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Thailand 1992-1994: Isuzu Faster Z dominates, market up 83.5%

The Isuzu Faster Z tops the Thai sales charts over the period.

In 1992, Thai new vehicle sales surge 37% to 338.267 units. Toyota (+25.2%) drops to 28.3% share ahead of Nissan (+15.7%) holding onto the #2 spot off Isuzu (+27.9%) for just 46 sales. Mitsubishi (+42.5%), Mazda (+59.6%) and Honda (+79.7%) follow, while Ford (+7617%), Daihatsu (+3856%), Suzuki (+1307%), Mercedes (+135.6%) and BMW (+101.5%) all post spectacular gains. Hyundai lands directly at #8. Over in the models ranking, the Isuzu Faster Z (+29.8%) surges to the lead ahead of its archenemy the Toyota Hilux (+18.1%) while the Nissan Big M (+5.5%) remains in 3rd place. The Toyota Corolla (+62.3%) jumps to #4, knocking the Mitsubishi L200 (-4.6%) down to #5 while the Honda Civic (+132.9%) breaks into the Top 10 at #6.

The market continues to gallop ahead in 1993 at +27.6% to 431.550 units, with Toyota (+25.4%) still at the helm of the brands charts with 27.8% share, Isuzu (+20%) back to 2nd place at 17.6% above Nissan (+13.2%), Mitsubishi (+54%) and Mazda (+24.2%). Mercedes (+75.2%), Hyundai (+61.7%), Volvo (+50.3%) and BMW (+49.1%) also shine in the Top 10. The Isuzu Faster Z (+21.4%) maintains a comfortable lead above the Toyota Hilux (+21.8%) of about 4.600 sales vs. under 4.000 in 1992. The Nissan Big M (+11.6%), Toyota Corolla (+38.4%) and Mitsubishi L200 (+38.3%) complete a Top 5 unchanged on last year. The Mitsubishi Lancer (+172.2%) and Nissan Sentra (+146.2%) post the largest gains in the Top 10.

In 1994, new vehicle sales in Thailand edge up 5% to 453.209, with Toyota (+5.6%) roughly following the market to 27.9% share, topping an unchanged Top 4 composed of Isuzu (+15.8%), Nissan (-9.3%) and Mitsubishi (-4.6%). Honda (+22.1%), BMW (+11.1%) and Opel (+366.9%) make themselves noticed in the remainder of the Top 10. Model-wise, the Isuzu Faster Z (+15.2%) celebrates three consecutive years on top, outselling the Toyota Hilux (+15.4%) by just under 5.200 sales. The Nissan Big M (+25.4%) confirms it is the third choice of Thai buyers while the Mitsubishi L200 (+8.3%) climbs back up to #4 for an all-pickup ranking. The Toyota Corolla (-13.5%) remains the most popular car above the Honda Civic (+13%).

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Full Year 1992, 1993 and 1994 Top 30 All-brands and Top 115 All-models vs. previous years figures below.

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