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Switzerland 2007: Golf, 3 Series and Octavia on podium

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The Swiss car market is up 6% in 2007 at 284,674 registrations, and the best-seller title goes once again to the VW Golf, however losing a little bit of ground at -2% and 8,997 sales and 3.2% share. At #2, the BMW 3 Series goes from strength to strength and improves vastly on an already impressive 2006 figure: it is up 19% at 7,414 sales and 2.6%.

The Skoda Octavia climbs onto the podium for the first time in Switzerland, up 12% at 6,156 sales (2.2%). It is followed by the Audi A4 (2.1%) and the VW Touran (2%) again very solid in 5th. For its first full year of sales, the Peugeot 207 breaks into the Top 10 at #6 with 5,496 sales and the Opel Corsa new generation gains 9 spots at #8.

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Full Year 2007 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Switzerland Full Year 2007:

1VW Golf, Golf Plus8,9973.2%-2%9,1463.4%1
2BMW 3 Series7,4142.6%19%6,2222.3%2
3Skoda Octavia6,1562.2%12%5,5082.0%5
4Audi A45,8972.1%-3%6,0882.3%3
5VW Touran5,7232.0%19%4,8241.8%7
6Peugeot 2075,4961.9%144%2,2560.8%32
7VW Passat5,4611.9%-9%6,0222.2%4
8Opel Corsa4,9491.7%60%3,0861.1%17
9VW Polo4,9121.7%8%4,5501.7%8
10Opel Astra4,6551.6%-12%5,3052.0%6
11Audi A34,3201.5%11%3,8971.4%11
12Toyota Yaris4,0421.4%-3%4,1631.5%10
14Opel Zafira3,4491.2%-22%4,4121.6%9
15Fiat Punto, Grande Punto3,3221.2%0%3,3351.2%16
16Fiat Panda3,2581.1%10%2,9691.1%22
17Ford Focus3,2551.1%-9%3,5741.3%13
18Opel Meriva3,1591.1%
19Peugeot 3073,0911.1%-16%3,6681.4%12
20Renault Clio3,0891.1%-10%3,4431.3%14
21Honda Jazz2,9841.0%0%2,9931.1%18
22Suzuki Swift2,8681.0%53%1,8790.7%43
23Audi A62,8481.0%-5%2,9881.1%19
24Subaru Impreza2,8381.0%29%2,2070.8%33
25Renault Scenic2,7381.0%6%2,5861.0%25
26BMW 1 Series2,6740.9%
27Ford Fiesta2,5290.9%-10%2,8041.0%22
28BMW 5 Series2,5120.9%6%2,3650.9%29
29Smart Fortwo2,4970.9%36%1,8420.7%46
30Nissan Qashqai2,4770.9%
31Toyota Auris2,4730.9%
32Honda CR-V2,3870.8%
33Honda Civic2,3790.8%14%2,0930.8%36
34Renault Megane2,3330.8%-30%3,3561.2%15
35Mercedes A Class2,2540.8%-10%2,5020.9%26
36Mercedes C Class2,2330.8%16%1,9180.7%42
37Volvo S40/V502,2100.8%-24%2,9051.1%21
39Toyota Corolla Verso2,1860.8%-7%2,3400.9%31
40Toyota Rav42,1430.8%-13%2,4680.9%27
41Toyota Aygo2,0540.7%0%2,0550.8%38
42Alfa Romeo 1592,0490.7%12%1,8250.7%47
43Mercedes E Class2,0080.7%3%1,9560.7%41
44Citroen C4 Picasso1,9790.7%
45Mitsubishi Colt1,9400.7%
46BMW X31,9270.7%
48Seat Ibiza1,8760.7%-5%1,9750.7%40
49Seat Leon1,8730.7%
50Toyota Prius1,8700.7%
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