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Germany April 2012: BMW 3 Series at highest in 4 years UPDATED

BMW 3 Series

* NOW UPDATED AGAIN with the Top 308 best-selling models! Click on title to see *

Car sales in Germany are up a solid 3% year-on-year in April at 274,066 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,047,702 units, up 2% on 2011. No surprise in pole position: the VW Golf dominates as usual with 22,457 sales and 8.2% share, however there is a nice surprise for BMW in 2nd place: boosted by the new generation launched late last year and now widespread in dealerships around the country, the Series 3 sells 7,907 units for an excellent 2.9% share, its first time at #2 since December 2008! It is also the first time since June 2011 that Volkswagen doesn’t place a model in both #1 and #2 in Germany.

2012 Audi A3

The 3 Series’ formidable month means the Passat and Polo are kicked down to #3 and #4 respectively, while the Opel Astra and Mercedes C-Class resist at #5 and #6. Very strong month for the Audi A3 up 14 spots on March to #7, its highest ranking since December 2010, and for the Audi A6/A7 back up inside the Top 10 for the third time this year at #8. At #9, the VW Tiguan maintains itself in the Top 10 for the 4th consecutive month whereas it had only managed to break into it twice before in the nameplate’s 4 years life – in January and February 2011!

Audi Q3

Robust showings for the Mercedes B-Class up to #12, the VW Up! equalling its best-ever ranking at #22, the Audi Q3 reaching a best-ever #35 and the Fiat Panda up 23 spots on March thanks to the new generation. It’s a very chauvinistic month for German car sales: if we consider Skoda and Seat ‘German’ (I know this is controversial, but bear with me), there is only 4 ‘true’ foreign models in the Top 40: the Fiat Ducato at a very unusual #28, the Hyundai i30 at #31, the Renault Twingo at #36 and Megane at #39…

Infiniti FX

Further down, notice the Peugeot 208 up 79 spots to #68, the Mazda CX-5 up 28 to #77, the VW Beetle up 30 to #122, the Seat Mii up 129 ranks to #148 and the Infiniti FX up 62 to #163.

Previous month: Germany March 2012: Polo above 10,000 units, BMW 1 Series #5

One year ago: Germany April 2011: VW Golf stronger

Full April 2012 Top 308 Ranking Table below.

Germany April 2012:

1VW Golf/Plus/Jetta22,4578.2%185,4988.2%11
2BMW 3er7,9072.9%820,6222.0%67
3VW Passat7,8492.9%330,4812.9%32
4VW Polo6,4542.4%230,7932.9%23
5Opel Astra6,1982.3%424,0352.3%44
6Mercedes C-Klasse5,9622.2%623,0762.2%55
7Audi A35,1381.9%2115,4721.5%1814
8Audi A6, A75,1191.9%1119,6381.9%718
9VW Tiguan4,9501.8%719,3271.8%819
10BMW 1er4,7241.7%518,2481.7%915
11VW Touran4,6611.7%1218,0631.7%1012
12Mercedes B-Klasse4,6501.7%1617,4141.7%1228
13Mercedes E-Klasse4,5301.7%1816,1921.5%158
14Ford Fiesta4,4451.6%916,5231.6%1413
15Ford Focus4,2241.5%1317,7071.7%119
16Audi A44,2101.5%2013,2431.3%2011
17Opel Corsa4,1891.5%1017,2831.6%136
18Skoda Octavia4,0111.5%1715,9121.5%1617
19Skoda Fabia3,9951.5%1415,1091.4%1916
20BMW 5er3,9561.4%1915,7031.5%1710
22Mercedes A-Klasse3,6821.3%3210,6171.0%2820
23VW Up!3,6691.3%2311,7351.1%23140
24Smart Fortwo3,4711.3%3810,6331.0%2729
25VW Caddy3,4381.3%3610,0291.0%2923
26Opel Zafira3,0911.1%2411,4151.1%2547
27VW Transporter3,0001.1%2712,3101.2%2224
28Fiat Ducato2,6831.0%357,0950.7%4557
29Ford C-Max2,5880.9%289,6040.9%3133
30Audi A52,5600.9%398,0920.8%3738
31Hyundai i302,5460.9%2611,5361.1%2426
32Audi A12,4260.9%339,1570.9%3230
33BMW X32,3990.9%348,5670.8%3544
34Opel Meriva2,3630.9%428,6720.8%3421
35Audi Q32,3460.9%437,5800.7%39153
36Renault Twingo2,1320.8%407,3870.7%4141
37BMW X12,1250.8%318,7620.8%3325
38Seat Ibiza2,0310.7%259,7740.9%3032
39Renault Mégane1,9860.7%378,1960.8%3631
40Skoda Yeti1,9850.7%447,1280.7%4348
41Ford Mondeo1,9410.7%487,1250.7%4437
42Nissan Qashqai1,7970.7%1510,9451.0%2627
43Dacia Duster1,7830.7%466,6640.6%4735
44Toyota Yaris1,7250.6%307,9050.8%3846
45Opel Insignia1,7070.6%547,1890.7%4234
46Renault Clio1,7040.6%297,4530.7%4045
47Audi Q51,5820.6%516,0610.6%5142
48VW Sharan1,5640.6%456,1790.6%4940
49Fiat Panda1,5240.6%724,8410.5%5954
50Renault Scénic1,4860.5%476,0620.6%5043
51Ford Kuga1,4690.5%416,8010.6%4650
52Fiat 5001,4380.5%526,5530.6%4851
53Hyundai ix351,4240.5%575,8450.6%5361
54Peugeot 2071,3820.5%496,0120.6%5236
55Ford S-Max1,3660.5%685,2710.5%5555
56Skoda Superb1,3650.5%565,5520.5%5452
57Hyundai i101,2770.5%594,8960.5%5859
58Mercedes SLK1,2380.5%823,3760.3%8088
59Seat Leon/Altea1,2350.5%605,1160.5%5749
60Hyundai i201,2290.4%555,1770.5%5664
61Peugeot 3081,2290.4%634,7410.5%6056
62Citroen C41,1720.4%624,5970.4%6153
63Kia Cee’d1,1550.4%893,8430.4%7381
64Mercedes GLK1,0950.4%644,4870.4%6258
65Volvo XC601,0870.4%1003,6150.3%7482
66Dacia Sandero1,0670.4%794,3760.4%6470
67VW Touareg1,0610.4%873,3310.3%8377
68Peugeot 2081,0320.4%1471,4040.1%137 –
69Skoda Roomster1,0190.4%674,0760.4%6765
70Fiat Punto1,0150.4%773,9790.4%7039
71Mercedes ML-Klasse1,0090.4%764,3830.4%63104
72Mercedes Viano1,0060.4%863,5360.3%7767
73Peugeot 5089890.4%942,9620.3%9192
74Honda Jazz9800.4%803,3100.3%8563
75Citroen C39710.4%744,3680.4%6569
76Kia Sportage9090.3%883,4980.3%7985
77Mazda CX-58850.3%1051,9320.2%116 –
78Chevrolet Spark8780.3%753,3730.3%8162
79Suzuki Swift8580.3%1023,3240.3%8473
80Toyota Avensis8310.3%733,2970.3%8686
81Citroen Berlingo8040.3%584,2560.4%6671
82BMW X57700.3%982,7170.3%9780
83Porsche 9117420.3%912,5290.2%101109
84Hyundai i407280.3%902,1690.2%106187
85Porsche Cayenne7210.3%992,7650.3%95114
86Hyundai ix207160.3%1062,8050.3%9493
87Kia Picanto7150.3%972,7620.3%96107
88Volvo S/V607080.3%1012,8310.3%9374
89Toyota Aygo7020.3%713,2730.3%8766
90Kia Rio6950.3%844,0450.4%68135
91Ford Transit, Tourneo6790.2%783,3730.3%8279
92Mitsubishi Colt6670.2%853,0490.3%8983
93Mitsubishi ASX6560.2%923,2110.3%8878
94Volvo V506550.2%1071,9540.2%114145
95Ford Ka6520.2%693,5890.3%7575
96Citroen C16370.2%1302,6100.2%9984
97Toyota Auris6270.2%503,8500.4%7260
98Dacia Logan6260.2%1032,6340.3%98103
99Chevrolet Cruze6260.2%1291,7480.2%122134
100Seat Alhambra6220.2%1082,3660.2%104117
102Ford Galaxy6200.2%1102,3820.2%10295
103Nissan Micra6170.2%703,8920.4%7168
104Audi TT6090.2%1201,6110.2%129116
105VW Eos6080.2%1131,6370.2%127110
106Peugeot 50086060.2%1401,5920.2%131115
107Nissan Juke5900.2%663,5010.3%7876
108VW Scirocco5730.2%1311,6190.2%128102
109Suzuki SX45680.2%1212,0860.2%11098
110Toyota Verso5590.2%812,9070.3%92100
112Peugeot 206+5190.2%1122,3720.2%10387
113Peugeot 30085190.2%1091,9760.2%113105
114Mercedes Vito5170.2%1112,1300.2%107106
115Chevrolet Orlando5060.2%1261,8280.2%118139
116Chevrolet Captiva5030.2%1571,5630.1%132152
117Mercedes S-Klasse5030.2%1581,2290.1%149127
118BMW X64960.2%1481,3900.1%139133
119Citroen DS34950.2%1191,9980.2%111108
120Honda Civic4750.2%1341,3740.1%14094
121Renault Kangoo4740.2%1042,6070.2%10099
122VW Beetle4720.2%1521,4140.1%136192
123Range Rover Evoque4640.2%1181,7870.2%119201
124Kia Venga4510.2%1171,7830.2%12097
125BMW Z44510.2%1241,7290.2%124131
127Alfa Romeo Giulietta4160.2%1141,9410.2%115111
128Mercedes SL-Klasse4100.1%1837030.1%173228
129Suzuki Grand Vitara4020.1%1441,5360.1%133129
130Honda CR-V4000.1%1161,9830.2%112118
131Citroen C53940.1%1281,7200.2%126119
132Toyota Verso-S3860.1%932,1000.2%108124
133Nissan Note3680.1%951,7460.2%123120
134Suzuki Jimny3670.1%1371,7270.2%125136
135Renault Modus3650.1%1251,4270.1%135123
136Suzuki Splash3600.1%1541,2470.1%148154
137Mercedes CLS3560.1%1461,2560.1%144112
138Audi Q73480.1%1421,1280.1%152132
139Peugeot Partner3450.1%1331,3940.1%138137
140Toyota RAV43370.1%832,2810.2%10596
141Porsche Panamera3350.1%1361,4430.1%134148
142Opel Combo3270.1%2001,2520.1%147235
143Chevrolet Aveo3260.1%1591,2760.1%141126
144Renault Laguna3260.1%1411,2550.1%146125
145Audi A83220.1%1451,2720.1%142128
146Seat Exeo3200.1%1151,8770.2%117113
148Seat Mii3130.1%2773330.0%215322
149Opel Agila3090.1%1629190.1%160138
150Peugeot 1073050.1%1271,6060.2%130121
151Citroen DS43050.1%1561,0790.1%155159
152Subaru Forester3010.1%1231,7740.2%121149
153Mercedes Sprinter2960.1%1551,0830.1%154147
154Volvo V702860.1%1491,1840.1%151144
155Opel Antara2810.1%1708010.1%162183
156Jeep Grand Cherokee2760.1%1798710.1%161191
157Opel Vivaro2730.1%1391,2560.1%145142
158Mazda MX-52650.1%1381,0070.1%159158
159Fiat Freemont2410.1%1601,0530.1%158205
160Mitsubishi Outlander2400.1%1431,2090.1%150130
161Kia Sorento2230.1%1631,0980.1%153150
162Citroen DS52150.1%1887480.1%166293
163Infiniti FX2150.1%2253610.0%207227
164Peugeot RCZ2120.1%1647970.1%163162
165BMW 6er2080.1%1531,0550.1%157182
166Suzuki Alto2070.1%1221,0700.1%156143
167Nissan NV2002050.1%1687410.1%168168
168Toyota Prius1910.1%1507200.1%172170
169VW Phaeton1810.1%1787550.1%164161
170Renault Trafic1800.1%1717380.1%169160
171BMW 7er1750.1%1611,2670.1%143122
172Jeep Wrangler1680.1%1737350.1%170196
173Alfa Romeo MiTo1650.1%1756990.1%174164
174Mitsubishi Lancer1630.1%1727350.1%171146
175Fiat Doblo1630.1%2015880.1%190157
176Toyota Land Cruiser1580.1%1676870.1%176172
177Mitsubishi Pajero1520.1%1906470.1%181176
178Honda Accord1490.1%1746670.1%177155
179Lancia Ypsilon1490.1%1986450.1%182202
180Citroen Jumper1450.1%1894320.0%201212
181Hyundai Santa Fe1420.1%1946080.1%187173
182Volvo XC701370.0%2134590.0%196195
183Ford Fusion1360.0%1696960.1%175141
184Porsche Boxster, Cayman1360.0%1855390.1%193165
185Nissan X-Trail1340.0%1875980.1%188178
186Renault Espace1330.0%1916250.1%185171
187Hyundai H1-Starex1280.0%2054580.0%197193
188Hyundai Coupé1280.0%2482530.0%223234
189Range Rover Sport1260.0%1807460.1%167177
190Renault Koleos1260.0%1766260.1%184167
191Opel Ampera1160.0%2073670.0%206262
192Volvo XC901140.0%1846660.1%178163
193Toyota iQ1110.0%1666400.1%183174
194VW Crafter1110.0%2153550.0%210203
195Land Rover Discovery1100.0%1975640.1%192194
196Mazda CX-71050.0%1966650.1%179151
197Jeep Compass1050.0%2144340.0%200211
198Mercedes G-Klasse1010.0%2094180.0%202197
199Jaguar XF990.0%1327540.1%165175
200Lada Niva990.0%2034570.0%198181
201Audi R8960.0%2112680.0%219232
202Volvo C30940.0%1934980.0%195186
203Fiat Fiorino940.0%2213850.0%203179
204Mercedes SLS AMG930.0%2023520.0%212206
205Fiat Sedici930.0%2292630.0%221184
206Volvo C70890.0%2530.0%224220
207Nissan Pixo870.0%1776600.1%180156
208Subaru XV850.0%1925020.0%194 –
209Citroen C-Zero850.0%2401630.0%240268
210Kia Soul830.0%2223510.0%213198
211Peugeot Boxer820.0%2202500.0%225221
212Skoda Citigo800.0%1813790.0%205318
213Fiat Ulysse, Scudo790.0%2272270.0%229204
214Mercedes R-Klasse780.0%2183610.0%208166
215Range Rover780.0%2083570.0%209213
216Lexus CT770.0%1656220.1%186188
217Subaru Legacy760.0%1515680.1%191210
218Land Rover Freelander760.0%1824480.0%199189
219Lancia Voyager760.0%2242710.0%218270
220Renault Wind720.0%1863800.0%204169
221Nissan Pathfinder700.0%1953450.0%214209
222Ferrari 458 Italia690.0%2172310.0%228247
223Hyundai Veloster680.0%1355900.1%189217
224Mercedes GL-Klasse670.0%2231940.0%232199
225Alfa Romeo 159, Brera600.0%2262800.0%217180
226Kia Optima600.0%2102650.0%220 –
227Fiat Bravo580.0%2163250.0%216190
228Citroen Jumpy570.0%2123520.0%211207
229Suzuki Kizashi570.0%2381960.0%231216
230Lancia Delta560.0%2312010.0%230226
231Chevrolet Camaro530.0%2421590.0%242305
232Nissan 370Z510.0%1992610.0%222240
233Nissan Leaf510.0%2331350.0%251321
234Hyundai ix55460.0%2521660.0%238238
235Citroen C-Crosser460.0%2611380.0%248236
236Volvo S40460.0%2531360.0%250259
237Peugeot Expert440.0%2361890.0%235223
238Renault Fluence430.0%2301930.0%233218
239Lexus RX420.0%2192380.0%227222
240SsangYong Actyon, Korando400.0%2451440.0%247257
241Subaru Trezia390.0%2042420.0%226214
242Peugeot 807390.0%2471510.0%244225
243Volvo S80370.0%2541140.0%259249
244Lancia Musa360.0%2501370.0%249253
245Renault Master350.0%2281840.0%236261
246Daihatsu Cuore350.0%2461250.0%253200
247Jaguar XK320.0%2061900.0%234231
248Citroen C8320.0%2491670.0%237229
249Daihatsu Terios310.0%2371640.0%239215
250Honda CR-Z310.0%2651590.0%241219
251Jaguar XJ300.0%2391470.0%245230
252Iveco Daily300.0%2351330.0%252245
253Bentley Continental300.0%2591170.0%255264
254Nissan Murano270.0%2411540.0%243239
255Honda Insight270.0%2441210.0%254269
256Peugeot Bipper260.0%2431140.0%258258
257Daihatsu Sirion220.0%2511000.0%261185
258Maserati GranTurismo220.0%258800.0%265263
259Opel Movano220.0%263780.0%266284
260Mercedes CL-Klasse220.0%274650.0%270246
261Peugeot 4007210.0%2601140.0%257237
262Citroen Nemo200.0%268840.0%264243
263Nissan GT-R200.0%255700.0%268282
264Ferrari California190.0%264530.0%274271
265Peugeot iOn180.0%234910.0%263267
266Subaru Impreza170.0%257960.0%262208
267Lancia Thema170.0%266660.0%269285
268Aston Martin V8170.0%262640.0%271273
269Renault Latitude170.0%281620.0%272265
270Ferrari FF170.0%279570.0%273n/a
271Infiniti M150.0%2781030.0%260266
272Lexus IS130.0%2321160.0%256241
273Alpina D5120.0%n/a300.0%283n/a
274Mitsubishi i-Miev120.0%296250.0%288224
275Kia Carens110.0%256720.0%267233
276Alpina D3100.0%280430.0%276283
277Cadillac Escalade100.0%287350.0%278289
278Wiesmann Roadster100.0%271320.0%282288
279Morgan 4/4100.0%n/a200.0%293287
280Nissan Primastar90.0%275420.0%277274
281Saab 9-390.0%292220.0%290248
282Dacia Lodgy90.0%n/a90.0%306 –
283Infiniti G3780.0%284230.0%289n/a
284Alpina B580.0%n/a100.0%305n/a
285Toyota Urban Cruiser70.0%269490.0%275251
286Lamborghini Gallardo70.0%273320.0%281295
287Lada 217070.0%282270.0%285n/a
288SsangYong Rexton70.0%299260.0%287297
289Lamborghini Aventador70.0%283200.0%292323
291Alpina B360.0%295140.0%296277
292Aston Martin Virage60.0%301130.0%299n/a
293Rolls-Royce Ghost50.0%302110.0%303301
294Cadillac CTS40.0%288280.0%284n/a
295Citroen C640.0%291200.0%291294
296Lotus Elise40.0%294130.0%298308
297VW Fox30.0%2671440.0%246101
298Lada 111830.0%289180.0%294286
299Wiesmann GT30.0%31140.0%314n/a
300Infiniti EX30D20.0%270260.0%286300
301Aston Martin DBS20.0%290160.0%295298
302Dodge Nitro20.0%286130.0%297299
303Aston Martin V1220.0%297110.0%302n/a
304Bentley Mulsanne20.0%30870.0%308n/a
305Aston Martin DB920.0%30460.0%309296
306Lexus LS20.0% –60.0%310309
307Mercedes SLR10.0% –10.0%323312
308Lamborghini Murcielago10.0% –10.0%324n/a


This Post Has 32 Comments
  1. @Steam
    People in Portugal live for their cars!! Their cars are more important than their children or home, believe it or not. People are quite narrow minded and like to exibit cars to others… vanity is huge…

  2. Lucky hairdressers from Portugal. Obviously they still can afford expensive cars. In Germany usually hairdressers have cheaper cars so may be the second or fourth REICH will be in Portugal … 😉

  3. @tuga
    Each one has them points of views and we must respect them. Mercedes is regarded in Portugal a long time ago as a “nouveau rich car” and everybody ( portuguese people )knows that. Audi is pointed as new rich car and Bmw is more sportier mainly the Series 1, the most economical model and affordable from this marque. In the eighties, my father had a Mercedes 190E and an Audi 80S and even in that time these cars were typical ” nouveau riche cars”. My father was never a “noveau riche”, his fortune runned in the family and work, but he, himself considerated these cars mainly the Mercedes as a nouveau rich car. Mercedes, mainly the SL, CL, SLK, E Coupé, sls, cls are connected as nouveau rich. Footbal players, pimps singers, hairdressers… all have Mercedes, Bmw´s and Audis. I´m not saying theses marques are bad but they are certainly cars proper of “nouveau rich”.

  4. As usual, Miguels views ( or as he likes to call them, facts, followed by several exclamation marks ) on Portuguese brands are his views alone. Lexus is mostly ignored by most Portuguese people ( not that many people even know what they are ), and Audi, BMW and Mercedes are all very well regarded ( probably too well ), with MB being seen as an ” older ” brand ( like in most countries ).

    And no, i’m not nouveau riche and will not, in fact, welcome our supposed new second reich overlords. ( and come on… a second reich after the third one, now THAT would be interesting )

  5. Hey, Mazda CX-5 is coming up (885 sales). It is already the best selling japanese SUV behind topseller Nissan Qahqai.

  6. A pimp female singer called Agata and quite bad regarded ( laughs ) here in Portugal, drives a pink Mercedes Coupé E with spark mettalic blue stipes in the top and bonnet. A famous hairdresser called Isabel Queiroz do Vale, typical 100% nouveau rich, drives an Audi A5 Coupé and has a TT too both in orange… is simply horrible!

  7. @TheK
    … pimps, footbal players, new rich, hairdressers, drives Mercedes SL and SLK, Audis TT, A4, Bettles and Eos in my country. Pity do not have pictures with me to show you!

  8. Miguel :
    Marques with expensive models with glamour and some class are Lexus, jaguar and Infinity.

    Foreign premium brands are often seen as “not really premium” (the Japanese) or as “cars driven by pimps” (Jaguar and Cadillac) by average people. If you ask car enthusiasts, things are more positive esp. for Jaguar (tradition and sports cars) and Lexus (hybrid technology).

  9. I miss the E-Cabriolet/Coupé in the list! The numbers given here are just for the sedan and the station wagon.

    1. Thanks for the pick-up JLKN, the ranking has now been updated with full sales of the E Class. KBA only publishes split data so I had to update it with full figures from Auto Bild.

  10. @Miguel
    … yes

    Miguel :@TheK Thek, in my country, Portugal, Mercedes is typical nouveau rich car! …… Marques with expensive models with glamour and some class are Lexus, jaguar and Infinity.


    .. yes, contrary to … let’s say FORD ! 🙂

  11. @TheK
    Thek, in my country, Portugal, Mercedes is typical nouveau rich car! Everybody who gets some money and became rich, buys a Mercedes or Audi too. That´s why theses marques are not very well regarded here.
    Marques with expensive models with glamour and some class are Lexus, jaguar and Infinity.

  12. Miguel :The first 16 cars on the top are Germa build. That´s why the German economical situation is better and better each day. Some day will have a second REICH!!

    At the moment the economical situation in Germany is quite positive, but can this go on,if this is based on credtis? If the clients cannot afford german products? May be asian and american markets absorb a lot of german exports in these days, but who knows the future? Basically the economical situation in one country depends on the situation in others.

    PS: Most Astras are built in Gliwice or Ellesmere Port as far as I know.

  13. @Miguel
    Nop, the “nouveau rich” is Audi. Mercedes-Benz has very conservative customers. The company is known as having invented the car and for extreme good durability (30 years is no age for a “Daimler”).

    As it’s common to use cars to show your social stand in Germany, many people buy expensive looking cars with very few features – that’s why a BMW 5 series with manual transmission and a 180 hp diesel engine is a common setup. Many foreign companies still have a lot of trouble to adapt to this.

  14. The first 16 cars on the top are Germa build. That´s why the German economical situation is better and better each day. Some day will have a second REICH!!

  15. jjj :Interesting is that there is only one not-German car in TOP30 in April (Fiat Ducato) (skoda is vw group brand). Similar situation is on Japanese market but there the top 30 is all japanese cars

    jjj :Interesting is that there is only one not-German car in TOP30 in April (Fiat Ducato) (skoda is vw group brand). Similar situation is on Japanese market but there the top 30 is all japanese cars

    By this logic Ford- and Opel-models are import-cars because the brands are owned by american companys. So there are six more import-models in the top-30: Astra, Corsa, Zafira, Fiesta, Focus and C-Max. 😉

  16. @TheK

    Actually they don’t. BMW’s market-share in 2011 (jan – dec) was 8,1 %. in the first 4 months of 2012 it dropped to 7,7 % (bmw-brand only, without mini).

  17. @jjj
    That’s normal in German market – even though the Hyundai i30 is normally solid in the top 30, but they had a hole in April, as the new generation just starts.

  18. Interesting is that there is only one not-German car in TOP30 in April (Fiat Ducato) (skoda is vw group brand). Similar situation is on Japanese market but there the top 30 is all japanese cars

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