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Switzerland Full Year 2012: Skoda Octavia & Subaru XV impress

The Subaru XV ranked #1 in Switzerland in August.

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Listen to my impressions on the 2012 Swiss car market and my predictions for 2013 during my interview on World Radio here. In 2012 new car sales in Switzerland are up 3% year-on-year to 328,139 registrations, making Switzerland one of only a few major European markets to gain ground on 2011 with the UK and Denmark. It also makes 2012 Switzerland’s 2nd best year ever after 1989.

If the models podium stays unchanged year-on-year (Golf-Octavia-Polo), it actually masks a very eventful year that we were able to follow in detail on BSCB as Switzerland became a monthly update in 2012. On paper the VW Golf stays in the lead by far with 12,413 sales and 3.8%, down 2% year-on-year. But the transition between the 6th and 7th generation was actually pretty chaotic…

The Skoda Octavia was #1 in Switzerland in September and October.

The Swiss car market went through a massive earthquake in August when the Subaru XV took the lead of the models ranking for the first time, relegating the VW Golf at #3. The XV finishes 2012 at #14. Then it was the turn of the Skoda Octavia to hop into pole position not once but twice in September and October, finishing the year at a record 10,424 sales and 3.2% share. This means the Golf was away from the #1 spot for 3 consecutive months, which potentially hasn’t happened in Switzerland in almost 20 years, since the Opel Astra ranked #1 in 1993

Mercedes C-Class

In fact, this year and possibly for the first year ever in the country, Volkswagen places 5 models in the Top 6: the Tiguan is up a huge 14 spots and 56% to #4, the Passat is down 3% to #5 and the Touran is up 4 ranks to #6. With the Skoda Octavia at #2, the VAG Group actually monopolises the Top 6. The Mercedes C-Class is also one of 2012’s stars, up a massive 15 spots and 32% to #7 with 4,391 sales and 1.3%.

Seat Alhambra

Other great performers include the Toyota Yaris up 16 ranks to #12, Nissan Qashqai up 9 to #17, BMW 3 Series up 13 to #20, Audi Q3 up 156 spots to #28 for its first full year, the VW Up! landing directly at #33 and peaking at #5 in December, Audi A6 up 30 to #36, Opel Zafira up 32 to #38, Range Rover Evoque up 125 to #40 and breaking into the Top 20 in March and the Seat Alhambra up 82% and 41 ranks to #43.

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