2008: Toyota Yaris in command

Chile 7 months 2009: Hyundai Accent snaps 1st place

Chile 2010: Hyundai Accent on top

Chile 2012: Chevrolet Sail dominates for the first time

Chile 2013: Chevrolet Sail confirms top spot

Chile 2014: Chevrolet leads in market down 11%

Chile 2015: Hyundai Accent edges past Mitsubishi L200

Chile 2016: Chevrolet Sail resumes domination, Hyundai #1 brand

Chile 2017: Hyundai, Mitsubishi L200 top market up 18.1%

Chile 2018: Chevrolet reclaims #1 spot, Mitsubishi L200 stays best-seller, Chinese up 45% in record market

Chile 2019: Chevrolet and Mitsubishi L200 remain on top, MG (+55.1%), Brilliance (+30%) impress in market down -10.6%

Chile 2020: Chevrolet and Mitsubishi L200 lead, MG (+28.6%) places ZS at #3 in market off -30.6%

Chile 2021: Chery Tiggo 2 and MG ZS top market surging 60.6%

Chile 2022: Mitsubishi L200 and Maxus T60 top record market, Chinese hold 32.9% share

Chile 2023: Toyota Hilux snaps first lead in hellish market (-26.5%)

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