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World December 2012 Roundup: Has the Chinese invasion started?

The DongFeng S30 is #1 in Venezuela this month…

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Now that most December data is in, it’s time for our much anticipated World Roundup. Last month, all spotlights were on Brazil where Hyundai broke into the monthly models Top 10 for the first time with the locally-produced HB20. This month the focus is on Chinese carmakers abroad, with no less than 3 countries crowning a Chinese model this month – something the car industry had never seen before!

… while the Great Wall Steed is #1 in Bulgaria…

In Venezuela, on the back an unprecedented 4,000-unit batch specifically exported to the country, the DongFeng S30, distributed by Civetchi, takes off and gains huge 25 spots on November to take the lead of the models ranking there with 583 sales and 7.1% share! But wait there’s more: in Bulgaria, now that Great Wall has established its very first European factory in the country, the Great Wall Steed jumps to #1 in the Bulgarian models ranking thanks to a very impressive 161 sales for a 6% market share.

…and the Geely CK is #1 in Ukraine.

Finally in Ukraine, while we thought its July performance would be an exceptional one-off, the Geely CK manages to climb into the models ranking pole position once again in December thanks to an outstanding 907 sales and 4.4%, over one percentage point above the #2, the Skoda Octavia, #1 in the country over the Full Year…

BMW 1 Series

Just as its archenemy the new gen Mercedes A-Class is starting to get traction, the BMW 1 Series takes the brand into uncharted territories this month. First at home in Germany where it is up to a best-ever #2 and 3.2% share, enabling BMW to place two models in the German podium for the first time ever with the 3 Series at #3. Then in the UK where the 1 Series is up to a record 5th place after already beating its ranking record in October (#8).

BMW 3 Series

Here too BMW breaks a record as a brand, placing two models in the Top 6 (like Ford and Vauxhall!) for the first time ever in the country. As a result the BMW 3 Series manages to climb into the overall European Top 10 for the third time this year after April and June but only the 4th time in the last 4 years after December 2008, up 21% year-on-year to #8 at 15,171 units, its highest European ranking in over 5 years, since September 2007 exactly…

Dacia Sandero

Renault continues to thank the heavens for its low-cost range, kicking goals again worldwide this month: the Duster breaks into the monthly Russian Top 5 for the first time this month, the new generation Sandero is back within the French monthly Top 10 for the first time since August 2010 at #7 is also up to a record third place in Spain. The Sandero could surprise many in 2013 and rank much higher than the #11 spot I have predicted for France

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