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Russia 1996-1998: Lada Riva, Samara and 110 likely on top

Lada 112. Picture by

* Now updated with detailed foreign models sales *

A third popular model is added to the Lada range in 1996: the Lada 110 sedan, declined in station wagon (called 111) in 1998 and in hatchback (called 112) in 2000. In all likeliness, the Lada 110 Series would feature on the Russian car sales podium during the period, alongside veterans Lada Riva and Lada Samara.

Lada Samara. Picture by

It is unclear which of the three was leader, as here again, I could find no official car sales data for the period. So if you have any access to relevant data please do let me know! More info on the Lada 110 Series here.

Daewoo Nexia (aka Cielo)

As far as imports are concerned, they mushroomed over the period, going from 17,000 in 1995 to 31,500 in 1996 to 110,500 in 2002. The Daewoo Nexia, imported from Uzbekistan, dominates the ranking by far, lodging sales above 9,000 annual units for each year between 1997 and 2001 and peaking at 12,500 in 2000.

Daewoo Espero

The only models to come close are the Skoda Felicia at 8,640 units in ’97, the Daewoo Espero at 8,000 in ’97, the Skoda Octavia at 4,928 in ’01 and the Skoda Fabia at 3,463 in ’01. Notice also the Ford Escort at #3 in ’96, the Toyota Land Cruiser at #3 in ’99, the Nissan Almera at #4 in ’98 and ’99, the Mitsubishi Carisma at #5 in ’99, the VW Passat at #3 in ’00 and the Renault Clio Symbol at #5 in ’01.

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Imports – Full Year 1996 to 1998 Ranking Tables below.

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