China 2005: Tianjin Xiali and Hyundai Elantra take the lead

Tianjin Xiali

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After consolidating its growth in 2004 at +8%, the Chinese car market is back to extravagant expansion: +23% this year to reach 2.77 million units. New legislation to contain sales growth by restricting car credit has the effect of reshuffling the models ranking entirely, bringing to an end two decades of Volkswagen domination…

The disputed fight for the first place goes on all year between the Hyundai Elantra and the Tianjin Xiali, based on the Daihatsu Charade and facelifted at mid-year. The Xiali finishes the year #1 with 179,681 sales and 6.5% of the market, up 56% and the Hyundai Elantra is #2 at 176,589 units (6.4%), up 72%.

The Buick Excelle gains 3 spots to climb onto the podium at 150,859 sales (5.4%), up 64%, ahead of ex-leader the VW Jetta, #4 with sales down 8%. The Chery QQ is the best new entrant in the Top 10 in 5th place with 115,980 sales. The Honda Accord at #6 (+4%) and VW Santana at #7 (-30%) suffer from the new legislation.

Note the Nissan Tiida, launched in March, is already #1 in September with over 13,700 units sold. It finishes the year in 18th position at 55,548 sales.

Full Top 50 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Chery QQ picture.

Chery QQ

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Russia 2005: Lada Samara holds onto pole position

Lada Samara

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I only have official figures for the first 8 months of the year in Russia, so if you have more complete data please make sure to get in touch!

Over the period, the Lada Samara is the most popular car in Russia with 140,189 sales and a very strong 16.8% share. The Lada 2104-7 gains one place and comes in at #2 with 119,379 sales (14.3%), ahead of the Lada 110 at 116,385 sales and 13.9%. The three Lada stars add up to 45% of the market…

The best selling foreign model is the Hyundai Accent in 6th place with 25,662 sales (3.1%), ahead of the Daewoo Nexia imported from Uzbekistan (3%) and Mitsubishi Lancer (2.8%). Notice the Lada Kalina breaking into the Top 20 in August 2005 (#19) for its 3rd month of sales.

Previous year: Russia 2004: Lada Samara leader, 110 and 2104/5/7 follow

Next year: Russia 2006: Lada 2104-7 back on top, Ford Focus #4

Full 8 months 2005 and August 2005 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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Indonesia 2005: Toyota Kijang Innova strong leader

Toyota Kijang Innova

At 534,000 units, the Indonesian car market is extremely dynamic in 2005 and one of its particularity is to be very MPV-heavy. The locally-built Toyota Kijang Innova takes the top spot by far with 93,114 sales and 17.4%, ahead of the smaller Toyota Avanza at 54,893 sales and 10.3%.

Full 2005 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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India 2005: Maruti Alto takes the lead, Santro & Indica on podium

After beating the Maruti 800 over the second half of 2004, the Maruti Alto officially takes the title of best selling car in India over the Full Year 2005. I don’t have any data for the whole year, just for the period April-November 2005 so if you have any more data please get in touch!

Below the Alto at 102,970 units, the Hyundai Santro (aka Atos), built in India, takes the 2nd spot over the period at 73,822 sales and the Tata Indica is 3rd with 70,267 sales. The Maruti 800 is down to #4 at 58,897 units, just ahead of the Maruti Wagon R. The Maruti Swift, launched in June 2005, is already #6 in November with an impressive 7% market share.

Full Top 20 April-November 2005, Top 10 Fiscal Year 2004-2005, and monthly Top 20: click on ‘Read more’ below.

Hyundai Santro

Tata Indica (note: 2007 model pictured)

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New Zealand 2005: Commodore leads, Corolla up to #2

The Holden Commodore is the best-selling car in New Zealand again in 2005, but its sales drop 21% over 2004 to reach 5,851 and 7.5% market share. Still #3 at half year behind the Ford Falcon, the Toyota Corolla delivers an outstanding 2nd semester and finishes the year at #2 with 5,063 sales (+3%) and 6.5%.

In December, sales of the Corolla were higher than those of the Commodore and Falcon combined! The Ford Falcon drops to #3 with 4,563 sales (-19%) and 5.9% share. The Ford Territory is even more successful in New Zealand than in Australia: it holds an amazing 4th place for its first full year of sales with 2,414 units and 3.1% of the market.

Full Top 15 Ranking Table below.

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Chile 2004-2005: Chevrolet Corsa on top

The podium is unchanged in Chile during 2004 and 2005 with the Chevrolet Corsa leader at 8.1% over 10 months 2004 and 7.8% over 2005. The Toyota Yaris in 2nd sees its market share slip down slightly as well, from 7.6% in 2004 to 7.3% in 2005. The Peugeot 206 is stable in 3rd at 3.6%. 10 months 2004 Top 15, Full Year 2004 Top 10, 10 month 2005 Top 15 and Full Year 2005 Top 7 below.

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Algeria 2005: Hilux #1, Hyundai puts pressure, Logan arrives

In 2005 the Toyota Hilux is the best selling vehicle in Algeria and the only one to pass 10,000 units sold with 12,222. Two Hyundais follow: the Atos at #2 with 9,315 sales and the Accent at #3 with 8,400.

Traditionally used to the highest positions in Magreb, French models are relegated below the 4th place with the Peugeot 206 going from 1st in 2004 to 5th this year, the Renault Clio Classic in 6th and the Peugeot 307 in 8th.

In June 2005, the Dacia Logan launched in Algeria and ranked #4 that month with 550 sales, behind the Hilux, Accent and Atos. It finished #6 over the second half of the year with 2,124 sales and #14 in the Full Year at 2,819 registrations.

Full Year 2005 Top 30 below.

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Australia 2005: Commodore & Falcon still dominate but slow down

Holden Commodore

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The Australian market is getting closer and closer to the million annual units, breaking its record for the third consecutive time at 985,057 registrations, up 3% on 2004. The Holden Commodore is the best selling car in Australia for the 10th consecutive year but at 66,794 sales and 6.8% (-15%), it delivers its lowest annual volume since 1994. It ranked #1 10 times and peaked at 8.2% in March. The Ford Falcon is 2nd at 53,080 units and 5.4% (-19%), its weakest volume since 1991. It was #1 in August at 6.8%, its best share this year and the last time the Falcon managed to rank #1 in Australia.

Toyota Corolla

2005 was the year the Toyota Corolla ranked #1 for the very first time. It did so in September with a best-ever 6.1% share, the first time an imported model was #1 since the Hyundai Excel in June 1998 and only the second time ever since World War 2! It finished the year at #3 with 46,415 sales and 4.7% share, up 19% on 2004. The Toyota Camry is down 10% at #4 – it peaked at 5% in December – ahead of the Holden Astra (+31%) peaking at #3 in February. The Mazda3 is 6th for its first full year with 3.3% (+48%), it landed in the podium for the first time in January.

Ford Territory

The Ford Territory is the only new entrant in the Yearly Top 10 at #9 with 23,454 sales and 2.4%, peaking at a best-ever 2.9% (#7) in December. The Mitsubishi Triton broke into the Top 10 in June and the VW Golf is up 57% to #30. Two significant launches occured in October: Toyota abandoned the Echo nameplate to launch the Yaris, already #11 in November, and Mitsubishi replaced the Magna/Verada by the 380, ranking #12 in November at 2.1%, which unfortunately will end up being its career best.

Previous year: Australia 2004: Commodore undisputed leader

Next year: Australia 2006: Commodore limits fall thanks to new gen, Falcon down to #3!

Full Year 2005 Top 50 and every monthly Top 50 below.

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Brazil 2005: new gen Gol on top, Corsa and Palio follow

Brazilian car sales are up a healthy 10% this year at 1,620,657 registrations. The VW Gol’s reign reaches Year 18, even though the 4th generation launched this year left car critics unimpressed with a leap backwards in interior design. VW’s cash cow sells 179,457 units (-1%) for a 11.1% market share.

The Chevrolet Corsa reclaims the #2 spot, a position it has held 3 out of the last 4 years, with 129,862 sales (8%), just above the Fiat Palio at 126,457 units (-1%) and the Chevrolet Celta at 119,898 (-2%). The Fiat Uno is up 29% but stays 5th at 119,496 sales, followed by the Ford Fiesta (+35%), VW Fox (+35%) and Ford Ecosport (+17%).

Full Year Top 50 Ranking Table and all monthly Top 50’s below.

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South Korea 2005: Hyundai NF Sonata most popular by far

Hyundai NF Sonata

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After one year of interruption by the Hyundai Santa Fe, the Hyundai Sonata reclaims the pole position in South Korea this year through its new generation NF with 93,045 sales, up 200% on 2004 for its first full year of sales in the country. To this can be added 21,483 units of the old gen EF, bringing the Sonata nameplate to 114,528 sales. The Hyundai Avante stays #2 at 79,278 units while the Kia Sportage is up a brilliant 9 spots and 107% to #3 with 57,072 sales.

Samsung SM7

There are two newcomers in the Top 5: the new generation Hyundai Grandeur (TG) lands directly at #4 and 56,950 units and the new Samsung SM5 is #5 with 52,890 sales. #1 in 2004, the Hyundai Santa Fe is down 5 spots and 20% to #6 while the Daewoo Matiz is up 4% and stays #7. Excellent performance of Samsung: apart from the SM5, the SM3 is up 6 ranks and 38% to #10 and the SM7 up 22 spots and 509% to #12. The Kia Pride lands directly at #18 and the SsangYong Chairman breaks into the Top 20 for the first time at #19.

Previous year: South Korea 2004: Hyundai Santa Fe takes control

Full Year 2005 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

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