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Russia 1999: Russian carmakers hold 94% share, Lada at 62.8% and Riva #1

The Lada Riva holds 27.1% of the Russian market in 1999.

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Thanks to sales soaring 18.2% year-on-year, the Russian market edges past the one million annual mark for the third time in the past 15 years, establishing a new record at 1.104.575 registrations. Previous bests were 1.103.972 in 1997 and 1.035.663 in 1985. Lada completely obliterates its home market with a 62.8% share thanks to almost 700.000 sales, followed at a distance by GAZ at 19.5%, UAZ at 7.2% and Moskvich at 2.7%. Adding IZH (1.3%) and a couple other minor players, Russian carmakers hold 93.7% of their home market in 1999, with imports only representing 4.4% of this year’s sales (2.1% are unidentified). Daewoo, imported from Uzbekistan, is by far the most popular foreign carmaker at #4 with 18.400 sales ahead of Toyota at 4.200 and Volkswagen at 3.600.

The GAZ Volga 3110 ranks 3rd in 1999 with over 10% of the market.

Model-wise, all iterations of the Lada 2100 (2102, 2103, 2104, etc) are grouped under the “Riva” nameplate which holds 27.1% of its home market with just under 300.000 sales for the year. The Lada Samara follows at 17.2% while the GAZ Volga 3110 (10.1%) prevents Lada from monopolising the podium as the Lada 2110 is 4th with 9.7% and the GAZ Gazelle rounds up the Top 5 at 8.2%. Notice also the UAZ Hunter at #8 and the Moskvich Aleko II at #9. The Daewoo Nexia (#13) is the best-selling import by far at #13 and 1% share, distancing the Daewoo Espero (#16), Skoda Octavia (#17), Toyota Land Cruiser 100 (#19) and VW Passat (#20).

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