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West Germany 1990: Golf and Kadett dominate, Vectra up

VW Golf

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Healthy car market for West Germany’s last year before the reunification, up 7% to 3,040,784 units. The podium is unchanged, with the VW Golf leading the way with a very imposing sales figure of 330,420 units or 10.9% share, followed by the Opel Kadett at 227,002 sales and 7.5% and the VW Passat at 144,238 units and 4.7%.

Opel Vectra

Just below and up one spot on 1989, the Opel Vectra sells 143,380 units (4.7%), ahead of the Mercedes 200/300 (4.5%) and Audi 80 (3.7%). The BMW 5 Series breaks into the Top 10 for the very first time while the Renault 19 becomes Germany’s best-selling foreign model at #16 with 52,674 sales (1.7%). It is followed by the Fiat Uno at #17, the Toyota Corolla at #18, the Mazda 323 at #19 and the Peugeot 205 at #20. That’s 5 foreign models in the Top 20, their strongest showing in a long while…

Finally, notice the VW Beetle selling 96 units for its 45th and last year in the German ranking… So long!

Full Top 100 Ranking Table below.

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